This is a list of maize dishes, in which maize (corn) is used as a primary ingredient. Additionally, some foods and beverages that are prepared with maize are listed.

Cocoloşi cooking on a grill

Ingredients edit

Corn can be processed into an intermediate form to be cooked further. These processes include drying, milling, and nixtamalization.

Foods edit

Soups, stews, and porridge edit

Corn, in the form of cornmeal or kernels of fresh sweet corn, can be boiled or stewed.

  • Akple – Staple food of Ghana
  • Amiwo – Beninese porridge
  • Banku – Staple food of Ghana
  • Bulz – Romanian dish of roasted polenta and cheese
  • Canjica – Variety of corn typical of Brazilian cuisine
  • Cocoloși – Romanian dish of grilled corn porridge
  • Corn chowder – Creamy corn soup from the United States
  • Corn crab soup – Chinese soup of corn and crab meat
  • Corn pudding – Thick stewed corn dish from the Southern United States
  • Corn soup – Soup dish made with corn
  • Corn stew – Thick stew made with maize
  • Cou-cou – Caribbean dish of cornmeal and okra
  • Creamed corn – American corn dish with thick, soupy consistency
  • Fufu – Dough-like food in African cuisine
  • Ginataang mais – Filipino sweet corn and rice gruel
  • Grits – Porridge of boiled cornmeal
  • Hasty pudding – Type of pudding or porridge
  • Kačamak – Maize porridge from the Balkans
  • Mămăligă – Porridge made out of yellow maize flour, traditional in Romania
  • Mămăligă în pături – Romanian layered dish
  • Mămăligă with milk (usually, of cow, but also of sheep or goat), as the first course, and mămăligă with cheese and sour cream (or yoghurt), with a touch of salt (if preferred), as the second course – Romanian dishes for the poor, served usually on Friday and at lunch
  • Mush – Boiled cornmeal pudding
  • Ogi (food) – Fermented cereal pudding in Nigeria
  • Pashofa – Chickasaw or Choctaw white corn soup
  • Patasca - Peruvian hominy and meat soup
  • Polenta – Italian porridge, usually of cornmeal
  • Pozole – Mexican hominy and meat soup
  • Sagamite – American stew
  • Suam na mais – Filipino corn soup with pork or shrimp
  • Ugali – Type of maize meal made in Africa
  • Xarém – Portuguese corn meal soup

Tamales and related edit

Tamales are a dish of nixtamalized maize that is ground, wrapped in a corn husk, and steamed. Tamales originated in Mesoamerica as early as 8000 to 5000 BC.[1] There are many regional variants and related dishes.

  • Acaçá – Maize dish in Brazil
  • Tamal – Traditional Mesoamerican dish
  • Binaki – Filipino corn tamale
  • Guanime – Puerto Rican dish
  • Hallaca – Dish from Venezuela
  • Humita – Pre-hispanic steamed corn dish
  • Nacatamal – Nicaraguan nixtamalized corn dish
  • Pamonha – Traditional Brazilian food
  • Pasteles – Caribbean and Latin American dish

Breads and cakes edit

Baked and steamed breads and cakes can be made using corn, often as a flour.

  • Arepa – Type of food made of ground maize dough, common in Colombia and Venezuela
  • Bollo – Latin-American corn bun
  • Broa – Type of bread
  • Cachapa – Corn pancake from Venezuela
  • Chipa guasu – Paraguayan savory corn cake
  • Corn cookie – Baked good made from corn, often sweet
  • Corn tortilla – Unleavened flatbread made from nixtamalized maize
  • Cornbread – American bread made with cornmeal
  • Gordita – Mexican dish of masa stuffed with cheese, meat, or other fillings
  • Huarache (food) – Mexican maize dish
  • Johnnycake – American cornmeal flatbread
  • Makki di roti – North Indian cornmeal flatbread
  • Mălai dulce AKA pollenta orange cake – traditional Romanian corn cake and dessert, from the Transylvania region
  • Pastel de choclo – Traditional South American corn dish
  • Piki – Hopi cornmeal bread
  • Proja
  • Pupusa – Salvadoran and Honduran dish
  • Sloosh – Variety of cornbread popular during the American Civil War
  • Sope – Traditional Mexican dish
  • Sopa paraguaya – gastronomic dish of Paraguay
  • Spoonbread – Cornmeal pudding from the Southern United States
  • Talo – Unleavened maize flatbread from Basque Country
  • Totopo – Oaxacan nixtamalized corn flatbread
  • Wotou – Northern Chinese steamed cornmeal bread

Tortilla dishes edit

Corn tortillas are used to prepare many other dishes.

