LEGO Ninjago is a Lego theme introduced in 2011.[1] It is the first to be based on ninja since the discontinuation of the Ninja sub theme of the Castle line in 2000.[2] Whilst it retains some elements of this previous theme, one of the main differences is a more detailed accompanying story, primarily underpinned the TV series that it's based on, Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.

LEGO Ninjago
Lego Ninjago logo.svg
The logo used between 2011 and 2017
Sub‑themesNinjago: Legacy
SubjectNinja, Dragons, Snakes, Skeletons, Classical element, Martial arts, Spinjitzu,
Licensed from2014
Total sets262 (including promotional sets)
CharactersLloyd, Cole, Jay, Zane, Kai, Nya, Master Wu, Garmadon, Pixal, Dareth, Skylor, Misako
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The theme enjoyed popularity and success in its first year, and a further two years were commissioned before a planned discontinuation in 2013.[3] However, after a brief hiatus, the line was revived after feedback from fans and has been in production ever since.[4]


The theme concerns the fictional realm of "Ninjago", a place inspired by East Asian myths and culture. While featuring ancient villages, and traditional clothing, Ninjago is set in modern times, incorporating large cities with skyscrapers, as well as vehicles, large mechanized suits and other futuristic technology.

The main focus of the line is the formation and consequent exploits and trials of a group of teenage ninjas, battling against the various forces of evil, including The Great Devourer, The Overlord, Anacondrai Cultists, The Preeminent, and the Oni.

Notable charactersEdit

  • Master Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon — The legendary Green Ninja and Elemental Master of Energy/Power. He is current leader of the Ninja and the most powerful.
  • Kai — The Red Ninja and Elemental Master of Fire. One of the original 4 Ninja, he has a fiery personality and is the older brother of Nya. Kai is the former leader of the ninja team along with Cole
  • Cole — The Black Ninja and Elemental Master of Earth. One of the original 4 Ninja and original leader of the team along with Kai.
  • Jay Walker/Gordon — The Blue Ninja and Elemental Master of Lightning. One of the original 4 Ninja and comedic member of the team.
  • Zane — The White Ninja and Elemental Master of Ice. One of the original 4 Ninja, Zane is a calm and calculating Nindroid.
  • Nya — The Gray/Maroon Ninja, Elemental Master of Water, and original Samurai X. She joined the Ninja in season 5 after mastering her latent elemental powers and has a gift for mechanics. She is Kai's sister and Jay's girlfriend.
  • P.I.X.A.L. - A female android and current Samurai X. She is Zane's love interest.
  • Master/Sensei Wu — The Master and teacher of the Ninja.
  • Lord/Emperor/Sensei Garmadon — Frequent ally and adversary and Lloyd's father.



Over 250 sets have been released since 2011.[5] Each season has anywhere between six and 15 corresponding regular boxed sets, either released in one or two waves across a given year.

In 2012, the Fire Temple set (#2507) was awarded 'Activity Toy of the Year' title at the 12th Annual Toy of the Year Awards,[6] which is held at the American International Toy Fair in New York City.

Wave 1Edit

Released in early 2011, this wave consists of ten playsets based on the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu pilot episodes, featuring the Ninja battling Lord Garmadon and his Skullkin Army over the four Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu.

Reference Title Introduced
2258 Ninja Ambush Winter 2011
2259 Skull Motorbike Winter 2011
2260 Ice Dragon Attack Winter 2011
2263 Turbo Shredder Winter 2011
2504 Spinjitzu Dojo Winter 2011
2505 Garmadon's Dark Fortress Winter 2011
2516 Ninja Training Outpost Winter 2011
2518 Nuckal's ATV Winter 2011
2519 Skeleton Bowling Winter 2011
2520 Ninjago Battle Arena Winter 2011

Wave 2Edit

Released in mid-2011, this wave consists of five playsets, continuing to adapt the pilot episodes of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.

Reference Title Introduced
2506 Skull Truck Summer 2011
2507 Fire Temple Summer 2011
2508 Blacksmith Shop Summer 2011
2509 Earth Dragon Defense Summer 2011
2521 Lightning Dragon Battle Summer 2011

Wave 3Edit

Released in early 2012 and consisting of ten playsets, this wave features sets from Season 1: Rise of the Snakes, featuring the Ninja fighting against Pythor and the four Serpentine Tribes over the tribe generals' staffs which contain the anti-venom to cancel the snakes powers.

