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Belgium at the 1900 Summer Olympics

Belgium competed at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris, France. It was the first appearance of the European nation. Belgium was represented in France by 78[1] athletes, all of them male, who competed in 11 disciplines. They comprised 95 entries in 28 events.

Belgium at the
1900 Summer Olympics
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NOCBelgian Olympic and Interfederal Committee ‹See Tfd›(in Dutch) ‹See Tfd›(in French)
in Paris
Competitors78 in 11 sports
Summer Olympics appearances (overview)
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1906 Intercalated Games




Belgium took three of six gold medals, two of seven silver medals, and one of five bronze medals in the six archery events that were Olympic. France and the Netherlands were the only other nations that competed, with France taking the remaining twelve medals. Many of the French, Dutch, and Belgian competitors are unknown as their names were not recorded. 4 of the 18 Belgian archers are known by name, 14 are not. The 18 archers had 35 entries over all 6 events.

Athlete Events Score Rank
Hubert Van Innis Au Cordon Doré 33 metres Unknown  
Au Cordon Doré 50 metres 29  
Au Chapelet 33 metres Unknown  
Au Chapelet 50 metres Unknown 4
Emmanuel Foulon Sur la Perche à la Herse Unknown  
Émile Druart Unknown  
Louis Glineur Sur la Perche à la Pyramide Unknown  


Belgium's first cycling appearance was at the second Olympic cycling competition, 1900. One cyclist from Belgium competed in one event, winning no medals. Only his surname is known.

Athlete Event Round 1 Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
Time Rank Time Rank Time Rank Time Rank
Vincent Men's sprint Unknown 2 Q Unknown 2 Did not advance


Belgium competed in the inaugural Olympic equestrian events, taking 2 of 3 gold medals. The names of 9 Belgian equestrians are unknown.

Rider Horse Events Final
Result Rank
Aimé Haegeman Benton II Jumping 2:16.0  
Georges Van Der Poele Winsor Squire 2:17.6  
Georges Van Der Poele Ludlow High jump 1.70 metres  
Constant van Langhendonck Extra Dry Long jump 6.1 metres  
Van der Meulen Unknown Unknown


Belgium competed in fencing at the nation's debut. The nation sent five fencers.

Athlete Event Round 1 Quarterfinal Semifinal Final
Tony Smet Men's foil Advanced by jury Advanced by jury 8th in group 14th
Men's épée 1st in group Q 4-6th in group Did not advance
Pierre Selderslagh Men's masters foil Advanced by jury Advanced by jury 5th in group 10th
Cyrille Verbrugge Advanced by jury Advanced by jury 7th in group 15th
F. Després Not advanced by jury n/a
Hébrant Men's masters sabre Q n/a 2nd in group Q 8th


Université de Bruxelles represented Belgium in the football competition. The club squad lost its only match, to Club Française, to take third in the three-team competition. Université de Bruxelles

No. Pos. Player Date of birth (age) Caps Goals 1900 club
Albert Delbecque   Skill F.C. de Bruxelles
  Hendrik van Heuckelum   Léopold Club de Bruxelles
Raul Kelecom   FC Liégeois
1GK Marcel Leboutte   Spa FC
Lucien Londot   FC Liégeois
Ernest Moreau de Melen   FC Liégeois
Eugène Neefs   Sporting Club de Louvain
Georges Pelgrims (c)   Léopold Club de Bruxelles
Alphonse Renier   Racing Club de Bruxelles
Émile Spannoghe   Skill F.C. de Bruxelles
  Eric Thornton   Léopold Club de Bruxelles
R Camille Van Hoorden (1879-02-15)15 February 1879 (aged 21)   Racing Club de Bruxelles
USFSA XI  6 – 2  Université de Bruxelles
Peltier   1'
Report Spannoghe   ??'
van Heuckelum   ??'
Attendance: 1,500
Referee: Jack Wood (Great Britain)


Belgium's inaugural Olympic appearance included competing in the gymnastics portion of the program.

Athlete Event Score Rank
De Poorten Combined 207 99
Michelet 192 112


Belgium, through the Royal Club Nautique de Gand, sent coxed pairs and coxed eights boats to the first Olympic rowing competition.

Athlete Event Semi-finals Final
Time Rank Time Rank
Prospère Bruggeman
Maurice Hemelsoet
unknown cox
Men's coxed pair 7:00.4 3 Did not advance
Jules De Bisschop
Prospère Bruggeman
Oscar de Somville
Oscar De Cock
Maurice Hemelsoet
Marcel Van Crombrugge
Frank Odberg
Maurice Verdonck
Alfred Van Landeghem (cox)
Men's eight 5:00.2 2 Q 6:13.8  



Athlete Events Semifinal Final
Time Rank Time Rank
Hermand Men's 4000 metre freestyle Did not finish Did not advance

Water poloEdit

Brussels Swimming and Water Polo Club represented Belgium in this event.

Athlete Event Rank
Jean de Backer
Victor de Behr
Henri Cohen
Fernand Feyaerts
Oscar Grégoire
Albert Michant
Georges Romas
Guillaume Séron
Victor Sonnemans
A. R. Upton
Water polo  
First Round
11 August 1900 Brussels Swimming and Water Polo Club Belgium 20 Pupilles de Neptune de Lille #1 France
12 August 1900 Brussels Swimming and Water Polo Club Belgium 51 Libellule de Paris France
12 August 1900 Brussels Swimming and Water Polo Club Belgium 27 Osborne Swimming Club Great Britain


  1. ^ This differs from de Wael's count of 84. De Wael counts three water poloists who are not included on the team roster according to the IOC, two equestrians who competed in only non-Olympic events (a third non-Olympic equestrian also competed in croquet), and two unknown coxswains in rowing where there was only one.


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