List of homicides in Illinois

This is a list of homicides in Illinois. This list includes notable homicides committed in the U.S. state of Illinois that have a Wikipedia article on the killing, the killer, or the victim. It is divided into five subject areas as follows:

  1. Multiple homicides – homicides having multiple victims. It includes incidents such as the 1886 Haymarket affair, the 1966 murder of six student nurses by Richard Speck, and the 1982 Chicago Tylenol murders
  2. Serial killers – persons who murder three or more persons, with the incidents taking place over more than a month and including a significant period of time between them. This includes John Wayne Gacy, the most prolific serial killer in Illinois history.
  3. Organized crime – notable homicides involving the Italian-American organized crime syndicate or crime family based in Chicago. These include the 1929 Saint Valentine's Day Massacre and the 1977 murder of Sam Giancana.
  4. Lynchings and race riots – homicides associated with lynching and race riots. These include the 1844 Killing of Joseph Smith and the Chicago race riot of 1919.
  5. Single homicides – notable homicides involving a single fatality which do not fall within the scope of one of the above categories. These incidents include the 1924 murder of Bobby Franks by Leopold and Loeb.

This article does not include military battles fought in Illinois. Such battles, including battles fought during the Black Hawk War, may be found at List of battles fought in Illinois.

This article also does not include people who have been executed in Illinois. Such persons are listed separately at List of people executed in Illinois.

Listed in chronological order

Incident Location Date Deaths Description Sources
Lively massacre Washington County 1813 3 Native Americans killed John Lively, his wife and their children [1]
Indian Creek massacre LaSalle County 1832-05-21 15 Attack by Native Americans on white settlers after settlers built a dam that prevented fish from reaching Potawatomi village [2]
St. Vrain massacre Pearl City 1832-05-24 4 White Indian agent and three companions killed in an attack by Native Americans
Charleston riot Charleston 1864-03-28 9 Clash between Union soldiers and Republicans, on one side, and Democrats known as Copperheads, on other side [3]
Haymarket affair Chicago 1886-05-04 12 Rally in support of eight-hour work day, including protester throwing dynamite bomb at police and police opening fire on protesters [4]
Battle of Virden Virden 1898-10-12 13 Labor union and racial conflict during a strike by the United Mine Workers [5]
Pana riot Pana 1899-04-10 7 Coal mining labor dispute and racial conflict, part of the Illinois coal wars [6]
Herrin massacre Herrin 1922-06-21/22 23 Labor violence during coal strike [7]
1937 Memorial Day massacre Chicago 1937-05-30 10 Chicago police shot and killed 10 unarmed demonstrators during Little Steel strike [8]
James Morelli Chicago 1947-12-12 3 Mad Dog killings [9][10]
Murder of the Grimes sisters Chicago 1956-12-28 2 Sisters ages 12 and 15 disappeared returning home from movie theater, bodies discovered three weeks later [11][12]
Chester Weger Starved Rock State Park 1960-03 3 Murdered three middle-aged women, wives of prominent Chicago businessmen [13]
Richard Speck Chicago 1966-07-13 8 Murdered eight student nurses in their Chicago residence [14]
Simon Nelson Rockford 1978-01-07 6 Rockford man killed his six children (ages 3 to 12) and the family dog [15]
Latin Kings murders Chicago 1979-02-25 3 Three teenagers were found with their throats slashed in a car in Chicago. They were murdered after asking Latin Kings members where they could buy marijuana. [16]
Kenneth Allen Chicago 1979-03-03 2 Convicted of killing two Chicago police officers
Chicago Tylenol murders Chicago 1982 7 Poisoning deaths resulting from placing potassium cyanide in Tylenol capsules in Chicago metropolitan area [17]
Charles Walker St. Clair County 1983-06-18 2 Murdered a young couple after robbing them, later executed [18][19]
Dardeen family homicides Ina 1987-11-17 4 Family murdered in mobile home [20]
Murder of Nick Corwin Winnetka 1988-05-20 2 Mentally ill woman shot eight-year-old boy at elementary school and then committed suicide [21]
Jeffrey and Jill Erickson Chicago 4 Bank robber killed a marshall and a police detective, then committed suicide [22][23]
Michael Alfonso 1992, 2001 2 Committed two murders, listed on FBI's Ten Most Wanted list
Brown's Chicken massacre Palatine 1993-01-08 7 Two robbers killed seven employees at a fast-food restaurant [24]
Mark Winger Springfield 1995-08-29 2 Former nuclear power plant technician murdered his wife and a van driver [25]
1999 Independence Day weekend shootings Illinois, Indiana 1999-07-04 3 White supremacist murdered Orthodox Jews [26][27]
Jorge Avila-Torrez Zion 2005-05 3 Killed two girls, ages 8 and 9, on Mother's Day
Lane Bryant shooting Tinley Park 2008-02-02 5 Mass murder and armed robbery at clothing outlet [28]
Northern Illinois University shooting DeKalb 2008-02-14 6 Mass shooting on a crowd of students [29]
Murder of Jason Hudson Chicago 2008-10-24 2 Brother and mother of singer Jennifer Hudson shot at their home [30][31]
Gage Park murders Chicago 2016-02-02 6 Six members of Martinez family murdered in house in Gage Park, Chicago [32]
Duck Walk Killer Chicago 2 Unsolved spree killing in Rogers Park neighborhood
Mercy Hospital shooting Chicago 2018-11-19 4 Mass shooting at hospital
Aurora, Illinois shooting Aurora 2019-02-15 6 Mass shooting at Henry Pratt Company [33]
2019 Goodfield arson Goodfield 2019-04-06 5 Arson fire in mobile home started by nine-year-old boy
2021 Chicago - Evanston shootings Chicago and Evanston 2021-01-09 6 Random shooting spree
Magnificent Mile shooting Chicago 2022-05-19 2 Mass shooting in shopping district
Highland Park parade shooting Highland Park 2022-07-04 7 Mass shooting at Independence Day parade, also 48 wounded
Death of Sania Khan Chicago 2022-07-18 2 Man shot estranged wife after she posted about divorce experience on TikTok, then committed suicide
2024 Joliet shootings Preston Heights & Joliet 2024-01-21 8 Man opened fire at multiple locations, killing seven family members and an unrelated victim

