Workers' Party of Finland

Workers' Party of Finland (Finnish: Suomen Työväenpuolue, Swedish: Finlands Arbetarparti) is a left-wing political party in Finland. The STP was founded in 2006 as a successor to the Alternative League (1999–2006).

Workers' Party of Finland
Finnish nameSuomen Työväenpuolue STP
Swedish nameFinlands Arbetarparti FAP
LeaderJuhani Tanski
Founded1999 (VEV)
2006 (STP)
Political positionLeft-wing
European affiliationNone
International affiliationNone
European Parliament groupNone
0 / 200
European Parliament
0 / 13
0 / 9,674
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In the 2007 parliamentary election the party obtained 1,764 votes.[1] The party was removed from the party register [fi] in May 2007 after left without parliamentary seats in two consecutive elections, but they re-registered the same year after collecting 5,000 signed supporter cards [fi] again.

The Workers Party of Finland was formed in Helsinki 17 September 2006. Four of the six elected party leaders were activists of the League of Communists, a 2002 split of the Communist Workers' Party. Juhani Tanski was elected president of the STP.

The party has a bimonthly newspaper Kansan ääni, which is shared between the organizations League of Communists, People's Front Against European Union (EUVKr), and Work Against War and Fascism (SFT).


Year MPs Votes
2007 0 1,764 0.06%
2011 0 1 857 0.06%
2015 0 984 0.03%
Year Councillors Votes
2000 0 400 0.02%
2004 1 2,257 0.09%
2008 0 703 0.03%
European parliament
Year MEPs Votes
2009 0 3,169 0.19%

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