Reference Title Introduced
9440 Venomari Shrine Winter 2012
9441 Kai's Blade Cycle Winter 2012
9442 Jay's Storm Fighter Winter 2012
9443 Rattlecopter Winter 2012
9444 Cole's Tread Assault Winter 2012
9445 Fangpyre Truck Ambush Winter 2012
9446 Destiny's Bounty Winter 2012
9455 Fangpyre Mech Winter 2012
9456 Spinner Battle Arena Winter 2012
9457 Fangpyre Wrecking Ball Winter 2012

Wave 4Edit

Released in mid-2012 and featuring only four sets, this wave continues to feature sets from Season 1, showcasing the Ninja's battle for the four Silver Fangblades, which together can revive the monstrous Great Devourer. This wave introduces Lloyd Garmadon as the legendary Green Ninja.

Reference Title Introduced
9447 Lasha's Bite Cycle Summer 2012
9448 Samurai Mech Summer 2012
9449 Ultra Sonic Raider Summer 2012
9450 Epic Dragon Battle Summer 2012

Wave 5Edit

Released in early 2013, consisting of just six sets, this wave is based on Season 2: The Final Battle, featuring the Ninja's battle against The Overlord and his Stone Army. The collectible items in this wave are the four Elemental Blades. The wave features Lloyd as the Golden Ninja.

Reference Title Introduced
70500 Kai's Fire Mech Winter 2013
70501 Warrior Bike Winter 2013
70502 Cole's Earth Driller Winter 2013
70503 The Golden Dragon Winter 2013
70504 Garmatron Winter 2013
70505 Temple of Light Winter 2013

Wave 6Edit

Released in early 2014 and containing seven sets, this wave is based on Season 3: REBOOTED. It depicts the Overlord's return in digital form in control of an army of Nindroids, and the Ninja fighting him back with Techno Blades: weapons that hack technology. This wave takes on a high-tech theme with futuristic vehicles, weapons and enemies.

Reference Title Introduced
70720 Hover Hunter Winter 2014
70721 Kai Fighter Winter 2014
70722 OverBorg Attack Winter 2014
70723 Thunder Raider Winter 2014
70724 NinjaCopter Winter 2014
70725 Nindroid MechDragon Winter 2014
70726 Destructoid Winter 2014

Wave 7Edit

Released in Summer of 2014, this is currently the smallest wave of the series, consistently of merely two playsets. It continues to be based on REBOOTED, thus continuing the futuristic theme.

Reference Title Introduced
70727 X-1 Ninja Charger Summer 2014
70728 Battle for Ninjago City Summer 2014

Wave 8Edit

Returning to the series' Asian Mythological roots, early 2015 brought a massive wave of eleven sets based on Season 4: The Tournament of Elements. The wave introduces Master Chen and his cult of Anacondrai worshippers, along with new Elemental Masters aside from the Ninja. It also features the debut of Skylor as the Orange Ninja of Amber and Absorption and the return of Zane, now the Titanium Ninja. This time, the collectible items are Jade Blades.

Reference Title Introduced
70745 Anacondrai Crusher Winter 2015
70746 Condrai Copter Attack Winter 2015
70747 Cole's Boulder Blaster Winter 2015
70748 Titanium Dragon Winter 2015
70749 Enter the Serpent Winter 2015
70750 Ninja DB X Winter 2015
70752 Jungle Trap Winter 2015
70753 Lava Falls Winter 2015
70754 Jay's ElectroMech Winter 2015
70755 Jungle Raider Winter 2015
70756 Dojo Showdown Winter 2015

Wave 9Edit

Released in mid-2015 based on Season 5: Possession, the wave features ten sets, including the massive Direct-to-Consumer "Temple of Airjitzu". Here, using the ghost-slaying Aeroblades, the Ninja battle ghosts from the Cursed Realm, the ghost of current Master of Wind and Air Morro in possession of Lloyd's body. The wave also has Nya giving up her mantle of Samurai-X to become the Water Ninja.

