ICD-9-CM Volume 3

ICD-9-CM Volume 3 is a system of procedural codes used by health insurers to classify medical procedures for billing purposes. It is a subset of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD) 9-CM. Volumes 1 and 2 are used for diagnostic codes.

Main sectionsEdit

(00) Procedures and interventions, not elsewhere classifiedEdit

(01–05) Operations on the nervous systemEdit

(06–07) Operations on the endocrine systemEdit

(08–16) Operations on the eyeEdit

(18–20) Operations on the earEdit

(21-29) Operations on the nose, mouth and pharynxEdit

(30–34) Operations on the respiratory systemEdit

(35–39) Operations on the cardiovascular systemEdit



(40–41) Operations on the hemic and lymphatic systemEdit

(42–54) Operations on the digestive systemEdit

(55–59) Operations on the urinary systemEdit

(60–64) Operations on the male genital organsEdit

(65–71) Operations on the female genital organsEdit

(72–75) Obstetrical proceduresEdit

(76–84) Operations on the musculoskeletal systemEdit

(85–86) Operations on the integumentary systemEdit

(87–99) Miscellaneous diagnostic and therapeutic proceduresEdit

Diagnostic radiologyEdit

Interview, evaluation, consultation, and examinationEdit

Nuclear medicineEdit

Physical therapy, respiratory therapy, rehabilitation, and related proceduresEdit

Procedures related to the psycheEdit

Ophthalmologic and otologic diagnosis and treatmentEdit

Nonoperative intubation and irrigationEdit

Replacement and removal of therapeutic appliances/nonoperative removal of foreign body or calculusEdit

Other nonoperative proceduresEdit

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