Legoland Billund Resort

Legoland Billund Resort, the original Legoland park, opened on 7 June 1968 in Billund, Denmark. The park is located next to the original Lego factory and Billund Airport, Denmark's second-busiest airport. Over 1.9 million guests visited the park in 2011, and since the opening more than 50 million guests have visited the park. This makes Legoland the largest tourist attraction in Denmark outside Copenhagen. The Legoland parks that have since been built are modelled upon Legoland Billund, most noticeably the Miniland area, which is made up of millions of plastic Lego bricks.

LEGOLAND Billund Resort
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LocationBillund, Denmark
Coordinates55°44′8″N 9°7′34″E / 55.73556°N 9.12611°E / 55.73556; 9.12611Coordinates: 55°44′8″N 9°7′34″E / 55.73556°N 9.12611°E / 55.73556; 9.12611
OwnerMerlin Entertainments
Opened7 June 1968; 53 years ago (7 June 1968)
Operating seasonMarch – November
Visitors per year1.95 million (2019)
Area14 ha (35 acres)
Roller coasters4
Water rides2


Entrance gates (1968)

The Lego company, led by Ole Kirk Christiansen, introduced plastic toys alongside their existing wooden toy line in 1949 after purchasing one of the first injection moulding machines in 1947.[1]: 10  One son, Godtfred Kirk Christiansen (GKC), was named the managing director of the family business in 1957 shortly before his father died and just two years later he bought out his three brothers.[1]: 20  In the 1960s, GKC decided to open a 14-acre (5.7 ha) Legoland Park adjacent to the Lego factory in Billund to promote his toy business; the factory itself was already drawing approximately 20,000 visitors per year by the mid-1960s, who came to view models produced for trade shows and shops.[1]: 49  [2] GKC hired Arnold Boutrop as the park's first general director and designer; after visiting Madurodam, the two men began finalizing plans for what would become Miniland, the main attraction of Legoland.[1]: 49  Dagny Holm, a cousin of GKC trained as a sculptor who was hired as a model designer in 1961[2] is credited with much of the original design and building of Miniland.[1]: 50  The park became an instant success, with 625,000 visitors in its first abbreviated season after opening on 7 June 1968.[1]: 56 

Over the years, Legoland Billund has added many original models and rides. The park, which has now been expanded to cover 45 acres (18 ha), is divided into nine themed areas, including Duplo Land, Imagination Zone, LEGOREDO Town, Adventure Land, Lego City, Knight's Kingdom, Mini Land, Pirate Land, and Polar Land.

Miniland in Legoland Billund (1968)

Today, Legoland Billund is the most visited tourist attraction in Jutland and the third-most visited attraction in Denmark, after Tivoli Gardens and Dyrehavsbakken.[3] Several other Legolands have since been built in other parts of the world:

The Blackstone Group, an investment firm, bought a 70% controlling stake in Legoland in 2005, with the remaining 30% still owned by Lego. The parks are operated by Merlin Entertainments Group.[4]

Themed Lego LandsEdit

Themed areas and key locations within Legoland Billund Resort

Aerial photograph (2015)

As of 2019, the park has nine themed areas.[5]

Adventure LandEdit

This area contains some of the park's more exciting rides such as the wild mouse roller coaster, X-treme Racers. Jungle Racers jet ski ride has a jungle theme and spins the riders quite fast. In 2010, The Temple was introduced, an indoor ride where riders board Explorer SUVs and are equipped with laser guns to shoot at moving targets in eleven different scenes themed to ancient Egypt, the land of the Pharaohs. The Temple has a game area with an Egyptian theme as well, containing ring-toss, water-shooting, balloon-popping and a mummy game. The area contains two gift shops (Temple Gifts and Adventure Shop) and two restaurants. Falck Fire Brigade is a ride where you take your assigned vehicle to the scene of a fire where you and your fellow firefighters have to put out a fire in a building, and the fastest team wins. Falck Fire Brigade was previously considered part of the Lego City themed area which is now defunct; the other Lego City rides are now considered part of the Polar Land themed area.

Duplo LandEdit

Duplo Land contains rides and attractions for young children, with the Lego Duplo brand name. The Duplo Playhouse is a play area for children ages 2–6, which is themed like a city in which children can play. They can build using Lego, or play on fake planes and fake cars. There are also slides, stairs, interactive elements and a role-play area. The Duplo Train, a kiddie train ride that looks like a train made of Duplo bricks, takes two minutes to complete its loop. Duplo Planes is a plane ride similar to Disney's Dumbo ride, but with a Lego theme. The land also used to feature Duplo Driving School. This was a car ride for children ages 2–6, who are not yet ready for the Traffic School ride.

Imagination ZoneEdit

This zone contains the Lego Studios, a purpose-built 600-seat 4-D theater, complete with special effects and a giant screen. Four movies play daily as of 2010; these are Lego Racers, Spellbreaker, Bob the Builder 4D, and The Adventures of Clutch Powers.