Reference Title Introduced
70730 Chain Cycle Ambush Summer 2015
70731 Jay Walker One Summer 2015
70732 City of Stiix Summer 2015
70733 Blaster Bike Summer 2015
70734 Master Wu Dragon Summer 2015
70735 Ronin R.E.X. Summer 2015
70736 Attack of the Morro Dragon Summer 2015
70737 Titan Mech Battle Summer 2015
70738 Final Flight of Destiny's Bounty Summer 2015
70751 Temple of Airjitzu Summer 2015

Wave 10Edit

Released in early 2016, the wave features seven sets based on Season 6: Skybound. It depicts, the Ninja facing off against a crew of Sky Pirates commanded by the Djinn Nadakhan. The collectible items are Djin Blades, various depictions of a weapon known as the Sword of Souls which has entrapped various members of the Ninja team. The wave introduces Cole's ghost form after becoming one in Season 5.

Reference Title Introduced
70599 Cole's Dragon Winter 2016
70600 Ninja Bike Chase Winter 2016
70601 Sky Shark Winter 2016
70602 Jay's Elemental Dragon Winter 2016
70603 Raid Zeppelin Winter 2016
70604 Tiger Widow Island Winter 2016
70605 Misfortune's Keep Winter 2016

Wave 11Edit

In honor of the 5th anniversary of Ninjago, mid-2016 saw the release of nine sets, six of which tie directly in to the "Day of the Departed" special, though appear prominently in Season 7: The Hands of Time, featuring the Ninja fighting deceased villains who attempt to take the heroes' places amongst the living using Departed Blades. Cole's RX form debuts here, depicting his return to the corporeal with a ghostly scar and a new ability known as the Earth Punch. The other three sets continue to be based on events from Season 6.

Reference Title Introduced
70588 Titanium Ninja Tumbler Summer 2016
70589 Rock Roader Summer 2016
70590 Airjitzu Battle Grounds Summer 2016
70591 Kryptarium Prison Breakout Summer 2016
70592 Salvage M.E.C. Summer 2016
70593 The Green NRG Dragon Summer 2016
70594 The Lighthouse Siege Summer 2016
70595 Ultra Stealth Raider Summer 2016
70596 Samurai X Cave Chaos Summer 2016

Wave 12Edit

Released in Winter 2017, this wave consists of 7 sets based on the Season 7: Hands of Time. It depicted the Ninjas fight against the new enemies, The Hands of Time and the Vermillion. The collectible items are the Time Blades.

Reference Title Introduced
70621 The Vermillion Attack Winter 2017
70622 Desert Lightning Winter 2017
70623 Destiny's Shadow Winter 2017
70624 Vermillion Invader Winter 2017
70625 Samurai VXL Winter 2017
70626 Dawn of Iron Doom Winter 2017
70627 Dragon's Forge Winter 2017

Wave 12Edit

Released in Winter 2018, this wave consists of 6 sets based on the 8th Season : Sons of Garmadon. The collectible items are the Oni Masks.

Reference Title Introduced
70638 Katana V11 Winter 2018
70639 Street Race of Snake Jaguar Winter 2018
70640 S.O.G. Headquarters Winter 2018
70641 Ninja Nightcrawler Winter 2018
70642 Killow vs. Samurai X Winter 2018
70643 Temple of Resurrection Winter 2018

Wave 13Edit

Released in mid-2019, this wave consists of 7 sets based on Season 9 : Hunted. It depicted the 4 Ninja : Kai, Jay, Cole and Zane along with the de-aged Wu trying to fight the Dragon Hunters in the First Realm while the rest tried to fight Garmadon in Ninjago. The collectible items are Dragon Armors.

Reference Title Introduced
70650 Destiny's Wing Summer 2018
70651 Throne Room Showdown Summer 2018
70652 Stormbringer Summer 2018
70653 Firstbourne Summer 2018
70654 Dieselnaut Summer 2018
70655 The Dragon Pit Summer 2018
70658 Oni Titan Summer 2018

Wave 14 (Ninjago Legacy)Edit

Released in early 2019, this wave consist of the re-imagining versions of concept that used in the first 2 Seasons. The sets also appeared in some short episodes of "The Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu'', which happened after Season 9.