  • Enchiladas – Corn tortilla rolled around a filling and covered with a sauce
  • Nachos – Tortilla chip dish
  • Panuchos – Tortilla dish from the Yucatán peninsula
  • Quesadillas – Mexican dish of tortillas with melted cheese
  • Salbutes – Tortilla dish from the Yucatán peninsula
  • Taco – Mexican filled tortilla food
  • Taquito – Mexican dish
  • Tortilla chip – Snack food made from corn tortillas
  • Tostada – Flat or bowl-shaped tortilla that is deep-fried or toasted

Fried dishes edit

Assorted fried snacks and other fritters are made from corn or cornmeal.

  • Battered sausage – Savoury fried meat dish from Britain and Ireland
  • Corn fritter – Fried cakes of maize dough
  • Corn chip – Snack food made from cornmeal
  • Corn dog – Deep-fried, corn-battered hot dog on a stick
  • Corn nut – Snack made from corn kernels
  • Cornick – Filipino deep-fried crunchy corn snack
  • Hushpuppy – Deep-fried savory food made from cornmeal batter
  • Milho frito – Portuguese fried cornmeal dish
  • Sorullos – Puerto Rican fried cornmeal dish

Other edit

  • Alivenci – Traditional Moldavian custart tart
  • Binatog – Filipino boiled corn dessert
  • Conkies – Steamed Caribbean corn dish
  • Corn cheese – South Korean cuisine
  • Corn flakes – Type of breakfast cereal
  • Corn on the cob – Whole sweet corn, consumed as food
  • Corn relish
  • Corn sauce
  • Esquites – Corn-based Mexican street food dish
  • Gofio – Toasted flour from the Canary Islands
  • Grontol – traditional meal from Central Java area of Indonesia made from boiled corn kernels that have been soaked overnight, and mixed with steamed grated coconut.
  • Hominy – Dried nixtamalized corn consumed as food
  • Kenkey – Ground corn dumpling from West Africa
  • Kuymak – Dish of cornmeal and cheese
  • Maíz con hielo – Sweet snack from the Philippines made of corn kernels and shaved ice.
  • Maja maíz – Filipino pudding of coconut milk and cornstarch
  • Maque choux – Creole vegetable braise
  • Mote – Corn kernels boiled in lime
  • Pinole – Roasted ground maize mixed with other powdered foodstuffs
  • Popcorn – Type of corn kernel which expands and puffs up on heating
  • Succotash – Traditional American food

Beverages edit

Corn can be fermented into alcoholic drinks, infused as a tisane, or ground and used to thicken drinks.

  • Atole – Mesoamerican hot corn beverage
  • Bourbon whiskey – Type of American whiskey
  • Cauim – Prehispanic Brazilian alcoholic beverage
  • Champurrado – Mexican chocolate beverage
  • Chicha – Beverage from prehispanic Latin America[2]
  • Chicha de jora – Prehispanic corn beer from Peru
  • Chicha morada – Prehispanic corn beverage from Peru
  • Colada morada – Purple hot corn beverage from Ecuador
  • Corn beer – Beer style made from corn
  • Corn tea – Korean grain tea made from maize
  • Corn whiskey – American liquor made from corn
  • Mazamorra – Beverage from Iberia or Hispanic America
  • Pinolillo – Nicaraguan corn and cacao beverage
  • Pozol – Fermented prehispanic corn beverage
  • Tejate – Maize and cacao beverage from Oaxaca
  • Tejuino – Corn-based fermented beverage from Jalisco, Mexico
  • Tesgüino – Corn-based beer central to culture of Tarahumara Indians of Mexico

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References edit

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