Russian Empire at the 1900 Summer Olympics

The Russian Empire competed at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris. It was the first appearance of the European nation, which had entered the names of competitors for the first modern Olympics in 1896 but had failed to appear.

Russian Empire at the
1900 Summer Olympics
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IOC codeRU1
NOCRussian Olympic Committee
in Paris
Competitors4 in 2 sports
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Results by eventEdit


The Russian team had two riders in the initial Olympic equestrian competitions. Both men competed in the long jump and in the mail coach and de Polyakov competed in the hacks and hunter combined event. One of the two competed in the high jump, though it is not clear which. Similarly, it is not clear which of the two men entered the jumping competition; further, for this event, it is not clear whether the Russian entrant actually competed.

Equestrian Event Time, height,
or distance
Unknown[1] Jumping Unknown 4–37
Unknown[2] High jump Unknown 7–19
Vladimir Nikolayevich Orlov Long jump Unknown 9–17
Élie de Polyakov Unknown 9–17
Élie de Polyakov Hacks and hunter combined Unknown 5–51
Vladimir Nikolayevich Orlov Mail coach Unknown 5–31
Élie de Polyakov Unknown 5–31


Russia competed in fencing in the nation's first Olympic appearance. The nation sent 3 fencers; all were sabre professionals.[3] Only two competed.[4]

Fencer Event Round 1 Quarterfinals Repechage Semifinals Final
Result Rank Result Rank Result Rank Result Rank Result Rank
Julian Michaux Men's masters sabre Unknown 1–4 Q 6–1 2 Q 3–4 5
Petro Zakovorot Unknown 1–4 Q 5–2 3 Q 2–5 7


  1. ^ Either Orloff or de Poliakov entered, and is assumed to have competed. No record exists of which it was, and the official report indicates numbers of entrants per nation rather than competitors. Since not all entrants competed, it is uncertain if a Russian actually competed.
  2. ^ Again, this was either Orloff or de Poliakov. De Wael indicates that all entrants competed in this event, so whichever Russian entered did compete.
  3. ^ Official report 1900 Page 165
  4. ^ Russia Fencing at the 1900 Paris Summer Games


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