Reference Title Introduced
70665 Samurai Mech Winter 2019
70666 The Golden Dragon Winter 2019
70667 Kai's Blade Cycle & Zane's Snowmobile Winter 2019
70668 Jay's Storm Fighter Winter 2019
70669 Cole's Earth Driller Winter 2019
70670 Monastery of Spinjitzu Winter 2019
70679 The Ultra Dragon Winter 2019
70680 Monastery Training Winter 2019

The Lego Ninjago Movie SetsEdit

The first sets released in the United States on August 1, 2017 and including promotional sets. The second sets released in the United States on December 2, 2017. The third set was released in the United States on August 1, 2018.[7]

Set No. Set Release Pieces Minifigures Ref.
30379 Quake Mech 2017 64 - [8]
30427 Ice Tank 2017 71 - [9]
30428 Green Ninja Mech Dragon 2017 60 - [10]
30608 Kendo Lloyd 2017 7 Lloyd Garmadon [11]
30609 Lloyd 2017 6 Lloyd Garmadon [12]
471701 Lloyd 2017 6 Lloyd Garmadon [13]
853702 Movie Maker Set 2017 163 Kai [14]
5004394 Movie Maker 2017 46 Jay Walker [15]
5004916 Movie Maker 2017 35 Kai [16]
70606 Spinjitzu Training 2017 109 Kai, Zane [17]
70607 NINJAGO City Chase 2017 233 Ham, Lloyd Garmadon, Nya, Officer Toque, Shark Army Thug [18]
70608 Master Falls 2017 312 Garmadon, Kai, Sensei Wu [19]
70609 Manta Ray Bomber 2017 341 Cole, Shark Army Great White, Shark Army Gunner, Shen-Li [20]
70610 Flying Jelly Sub 2017 341 Hammer Head, Jay Walker, Jelly, Takuma [21]
70611 Water Strider 2017 494 Kai, Nya, Puffer, Shark Army Thug [22]
70612 Green Ninja Mech Dragon 2017 544 Garmadon, Lloyd Garmadon, Sensei Wu, Shark Army Gunner [23]
70613 Garma Mecha Man 2017 747 Garmadon, Lloyd Garmadon, Pat, Shark Army Great White [24]
70614 Lightning Jet 2017 876 Crusty, Ed, Edna, Jay Walker, Jelly, Shark Army Thug [25]
70615 Fire Mech 2017 944 Hammer Head, Henry, Jelly, Kai, Lauren, Zane [26]
70616 Ice Tank 2017 914 Patty Keys, Shark Army Angler, Shark Army Thug, Torben, Zane [27]
70617 Temple of the Ultimate Ultimate Weapon 2017 1403 Cole, Garmadon, Jay Walker, Kai, Lloyd Garmadon, Master Knap Statue, Nya, Zane [28]
70618 Destiny's Bounty 2017 2295 Cole, Jay Walker, Kai, Lloyd Garmadon, Nya, Wu, Zane [29]
70620 NINJAGO City 2017 4867 Guy, Ivy Walker, Jamanakai Villager, Jay Walker, Juno, Kai, Konrad, Lloyd Garmadon, Misako, Mother Doomsday, Officer Noonan, Sally, Severin Black, Shark Army Gunner, Sweep, Tommy [30]
70628 Lloyd - Spinjitzu Master 2017 48 Lloyd Garmadon [31]
70629 Piranha Attack 2017 217 Kai, Misako, Ray, Shark Army Thug [32]
70631 Garmadon's Volcano Lair 2017 521 Four Eyes, Garmadon, General #1, Steve, Zane [33]
70632 Quake Mech 2017 1202 Cole, Crusher, Fred Finley, Mike the Spike, Misako [34]
70656 garmadon, Garmadon, GARMADON! 2017 830 Garmadon, Hammer Head, Lloyd Garmadon, Nancy, Nomis, Shark Army Thug [35]
70657 NINJAGO City Docks 2018 3553 Betsy, Chad, Chan Kong-Sang, Cole, Dareth, Garmadon, Lil' Nelson, Lloyd Garmadon, Mystake, Private Puffer, Runde, Runje, Runme [36]

The LEGO Ninjago Movie Collectable Minifigures SeriesEdit

Battle Games and other itemsEdit

Various other sets have been released, including a board game from the Lego Games theme[37] along with a number of associated buildable battle game toys. These all involve placing a Lego Minifigure on either a spinning or flying disk. The first generation of these was released in 2011—12, and incorporated a two-player battle game, involving exchanges of weapons and cards. The second generation of came in 2015, and consisted of a ripcord mechanism in order to launch the spinner into the air. The most recent release was in 2019.

