List of political parties in Finland

This article is a list of political parties in Finland, which includes Finland's national-level political parties and excludes local and provincial parties (such as the parties of Åland). A party is defined as a political association whose existence is recorded in the Ministry of Justice's party register.[1]

Finland has a multi-party system. Coalition governments which comprise a majority of seats in the Parliament of Finland are the norm. Those parties which are not in government are called the opposition. Due to the lack of an electoral threshold, many parties are usually represented in Parliament. As a result, it is all but impossible for one party to win a majority. Additionally, the socialist and non-socialist blocs usually cannot win enough seats between them to form a governing coalition on their own. Most Finnish governments, particularly since World War II, have thus been grand coalitions comprising parties stretching across the political spectrum.

Parties work in parliamentary groups (eduskuntaryhmät), usually voting with party discipline, which is however not absolute.

Parties are composed of local chapters based in municipalities. In municipalities, which are fundamental administrative units of the country, parties hold seats in the municipal councils, but often have to compete for them with local non-party groups.

Finnish law states that a political association which fulfills certain conditions is eligible to become a political party free of charge.[1] Among these conditions are:

  • that the primary purpose of the association is to affect governmental affairs,
  • that it has received at least 5,000 votes in any parliamentary, municipal, or European Parliament election,
  • that the association's rules secure the following of democratic principles in its decision making and activities,
  • and that it has a general program based on these rules which expresses the association's principles and goals regarding its actions in governmental affairs.

A registered party may nominate candidates in any national and local elections, and a party that is represented in parliament is entitled to a government subsidy relative to its number of seats. To qualify as a registered party, an association must have bylaws guaranteeing democratic internal organization and must be able to present 5,000 signatures from supporters who are eligible to vote. A party that fails to win a single seat in two consecutive parliamentary elections is stricken from the register but may apply again. (In contrast, a voluntary association has a requirement of 20,000 supporters and is not eligible for party subsidy.)

Parliamentary partiesEdit

Party Ideology MPs MEPs CCs Leader Founded Ref
  Social Democratic Party,
Suomen Sosialidemokraattinen puolue,
Finlands Socialdemokratiska parti
Social Democratic Social democracy
40 / 200
2 / 14
1,451 / 8,859
Sanna Marin 1899 [2][3][4]
  Finns Party,
Finns National conservatism,
Right-wing populism
38 / 200
2 / 14
1,350 / 8,859
Riikka Purra 1995 [2][3][4]
  National Coalition Party,
Kansallinen Kokoomus,
National Coalition Liberal conservatism,
Conservative liberalism
38 / 200
3 / 14
1,552 / 8,859
Petteri Orpo 1918 [2][3][4]
  Centre Party,
Suomen Keskusta,
Centre Agrarianism,
31 / 200
2 / 14
2,444 / 8,859
Annika Saarikko[5] 1906 [2][3][4]
  Green League,
Vihreä liitto,
Gröna förbundet
Green League Green politics,
Green liberalism
20 / 200
3 / 14
433 / 8,859
Maria Ohisalo 1987 [2][3][4]
Left Alliance,
Left Alliance Democratic socialism,
16 / 200
1 / 14
508 / 8,859
Li Andersson 1990 [2][3][4]
  Swedish People's Party,
Svenska folkpartiet,
Ruotsalainen kansanpuolue
Swedish People's Liberalism,
Swedo-Finnish interests
9 / 200
1 / 14
463 / 8,859
Anna-Maja Henriksson 1906 [2][3][4]
  Christian Democrats,
Suomen Kristillisdemokraatit,
Christian Democrat Christian democracy,
Social conservatism
5 / 200
0 / 14
311 / 8,859
Sari Essayah 1958 [2][3][4]
Movement Now,
Liike Nyt,
Rörelse Nu
Movement Now Economic liberalism
1 / 200
0 / 14
49 / 8,859
Harry Harkimo 2018 [6][7][8][9]
Power Belongs to the People,
Valta kuuluu kansalle,
Makten tillhör folket
VKK Anti-immigration
Vaccine hesitancy
1 / 200
0 / 14
2 / 8,859
Ano Turtiainen 2021 [2][4][10]

Extra-parliamentary partiesEdit


Those parties that have received neither a seat in the Parliament of Finland nor in the European Parliament, but which are registered political parties, are listed below.

