List of hospitals in France

This is a list of hospitals in France with sorting by city and name. As of 2004, about 62% of French hospital capacity was met by publicly owned and managed hospitals. The remaining capacity was split evenly (18% each) between non-profit sector hospitals (which are linked to the public sector and which tend to be owned by foundations, religious organizations or mutual-insurance associations) and by for-profit institutions.[1] Because the insurance is compulsory, the system is effectively financed by general taxation rather than traditional insurance (as typified by auto or home insurance, where risk levels determine premiums).

Hospitals in FranceEdit

Hospitals in France
No. Hospital Name City Location
1 American Hospital of Paris Paris
2 Amiens University Hospital Amiens
3 Angers University Hospital Angers
4 Beaujon Hospital Clichy
5 Bicêtre Hospital Paris
6 Broussais University Hospital Paris
7 Central Hospital Alès
8 Central Hospital Bagnols-sur-Cèze
9 Centre Hospitalier Générale (CHG) Albi
10 Centre Hospitalier Lourdes
11 Centre Hospitalier Sud Francilien Corbeil-Essonnes
12 Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Caen Caen
13 CHU Poitiers [fr] Poitiers
14 CHU Bordeaux [fr] Bordeaux
15 CHS Sélestat
16 Clinique Boneffon Alès
17 Clinique les Franciscaines Nîmes
18 Foch Hospital Suresnes
19 Grenoble University Hospital Grenoble
20 Groupe hospitalier Diaconesses Croix Saint-Simon (fr) Paris
21 Guingamp Hospital Guingamp
22 Henri Poincaré University Hospital Nancy
23 Hôpital d'instruction des armées Percy Clamart
24 Hôpital de Dubois Hautepierre Saints-Marguerite Marseille
25 Hôpital de Hautepierre Strasbourg
26 Hôpital de La Grave Toulouse
27 Hôpital des armées Brest
28 Hôpital Européen Georges-Pompidou Paris
29 Centre Hôspitalier de Cannes Cannes
30 Hospices Civils de Lyon Lyon
31 Hôpital de Chambéry Chambéry
1 Hospital Lapeyronie Montpellier
2 Hospital Saint Eloi Montpellier
3 Hôtel-Dieu de Paris Paris
4 Institution Nationale des Invalides Paris
5 Jean Minjoz Hospital Besançon
6 Limoges University Hospital Limoges
7 Nantes University Hospital Nantes
8 Necker-Enfants Malades Hospital Paris
9 CHU Nice - Pasteur Nice
10 Paul Morel Hospital vesoul
11 Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital Paris
12 Polyclinique du grand Sud Nîmes
13 Psychiatric Hospital Lacolombière Montpellier
14 Reims University Hospital Reims
15 René Dubois Hospital Pontoise
16 Rennes University Hospital Rennes
17 Rouen University Hospital Rouen
18 Saint-Antoine University Hospital Paris
19 Tourcoing Hospital Tourcoing
20 University Hospital CAREMO Nîmes
21 University Hospital of Montpellier Montpellier
22 Val-de-Grâce Military Hospital Paris

French Overseas departments and regionsEdit

Hospitals in Mayotte:[2]

  • Hospital du Sud
  • Dispensary De Sada
  • Hospital De Dzaoudzi
  • Medical Center Proximity M'tsangamouji

Hospitals in Réunion:[3]

  • Hospital Félix-Guyon
  • Hospital Saint-Louis
  • Hospital Sud Du Tampon
  • St-Pierre Hospital

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