Serial killers edit

Listed in chronological order by date of earliest homicide

gypIncident Location Date Deaths Description Sources
Johann Otto Hoch Chicago 1890–1905 1–50+ Also known as "The Bluebeard Murderer" [34][35]
H. H. Holmes Multiple 1891–1894 Con artist and serial killer executed in 1896 [36]
Robert Nixon California, Illinois 1937–1938 3–5 Serial killer, basis for Bigger Thomas in Native Son [37]
John Agrue Illinois, Colorado 1966–1982 3+ Serial killer whose first murder in 1966 was of his sister-in-law in Joliet, Illinois [38][39]
John Wayne Gacy Norwood Park 1972–1978 33-45 Serial killer and rapist, also known as the "Killer Clown", who killed at least 33 young men and boys [40][41]
Robert Ben Rhoades Texas, Illinois 1975–1990 3–50+ Serial killer and rapist known as "The Truck Stop Killer" [42][43]
Charles Albanese McHenry 1980–1981 3 Serial killer who poisoned three relatives with arsenic [44]
Ripper Crew Illinois 1981–1982 18 Satanic cult and organized crime group composed of serial killers, cannibals, rapists, and necrophiles Robin Gecht[1] and three associates [45]
Larry Eyler Multiple 1982–1984 21–24 Known as the "Interstate Killer", he murdered at least 21 teenage boys and young men throughout the Midwest
Andrew Urdiales Illinois, Indiana, California 1986-1996 8 Murdered three of his victims in Illinois
Dorothy Williams Illinois 1987–1989 3 Killed three elderly people during robberies
Jeffrey Dahmer Chicago, Milwaukee 1991 17 Dahmer met two of his victims (Matt Turner and Jeremiah Weinberger) in Chicago and paid them to go with him to Milwaukee where he murdered them [46]
Southside Strangler Chicago 1990s–2000s ? Suspected serial killer; responsibility later established to different offenders
Andre Crawford Chicago 1993-1999 11 Murdered 11 women, many of them drug addicts and sex workers, in Chicago
Ronald Hinton Chicago 1996–1999 3 Raped and strangled three women in Rogers Park neighborhood
Kevin Taylor Chicago 2001 4 Strangled four prostitutes
Chicago Strangler Chicago 2001–2018 ? Unconfirmed serial killer, or serial killers, believed to be responsible for the deaths of a number of women in Chicago