Lego Atlantis by Sea Life was added in 2007. The attraction starts off with an animated movie, featuring Lego figures and a submarine that travels down to the submerged city of Atlantis. There is also a Sea Life aquarium featuring a walk-through underwater tunnel and other hands-on activities with more than 800 sea creatures. Numerous Lego figures and models are in and around the aquarium.[6]

Knight's KingdomEdit

Knight's Kingdom contains The Dragon coaster, located inside a medieval castle. The ride starts with a slow-moving dark ride scene with Lego figures themed to medieval times, including a mighty dragon. Vikings River Splash is a Viking theme river rapids ride that was added in 2006 and has plenty of wet surprises. Riders' photos are taken at the end of the ride. Knight's Kingdom also has Granny's Apple Farms Restaurant, Knight's Barbecue Grill and Castle Burgers.

LEGO Movie WorldEdit

Along with Legoland California, the park will be receiving a LEGO Movie world in 2021. Its location has yet to be disclosed as it does not seem to be taking over a pre-existing land like the US versions (Chima in Florida and Friends/Duplo in California). It will feature the Masters of Flight and Unikitty's Disco Drop found in the California and Florida versions with its exclusive ride being a Technical Park Aerobat.


LEGOREDO Town is a Western-themed land that contains the rides Lego Canoe, LEGOLDMINE, Westernride, Timber Ride, LEGOLDMINE Train. There is also an Indian camp led by the popular Chief Long Ears (referring to the long rabbit ears on his headdress). LEGOREDO also has its own band called "The Rattlesnakes" and they play country music all day long. The mountain terrain of Lego Canoe offers a scenic background.

Directly opposite on the other side of the town was the hilly landscape of The Mine Train, which traveled through mines in the mountain. Mine Train was shut down in 2013 and a new haunted house attraction entitled Ghost - The Haunted House replaced it starting with the 2014 season.[7]

Mini LandEdit

Mini Land is the heart of any Legoland park. The 1:20 scale Lego brick models feature landscapes, sights and buildings from all over Denmark, as well as famous landmarks from other parts of the world. These include, in addition to the models listed below, the Acropolis of Athens and scenes from Star Wars. The LEGOTop observation tower offers a nice view of the entire park. The models and structures in Mini Land were made using more than 25 million Lego bricks.

Country Added Closed Image Description
  Denmark 1968   Featuring models of Billund Airport, Copenhagen (Amalienborg Castle, Nyhavn), Dybbøl Mill, Klampenborg Station, Lilleby (a fictional village), Møgeltønder, Ribe, and Skagen.
  Egypt ? Featuring model of Abu Simbel temples.
  Germany ?   Featuring models of Düsseldorf (promenade along the Rhine), Neuschwanstein Castle, and Tegernsee
  The Netherlands ?   Featuring models of Amsterdam and the surrounding landscape.
  Norway ?   Featuring models of Bergen and its harbor.
  Scotland ?   Featuring models of Crail and Eilean Donan.
Star Wars 2011? 2019 Models removed shortly after Disney purchased the Star Wars franchise.
  Sweden ?   Featuring models of the Gota Canal.
  Thailand ?   Featuring model of The Grand Palace.
  United States ?   Featuring models of Hollywood, Kennedy Space Center, Mount Rushmore, and the United States Capitol Building.

Ninjago WorldEdit

Ninjago World, which opened in 2016, features NINJAGO: The Ride, an interactive dark ride using gesture controls. The technology was developed by Triotech,[8] who had previously developed the interactive Voyage to the Iron Reef dark ride at Knott's Berry Farm.[9]

Annual attendance at Legoland Billund
Year Attendance Ref
2005 1,490,000 [10]
2006 1,460,000 [11]
2007 1,610,000 [12]
2008 1,650,000 [13]
2009 1,650,000 [14]
2010 1,650,000 [15]
2011 1,600,000 [16]
2012 1,650,000 [17]
2013 1,800,000 [18]
2014 1,925,000 [19]
2015 2,050,000 [10]
2016 2,091,000 [20]
2017 2,120,000 [21]

Pirate LandEdit

Pirate Land is a pirate-themed area. It features the Pirate Splash Battle where participants get wet. Other rides include Pirate Wave Breaker, Pirate Water Falls and Pirate Boats.

Polar LandEdit

Polar Land is a North Pole and South Pole theme area that opened in 2012.[22] This themed area was partially created from part of the Lego City themed area and the Event Center. It features the Polar X-plorer roller coaster, Penguin Bay featuring live penguins, and Ice Pilots School. In Polar Land, visitors can eat at Polar Pizza and Pasta with a view overlooking the Penguin Bay habitat.[23]

Ice Pilots School was previously named Power Builders and carried a Bionicle theme when it was part of the Lego City themed area.