Party Ideology CCs Leader Founded Ref
Animal Justice Party
Animal Justice Party of Finland Animal rights 0 Santeri Pienimäki 2016 [2][3][4]
Blue Reform
Sininen tulevaisuus
Blå framtid
Blue Reform Conservatism
Soft Euroscepticism
60 Kari Kulmala [fi] 2017 [2][3][4]
Citizens' Party
Citizens' Party Centrism
1 Sami Kilpeläinen 2016 [2][3][4]
Crystal Party
Crystal Party Alternative medicine
1 Taru Vuorela 2013 [2][3][4][11]
Feminist Party
Feministinen puolue
Feministiska partiet
Feminist Party Feminism 1 Katju Aro [fi] 2016 [2][3][4]
Communist Party of Finland
Suomen Kommunistinen Puolue
Finlands Kommunistiska Parti
Communist Party of Finland Communism 2 Juha-Pekka Väisänen [fi] 1994 [2][3][4]
Finnish People First
Suomen Kansa Ensin
Finnish People First Nationalism 0 Riikka Salmi [fi] 2018 [12][13]
Independence Party
Independence Party (Finland) Euroscepticism
Economic democracy
2 Henri Aitakari 1994 [2][3][4]
Liberal Party
Liberal Party – Freedom to Choose Classical liberalism
Economic liberalism
5 Harri Kreus 2016 [2][3][4]
The Open Party
Avoin Puolue
Öppna Partiet
AP Liberalism
Open government
Direct democracy
1 Petrus Pennanen [fi] 2020 [2][3][4][14]
Pirate Party
Pirate Party (Finland) Pirate politics
Social liberalism
2 Pekka Mustonen 2008 [2][3][4]
Seven Star Movement
Seitsemän tähden liike
Seven Star Movement Political independence
0 Seppo Hauta-aho 2018 [15][16][17]
Blue-and-Black Movement
Sinimusta Liike
Blåsvarta rörelsen
Blue-and-Black Movement Finnish nationalism
White nationalism
0 Tuukka Kuru 2021 [18][19][20]
Freedom Alliance
Vapauden Liitto
VL Right-wing populism
National conservatism
Christian right
0 Ossi Tiihonen 2022


Party Ideology CCs Leader Founded Ref
Communist Workers' Party
Kommunistinen Työväenpuolue
Kommunistiska Arbetarpartiet
Communist Workers' Party – For Peace and Socialism Communism
0 Mikko Vartiainen [fi] 1988 [2][3][4]
Change 2011
Muutos 2011
Förändring 2011
Change 2011 Direct democracy 0 Anita Saarinen 2009 [4][21][22]
Finnish Islamic Party
Suomen islamilainen puolue
Finska Islamiska Partiet
Finnish Islamic Party Islamism 0 Abdullah Tammi 2007 [23]

Historical partiesEdit

Parliamentary historical partiesEdit

Party Founded Dissolved
Finnish Party
Suomalainen Puolue
Finska Partiet
1863 1918
Young Finnish Party
Nuorsuomalainen Puolue
Ungfinska Partiet
1894 1918
Christian Workers' Union of Finland
Suomen Kristillisen Työväen Liitto, KTL
Kristliga Arbetarförbundet
1906 1922
People's Party [fi]
1917 1918
Communist Party of Finland
Suomen Kommunistinen Puolue, SKP
Finlands Kommunistiska Parti, FKP
1918 1992
National Progressive Party
Kansallinen Edistyspuolue
1918 1951
Liberal Swedish Party
Svenska frisinnade partiet
Ruotsalainen vapaamielinen puolue
1919 1951
Patriotic People's Movement
Isänmaallinen kansanliike
Fosterländska folkrörelsen
1932 1944
People's Party
1932 1936
Finnish People's Democratic League
Suomen Kansan Demokraattinen Liitto, SKDL
Demokratiska Förbundet för Finlands Folk, DFFF
1945 1990
Liberal League
Vapaamielisten liitto
De Frisinnades Förbund
1951 1965
1965 2011
Finnish People's Unity Party
Suomen Kansan Yhtenäisyyden Puolue, SKYP
Enhetspartiet för Finlands Folk, EFF
1972 1983
Constitutional Right Party
Perustuslaillinen Oikeistopuolue, POP
Konstitutionella högerpartiet
1973 1992
Democratic Alternative
Demokraattinen Vaihtoehto, Deva
Demokratiskt Alternativ, DA
1986 1990
Kirjava ”Puolue” – Elonkehän Puolesta
Det Eko-Brokiga Partiet
1988 2003
People's Party of Finland
Suomen Kansanpuolue
Finska folkpartiet
1951 1965
Reform Group
1998 2001
Finnish Rural Party
Suomen Maaseudun Puolue, SMP
Finlands landsbygdsparti, FLP
1959 1995
Small Farmers Party
Pienviljelijäin Puolue
1936 1954
Small Farmers' Party of Finland
Suomen Pienviljelijäin Puolue
1929 1936
Socialist Electoral Organisation of Workers and Smallholders
Sosialistinen työväen ja pienviljelijöiden vaalijärjestö, STPV
Finlands socialistiska arbetarparti
1924 1930
Socialist Workers' Party of Finland
Suomen Sosialistinen Työväenpuolue, SSTP
Finlands socialistiska arbetarparti
1920 1923
Socialist Unity Party
Sosialistinen yhtenäisyyspuolue, SYP
Socialistiska enhetspartiet
1946 1955
Social Democratic Union of Workers and Smallholders
Työväen ja Pienviljelijöiden Sosialidemokraattinen Liitto, TPSL
Arbetarnas och Småbrukarnas Socialdemokratiska Förbund, ASSF
1959 1973
Young Finns
1994 1999

Extra-parliamentary historical partiesEdit

Election campaign stations for the Pirate Party and Independence Party, Narinkka, Helsinki.

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