Organized crime edit

Incident Location Date Deaths Description Sources
Shotgun Man Chicago 1910-1911 15 Assassin and spree killer to whom murders of Italian immigrants were attributed
Maurice Enright Chicago 1920-02-02 1 Irish-American gangster gunned down near his South Side home [47]
Big Jim Colosimo Chicago 1920–05-11 1 Mafia crime boss killed, allegedly by Al Capone [48]
Anthony D'Andrea Chicago 1921-06-07 1 Mafia boss shot by an assassin while entering his apartment
Charles Reiser Chicago 1921-10-10 1 Safecracker shot 10 times in hospital bed, corrupt coroner's jury ruled it a suicide
Vito Di Giorgio Chicago 1922-05-13 1 Italian-born crime boss based in Los Angeles, shot by gunmen while visiting Chicago
Dean O'Banion Chicago 1924-11-10 1 Bootlegger with North Side Gang shot
Tony Genna Chicago 1925-07-08 1 Head of Genna crime family, shot during gang war
Samuzzo Amatuna Chicago 1925-11-13 1 President of Unione Siciliane shot in barber's chair before attending opera
Hymie Weiss Chicago 1926-10-11 2 Polish-American mob boss and a second man killed in submachine gun and shotgun attack
Joe Esposito Chicago 1928-03-21 1 Politician involved with bootlegging and rival of Al Capone, killed in drive-by shooting on steps of his house
Timothy D. Murphy Chicago 1928-06-26 1 Mobster and labor racketeer shot at his front door
Antonio Lombardo Chicago 1928-09-07 2 Capone's consigliere and bodyguard gunned down; Saint Valentine's Day Massacre was revenge for his death
Pasqualino Lolordo Chicago 1929-01-08 1 Head of Chicago chapter of Unione Siciliana, shot by gunmen at his house under order from Bugs Moran
Saint Valentine's Day Massacre Chicago 1929-02-14 7 Murder of seven Irish members and associates of Chicago's North Side Gang that occurred on Saint Valentine's Day [49]
Jake Lingle Chicago 1930-06-09 1 Reporter for Chicago Tribune shot in railroad underpass [50]
Joe Aiello Chicago 1930-10-23 1 Sicilian bootlegger killed in bloody feud with Al Capone [51]
Gus Winkler Chicago 1933-10-09 1 Gangster assassinated by shotgun fire after meeting with FBI [52]
William White Oak Park 1934-01-23 1 Prohibition gangster killed in shootout with two unidentified men
Fred Goetz Cicero 1934-03-21 Suspected participant in Saint Valentine's Day Massacre shot outside a cafe
James McLain Cicero 1934-09-23 1 Mobster believed involved in Saint Valentine's Day Massacre shot with machine gun outside his home
Louis Alterie Chicago 1935-07-18 1 Hitman for North Side Gang shot by sniper outside his home [53]
Jack McGurn Chicago 1936-02-15 1 Sicilian-American boxer and mobster shot by three men at bowling alley
Edward J. O'Hare Cicero 1939-11-08 1 Lawyer who turned on Capone, shot while driving, son is namesake of O'Hare Airport
Danny Stanton 1943-05-05 1 Chicago mobster and union racketeer, killed in dispute over gambling operations
Lawrence Mangano Cicero 1944-08-03 1 Member of Chicago Outfit shot by several gunmen while pulled over in car [54]
James Ragen 1946-08-15 1 Irish businessman and gangster shot while driving
Theodore Roe Chicago 1952-08-04 1 African-American organized crime figure known as "Robin Hood" shot after refusing to pay "street tax" to Chicago Outfit
Charles Gioe Chicago 1954-08-18 1 Lieutenant in Chicago Outfit, shot by soldiers from a competing group
William Morris Bioff 1955-11-04 1 Chicago pimp killed in bombing
Roger Touhy Chicago 1959-12-16 1 Bootlegger murdered one month after being released from 29 years in prison
William Jackson Streeterville, Chicago 1961-08-11 1 Gangster tortured to death by fellow gangsters on suspicion he was an FBI informant
Harry Aleman Chicago 1972-09-27 Mobster initially acquitted and, after first trial was ruled corrupt, convicted at second trial of murdering a Teamsters official
Sam DeStefano Chicago 1973-04-14 1 Loan shark and torture-murderer associated with Chicago Outfit, shot by Tony Spilotro
Richard Cain Chicago 1973-12-20 Chicago police officer and Sam Giancana associate shot by masked gunman
Sam Giancana Oak Park 1975-06-19 1 Former boss of the Chicago Outfit murdered before his testimony to the Church Committee [55]
Charles Nicoletti Northlake 1977-03-29 1 Mobster/hitman shot in back of head at restaurant parking lot
William Dauber Will County 1980-07-02 Chicago hitman shot in his car returning from testifying in court [56]
Allen Dorfman Lincolnwood 1983-01-20 Longtime associate of Jimmy Hoffa and Chicago Outfit shot in parking lot [57]
Anthony Spilotro/Michael Spilotro Bensenville 1986-06-14 2 Brothers associated with Chicago Outfit murdered and dumped in a nature preserve; James Marcello convicted for the murders