Roller coastersEdit

Ride name Manufacturer Type Year opened Themed land Image Additional information
The Dragon
Mack Rides steel sit down 1997 Knight's Kingdom   Starts inside the medieval castle with a large dragon intimidating the riders; height limit 100 cm.
Flyvende Ørn
Flying Eagle
Zierer steel sit down 2018 LEGOREDO Town   A family coaster where you plunge from Eagle Rock 11 meters above the ground [24]
Polar X-plorer Zierer steel sit down 2012 Polar Land   A Polar-themed family coaster that reaches a speed of 65 km/h with a 5-meter freefall drop section; height limit 120 cm.
X-Treme Racers Mack Rides steel sit down wild mouse 2002 Adventure Land   A wild mouse coaster that reaches a speed of 56 km/h (35 mph) on a 400 meter long track (1312 ft) and a height of 16 m (52 ft); height limit 120 cm.

Water ridesEdit

Ride name Type Year opened Themed land Image Additional information
Dive to Atlantis Submarine 2007 Imagination Zone
Jungle Racers Carousel (dual) 2000 Adventure Land   Water jet ski ride
Lego Canoe Log flume 1992 LEGOREDO Town  
Pirate Boats Dark ride Pirate Land
Pirate Splash Battle Rail-based Pirate Land   Splash battle water shootout on a 150 m long course
Vikings River Splash River rapids 2006 Knight's Kingdom   a 438-meter-long river rapids ride that features a Viking theme and has an 8 m drop at the end

Other ridesEdit

Ride name Type Year opened Themed land Image Additional information
Caterpillar Himalaya Miniland   Rider height minimum 90 cm
Falck Fire Brigade Fire fighting Adventureland   douse the fire yourself
Ghost-The Haunted House Walkthrough dark ride/drop tower LEGOREDO Town   a walkthrough attraction with a drop tower at the end
Ice Pilots School RoboCoaster G1 Polar Land height limit 120 cm.
Lego Atlantis Aquarium 2007 Imagination Zone a sea life aquarium
Lego Studios 4D film theater Imagination Zone a 4D theater in Imagination Zone that as of 2019 shows 2 movies — Lego Ninjago 4D and LEGO® City 4D - Officer in Pursuit
Lego Top Observation tower Miniland   36 m high
Lego Train Train ride Miniland   a themed 2-minute train ride
The Lighthouse Climbing tower Pirate Land pull yourself up 9 m tower
Lloyd's Lazer Maze Maze Ninjago World a laser maze ride
Monorail Monorail Miniland  
NINJAGO The Ride Interactive dark ride Ninjago World   a dark ride where riders use their hands to shoot
Nintendo Game Show Play area Miniland play Nintendo games
Penguin Bay Live animal display 2012 Polar Land live penguins on show
Pirate Carousel Teacups Pirate Land   spinning cups
The Temple Interactive dark ride 2010 Adventureland dark ride laser shoot-out

Kiddie ridesEdit

Ride name Type Year opened Themed land Image Additional information
Adventure Path Play area Adventureland play area in Adventureland
Chief Longears Meet & greet LEGOREDO Town meet and greet the Indian Chief
Duplo Planes Carousel Duplo Land   airplanes
Duplo Playhouses Play area Miniland   play area
Duplo Express Train ride Duplo Land a 2-minute train ride
Frog Hopper Drop tower Miniland   mini drop tower
Lego Safari On-track driving Miniland   on track cars on a Safari
LEGONDOL Ferris wheel Duplo Land   mini Ferris wheel
Mini Boats Boat ride Miniland where children can sail their own boats
Music Fountain Play area Imagination Zone   water play area
Pirate Wave Breaker Rocking tug 2009 Pirate Land 90+ cm
SEAT Traffic School Driving simulator Miniland   electric cars for 7 – 13 years old
Western Ride Carousel LEGOREDO Town   merry go round


Attraction Type Year opened Themed land Image Additional information
The Rattlesnakes Country & western band LEGOREDO Town  
King's Castle Show Live action Knight's Kingdom action and stunt show at Mini Castle
Legoland Garden Marching Band throughout   the park's marching band


These attractions and activities all require an extra charge in addition to regular admission fees.

Attraction Type Year opened Themed land Image Additional information
Legoldmine Gold panning LEGOREDO Town
Pirate Games Skill games Pirate Land test your skill games
Temple Games Arcade Adventureland

Special eventsEdit

The park hosts many special events throughout the season, including a Halloween celebration, firework shows, and Star Wars days.

Retired rides and attractionsEdit

Ride name Type Years Themed land Image Additional information
Mine Train dark ride ?–19 Aug 2013 LEGOREDO Town a train ride journey through a dark mine where miners are hard at work
Pirate Mini Water Falls Play area Pirate Land water play area for the youngest children, has closed
Pirate Water Falls Play area Pirate Land water play area for children, has closed
Timber Ride Steel roller coaster LEGOREDO Town replaced by The Eagle
Duplo Driving School Driving simulator Duplo Land   electric cars for 2–6-year-olds, has closed


On 29 April 2007, a 21-year-old female employee was killed by a roller coaster when she climbed over a security fence to retrieve a guest's wallet.[25]


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