Puerto Rico Highway 124

Puerto Rico Highway 124 (PR-124) is a rural road that connects from Lares to Las Marías.[1]

Puerto Rico Secondary Highway 124 markerPuerto Rico Tertiary Highway 124 marker

Highway 124
Route information
Maintained by Puerto Rico DTPW
Major junctions
West end PR-119 in Las Marías
  PR-111 in Lares
East end PR-1111 in Lares
MunicipalitiesLas Marías, San Sebastián, Lares
Highway system

It's a curvy road, which crosses the Río Grande de Añasco in barrio Espino (between Lares and Las Marías). Among its intersections are the PR-111 (in Lares), PR-120 (to Maricao) and PR-119.[2]

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