Spinjitzu SpinnersEdit

Airjitzu FlyersEdit

Spinjitzu MastersEdit

Dragon MastersEdit

Spinjitzu Spinners (2019 variant)Edit

Spinjitzu Slams

TV Series and Mini MoviesEdit

"Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu", is a 3D animated television series,The series was animated in Denmark by Wil Film ApS for its first ten seasons. Animation was relocated to DHX Media in Canada from its eleventh season onward. Since it first aired in 2011, eleven regular seasons have been produced, along with one pilot season, one extended special, and its world setting is connected to the Legends of Chima of Lego Legends of Chima.

While the production of the Lego Theme and the TV series are coupled, some small differences exist, most notably concerning characters. A number of TV show characters have not been released in physical toy form.

Mini MoviesEdit

  • Mini Movies
  • Chen Mini-Movies
  • Tall Tales Mini-Movies (non canon)
  • Wu's Teas (non canon)
  • Ninjago: Decoded
  • Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu


The Hageman brothers, Dan and Kevin Hageman, who wrote Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu and co-wrote the story of The Lego Movie, penned the film adaptation, which features a new take that diverges from the TV series. Charlie Bean, who produced Disney's Tron: Uprising, directed the film, produced by The Lego Movie team of Dan Lin, Roy Lee, and both Phil Lord and Chris Miller.[38] The spin-off movie was released by Warner Bros. Pictures on September 22, 2017.[39] The film stars Jackie Chan as Master Wu, Dave Franco as Lloyd, Justin Theroux as Lord Garmadon, Michael Peña as Kai, Abbi Jacobson as Nya, Kumail Nanjiani as Jay, Zach Woods as Zane and Fred Armisen as Cole.[40]

Lego Ninjago Master of 4th DimensionEdit

Lego Ninjago Master of 4th Dimension is a 4D short film released in LEGOLAND on January 12, 2018.

The Carlsbad theme park announced a new 3D/4D experience movie called "LEGO Ninjago, Master of the 4th Dimension" that is scheduled to open in the summer.

Peter Ronchetti, general manager of LEGOLAND California, said "LEGO Ninjago, Master of the 4th Dimension" would open in all LEGOLAND theme parks around the world at the same time.

Michael D. Black is Director and writers is and Robert Henny. Producers are Joshua Wexler and Laura Jackloski

Other mediaEdit

Video gamesEdit

A number of video game adaptations exist, which have all been published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The first was Lego Battles: Ninjago. It was released on 12 April 2011, on the Nintendo DS console. It acts as a sequel to the 2009 game Lego Battles and was developed by Hellbent Games. This was followed by Lego Ninjago: Nindroids, an action-adventure game for the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita,[41] which was released on 29 July 2014.[42] It was also developed by Hellbent Games. More recently, Lego Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin was released in March 2015 and The Lego Ninjago Movie Video Game on 22 September 2017.

In addition to these, a Ninjago-themed world was added to the now shut-down massively multiplayer online game Lego Universe.[43] Several Ninjago characters also appear in the 2015 video game, Lego Dimensions. Various mobile games have been released.

Crossovers in other MediaEdit

Ninjago Characters was in "The Lego Movie (franchise)" like in "Lego Movie" and in Short Movie named Enter in Ninjago.


Various accompanying books have been produced. A total of 12 graphic novels have been published, following the canon of the TV series. They are written by Greg Farshtey, with the majority being illustrated by Jolyon Yates. Ninjago Readers are short publications that also follow this canon.

A Ninjago Brickmaster book was released in 2011 (and re-released in 2014). Such books include instructions for a variety of different models, as well as the parts for these and minifigures. Similarly, Ninjago Activity Books feature activities, comics, and stories and include a minifigure.


Since the beginning of 2012, a 36-page magazine has been released in the UK and the Netherlands every month. It contains a comic strip as well as various facts, puzzles, posters, competitions and other activities. Also included is a free Lego gift, often a minifigure.[44]


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