Equestrian at the 1900 Summer Olympics – Hacks and hunter combined

The "hacks and hunter combined", also known as the "chevaux de selle" (English: saddle horses), was one of five equestrian competitions held in late May and early June 1900 at the International Horse Show in Paris. The event was part of the Exposition Universelle, and later classified as part of the 1900 Summer Olympics. It is unknown how many riders competed. The top four placers are known, as are about half the remaining riders who competed, including three women (Elvira Guerra, Jane Moulin and Blanche de Marcigny). As an upper limit, 50 men and 1 woman are listed as entrants in the Official Report, but it is almost certain that not all actually competed.

Hacks and hunter combined
at the Games of the II Olympiad
Images of the hacks and hunter combined competition
Venue7th arrondissement of Paris
Date31 May
Competitors51 from at least 6 nations
1st place, gold medalist(s) Napoléon Murat
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Victor Archenoul
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Robert de Montesquiou

Sources prior to 1996 often did not list this event as Olympic. The IOC website currently has affirmed a total of 95 medal events, after accepting, as it appears, the recommendation of Olympic historian Bill Mallon regarding events that should be considered "Olympic".[1][2] These additional events include the hacks and hunter combined event. (Mallon and de Wael had included this event in their Olympic lists.)

Background edit

No equestrian events were held at the first modern Olympics in 1896. Five events, including this one, were featured in 1900. Only the show jumping competition would ever be held again after that; this was the only appearance of the hacks and hunter combined.[3]

Competition format edit

The contest consisted of performing both on the flat at various gaits as well as executing two low jumps. Competitors were scored for the quality of the execution of the routine.[4][3]

Schedule edit

Date Time Round
Thursday, 31 May 1900 Final

Results edit

Rank Rider Nation Horse
  Napoléon Murat   France The General
  Victor Archenoul   France Retournelle
  Robert de Montesquiou   France Grey Leg
4 Paul Haëntjens   France Mavourneen
5–51 Maurice Jéhin   France Biscuit
René Alfred Robert de Quincey   France Cy Beau
Auguste Roy   France Reine de Sabat
Louis de Champsavin   France Terpsichore
Elvira Guerra   Italy Libertin
Pierre Dillon   France Duc d'Aoste
Georges de Lagarenne   France Louqsor
Hermann Mandl   Austria <Unknown>
Cordon   France <Unknown>
Mathieu Marie de Lesseps   France <Unknown>
Élie de Polyakov   Russian Empire <Unknown>
Jane Moulin   France <Unknown>
Georges Van Der Poele   Belgium <Unknown>
Vigneulles   France <Unknown>
Blanche de Marcigny   France <Unknown>
de La Forgue de Bellegarde[a]   France Staag
Maurice Foache   France Fils d'Artois
Pierre Louis Alaret   France <Unknown>
Charles Baveaux   France <Unknown>
Marquis de Croix   France Ronfleur
Louis d'Havrincourt   France Bambocheur
Up to 26 more competitors

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