Liberal League (Finland)

Liberal League (Finnish: Vapaamielisten liitto, VL; Swedish: De Frisinnades Förbund) was a Finnish liberal political party. VL existed from 1951 until 1965.

Liberal League
Finnish nameVapaamielisten liitto
Swedish nameDe Frisinnades Förbund
Founded1951 (1951)
Dissolved1965 (1965)

The party was founded in spring 1951 by the minority of National Progressive Party, led by Helsinki group, as the party finished its existence. Most of the former Progressive party members joined the People's Party of Finland.

VL included among others MP Rolf B. Berner, minister Teuvo Aura and the director of the Bank of Finland and once PM, Sakari Tuomioja. VL was heir to National Progressive Party seat in the Liberal International – People's Party was not accepted into the International as a result.

VL proposed Sakari Tuomioja as candidate for 1956 presidential elections. He was also supported by National Coalition Party. Tuomioja eventually lost the race to Urho Kekkonen, the Agrarian League candidate and a favourite of Moscow.

In 1965 the VL merged with the People's Party into Liberal People's Party, founded December 29, 1965 and the Eduskunta factions also merged.


Year MPs Votes
1951 0 4,936 0.27%
1954 0 6,810 0.34%
1958 0 6,242 0.32%
1962 1 12,000 0.52%
Vuosi Candidate / Electors Äänet
1956 Sakari Tuomioja / 3 32,662 1.7%
1962 1 7,898 0.4%