Lynchings and race riots edit

Incident Location Date Deaths Description Sources
Elijah Parish Lovejoy Alton 1837-11-07 1 Minister, newspaper editor, and abolitionist killed by a pro-slavery mob, became a martyr to the abolitionist cause [58]
Killing of Joseph Smith Carthage 1844-06-27 2 Founder of Latter Day Saint movement killed along with his brother by a mob [59][60][61]
Lynching of Samuel J. Bush Decatur 1893-06-03 1 Black day-laborer accused of raping white woman
Lynching of F. W. Stewart Lacon 1898-11-07 1 Black man accused of assault of a miner's daughter
Lynching of William Johnson Thebes 1903-04-26 Black man accused of assaulting a 10-year-old girl
Lynching of David Wyatt Brooklyn 1903-06 2 Black teacher denied renewal of teaching certificate, shot district superintendent and was then lynched
Danville race riot Danville 1903-07-25 Mob sought to lynch black man [62][63]
William "Froggie" James Cairo 1909-11-11 1 Black man charged with rape and murder of 23-year-old shop clerk
East St. Louis massacre East St. Louis 1917-05/07 - Labor and race-related attacks by whites who murdered between 39 and 150 black people, nine whites killed [64][65][66]
Robert Prager Collinsville 1918-04-05 1 German immigrant lynched during WWI due to anti-German sentiment [67][68]
Chicago race riot of 1919 Chicago South Side 1919-7-27 –1919-8-3 38 Violent racial conflict began on South Side [69][70]

