Petro Zakovorot

Petro Zakovorot (Russian: Пётр Антонович Заковорот, Ukrainian: Петро Антонович Заковорот) (1871, Kup'ievakha – 5 March 1951, Kharkiv, USSR)[1] was a Ukrainian fencer.

Petro Zakovorot
Personal information
Kup'ievakha, Russian Empire
Died5 March 1951 (aged 79–80)[1]
Kharkiv, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union
CountryRussian Empire
Achievements and titles
Olympic finals1900 Summer Olympics

Born in Kup'ievakha village, now the Kharkiv region, he competed in the individual masters sabre event at the 1900 Summer Olympics representing Russia, where he finished 7th.[2]


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