Puerto Rico Highway 111

Puerto Rico Highway 111 (PR-111) is a highway connecting Aguadilla, Puerto Rico at Puerto Rico Highway 2 and Puerto Rico Highway 115 to Utuado, Puerto Rico at Puerto Rico Highway 140.[2] It is the main highway to Moca and San Sebastián, being a two-lane highway before turning rural on its way to Lares, where it meets PR-129, which taking north goes to Arecibo and meets PR-2 and PR-22. In Lares, it becomes a divided avenue, replacing an old, narrow segment, but then becomes rural again. It continues to Utuado, crossing PR-10, and merging shortly with PR-123. It ends at PR-140 east of Utuado, near Jayuya. It is one of two long highways going west–east through the center of Puerto Rico (the other being PR-156). It is named the Carretera Enrique Laguerre through all its length.[3]

Puerto Rico Secondary Highway 111 marker

Highway 111
Carretera Enrique Laguerre[1]
Route information
Maintained by Puerto Rico DTPW
Major junctions
West end PR-2 / PR-1107 in Aguadilla
East end PR-140 in Utuado
MunicipalitiesAguadilla, Moca, San Sebastián, Lares, Utuado
Highway system
Puerto Rico Highway 111 East near 129 junction in Lares, Puerto Rico

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Currently, PR-111 has three branches in its old segments in San Sebastián, Lares and Utuado, and previously had another in Aguadilla. Originally they were identified as PR-111R.[2] There are projects for Highway 111 listed on the Transportation Improvement Program for fiscal years 2017–2020, involving reconstructing, relocating and widening parts of the highway.[4]

Puerto Rico Highway 1111Edit


Highway 1111
Length4.5 km[citation needed] (2.8 mi)

Puerto Rico Highway 1111 (PR-1111) is the old section of PR-111 through downtown Lares. This road can be seen as Puerto Rico 111 Business.[2]

Puerto Rico Highways 1111, 128, 111 signs, Lares

The entire route is located in Lares

Pueblo0.00.0  PR-111 – San SebastiánWestern terminus of PR-1111
0.70.43  PR-124 west – Las Marías
1.60.99  To PR-111 (Avenida Los Patriotas) – Lares
3.01.9   PR-128 south / PR-4128 west – Lares, YaucoSouthern terminus of PR-128 concurrency
3.72.3  PR-111 (Avenida Los Patriotas) – LaresNorthern terminus of PR-128 concurrency
  PR-129 (Carretera Mariana Bracetti) – Arecibo
Lares4.12.5  PR-453 north – Lares
4.52.8Eastern terminus of PR-1111; dead end road
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Puerto Rico Highway 4111Edit


Highway 4111
LocationSan Sebastián
Length0.90 km[citation needed] (0.56 mi)

Puerto Rico Highway 4111 (PR-4111) is an old segment of PR-111 that provides access to a small residential area in Piedras Blancas, San Sebastián, Puerto Rico.[2]

Puerto Rico Highway 4111 sign

The entire route is located in Piedras Blancas, San Sebastián

0.000.00  PR-111 – San Sebastián, Moca, AguadillaWestern terminus of PR-4111
0.900.56  PR-111 – Lares, UtuadoEastern terminus of PR-4111
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Puerto Rico Highway 6111Edit


Highway 6111
Length2.8 km[citation needed] (1.7 mi)

Puerto Rico Highway 6111 (PR-6111) is the original route of PR-111 through downtown Utuado. Like PR-1111, this road can be seen as Puerto Rico 111 Business.[2] The entire route is located in Utuado

Utuado0.00.0    PR-123 to PR-111 to PR-10 – Adjuntas, Lares, AreciboWestern terminus of PR-6111
0.80.50  PR-611 east – Utuado
Viví Abajo2.81.7  PR-111 – JayuyaEastern terminus of PR-6111
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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