Single homicides edit

Incident Location Date Description Sources
Jean La Lime Chicago 1812-06-17 Trader from Quebec, "first murder in Chicago" [71]
George Davenport Rock Island 1845-07-04 Pioneer of Quad Cities, namesake of Davenport, Iowa, murdered by Banditti of the Prairie [72]
Edmund Durfee Hancock County 1845-11-15 Early member of Latter Day Saint movement, shot by anti-Mormon mob; remembered as a martyr of LDS church
Sharon Tyndale Springfield 1871-04-29 Illinois Secretary of State, redesigned state seal, assassinated outside his home [73]
Jimmy Elliott Chicago 1883-03-01 Former world heavyweight boxing champion, shot by a gambler in a saloon [74]
Patrick Henry Cronin Chicago 1889-05-04 Irish republican doctor murdered by affiliates of Clan na Gael
Carter Harrison Sr. Chicago 1893-10-28 Mayor of Chicago and former US Congressman, murdered at his home by a disappointed office-seeker
Adolph Luetgert Chicago 1897-05-01 German-American businessman convicted of murdering his second wife and dissolving her body in a vat filled with lye at his sausage company
Hampton W. Wall Staunton 1898-04-15 Illinois legislator murdered by a tenant
Hale Johnson Bogota 1902-11-04 Prohibition Part presidential candidate; shot to death while trying to collect a debt
Murder of Clarence Hiller Chicago 1910-09-19 Railroad clerk murdered, first use of fingerprint evidence for conviction
Elsie Paroubek Chicago 1911-04-08 Four-year-old Czech-American girl kidnapped and murdered
Bugs Raymond Chicago 1912-02-24 MLB pitcher beaten in a fight, died of fractured skull at age 30
Leopold and Loeb Chicago 1924-05 Wealthy students at University of Chicago kidnapped and murdered 14-year-old Bobby Franks [75][76]
John M. Bolton Chicago 1936-07-09 Businessman and Illinois legislator reportedly assassinated by organized crime due to his efforts to legalize some forms of betting [77]
Carl Choisser Ozark 1939-09-25 Politician, lawyer, and newspaper editor shot after quarrel with murder defendant
Frank Melrose Chicago 1941-09-01 Jazz and blues pianist killed in fracas in club
Gordon McNaughton Chicago 1942-08-06 MLB pitcher shot in hotel lobby by ex-girlfriend
Sonny Boy Williamson I Chicago 1948-06-01 Blues musician killed in a robbery on Chicago's South Side
Sol Butler Chicago 1954-12-01 African-American NFL player and Olympic long jumper shot at a bar where he worked
Malcolm Lee Beggs Chicago 1956-12-10 Actor beaten to death with beer and whisky bottles in hotel room
Murder of Maria Ridulph Sycamore 1957-12-03 Seven-year-old girl disappeared and body found almost five months later
Benjamin F. Lewis Chicago 1963-02-28 Chicago alderman murdered in his ward office
Murder of Michele LeAnn Morgan Mascoutah 1961-08-11 Child abuse victim murdered by stepmother at age 4
Karen McCarron Morton 2006-05-13 German-born pathologist suffocated her three-year-old autistic daughter
Fred Hampton Chicago 1969-12-04 Deputy national chairman of Black Panther Party shot and killed in his bed in predawn raid
Murder of Evelyn Okubo Chicago 1970-07-18 Japanese-American teenager killed during Japanese-American convention at Palmer House
Jeanine Nicarico murder case Naperville 1972-07-07 Two Hispanic men wrongfully convicted of rape and murder
Dragiša Kašiković Chicago 1977-06-19 Bosnian Serb writer and his nine-year-old daughter murdered by Yugoslavian secret police
Lee Jackson Chicago 1979-07-01 Blues musician shot to death during a family argument
Murder of Jaclyn Dowaliby Chicago 1981-05-17 Seven-year-old girl disappeared from her bedroom, body discovered four days later
Rudy Lozano Chicago 1983-06-08 Labor activist organized "Black-Brown unity" in electing Harold Washington mayor, murdered shortly after Washington's election
Ben Wilson Chicago 1984-11-21 Top high school basketball player in USA shot to death
Flukey Stokes Chicago 1986-11-19 Drug kingpin murdered along with his chauffeur sitting in a Cadillac limousine
Stephen B. Small Kankakee 1987-09-02 Business kidnapped and held for ransom, died from asphyxiation due to conditions of confinement
Ioan Petru Culianu Chicago 1991-05-21 Romanian historian and writer, critical of the Romanian secret police, shot in a bathroom at the University of Chicago Divinity School
Stuart Heaton case Ramsey 1991-07-23 Stabbed a pregnant, 16-year-old girl 81 times with a pair of sewing scissors
Dantrell Davis Chicago 1992-10-13 Seven-year-old boy caught in crossfire as he walked to school with his mother at Cabrini-Green
Murder of Joseph Wallace Chicago 1993-04-19 Three-year-old boy murdered by mentally-ill mother
Robert Sandifer Chicago 1994-09-01 11-year-old boy known as "Yummy" killed by fellow gang members out of fear he could become an informant
Murder of Eric Morse Chicago 1994-10-13 Five-year-old African-American boy dropped from a high-rise in the Ida B. Wells Homes by a 10- and 11-year-old boys
Murder of Karyn Hearn Slover Decatur 1996-09-27 23-year-old mother disappeared after leaving work and found two days later wrapped in plastic bags near a lake
Lee Miglin Chicago 1997-05-04 Real estate developer murdered in his home by spree killer Andrew Cunanan
Murder of Peggy Johnson McHenry 1999-07-20 Jane Doe body identified years later; nurse convicted in 2022 of her murder
Ricky Byrdsong Skokie 1999-07-03 First African-American head coach of Northwestern basketball team killed by a white supremacist in hate crime killing spree
Regina and Margaret DeFrancisco 2000-06 Two teenage sisters murdered boyfriend of one, set body on fire, and gained national notoriety as fugitives
Murder of Laree Slack 2001-11-11 12-year-old girl beaten to death by Jehovah's Witness father who claimed he was administering Biblical discipline
Murder of Mary Stachowicz 2002-11-13 Polish-American woman murdered after questioning killer's sexuality, drew attention as alleged hate crime against Christian heterosexual
Brice Hunter Chicago 2004-04-19 Former NFL wide receiver shot outside his apartment
Murder of Riley Fox Wilmington 2004-06-06 Three-year old girl murder, father was accused but then cleared by DNA evidence
Murder of Atcel Olmedo Naperville 2005-09 Body of Mexican boy, age 2, discovered in Naperville
Nicole Abusharif Villa Park 2007-03-17 Murdered her domestic partner
Murder of Derrion Albert Chicago 2009-09-24 Murder at Christian Fenger Academy High School
Murder of Hadiya Pendleton Chicago 2013-01-29 15-year-old girl shot while standing with friends in a park; Barack Obama mentioned in State of Union
Murder of Laquan McDonald Chicago 2014-10-20 17-year-old African-American youth fatally shot by white police officer
Murder of Yingying Zhang Urbana 2017-06-09 Visiting Chinese scholar abducted, raped and murdered near University of Illinois
Killing of Adam Toledo Chicago 2021-03-29 13-year-old Latino boy shot by Chicago police officer [78]
Killing of Anthony Alvarez Chicago 2021-03-31 Latino man shot by Chicago police, body camera footage showed he was shot in back while fleeing from police with a gun in his hand [79]
Killing of Zheng Shaoxiong Chicago 2021-11-09 International student from China fatally shot near the University of Chicago [80]

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