Haplogroup O mtDNA is a haplogroup derived from haplogroup N and found in Oceania.[1] Specifically, it is found among Aboriginal Australians.[2][3] Its defining mutations are G6755A, C9140T, and G16213A.[4]

It is one of the rarest haplogroups. As of 2022, FamilyTreeDNA reports that only 4 people in their customer base who have tested their complete mitochondrial sequences are members of the haplogroup.[5] YFull reports 9 known members, 8 of whom are stated to be from Australia, and that the haplogroup is at least 20,000 years old.[6]

The following table lists relevant GenBank samples:

Phylotree Haplogroup YFull Haplogroup GenBank ID Alternate ID State/Region
O O-a1 KY595606 AUS41 Queensland[7]
O O-a1a AY289059 Aus23 Northern Territory[7]
O O-a1a KY595554 AUS39 Queensland[7]
O O-a1a KY595619 AUS40 Queensland[7]
O1 O-a2 KY595668 AUS38 Queensland[7]
O1 O1 DQ404447 AUD38 Northern Territory desert[7]
O1a O1a AY289056 Aus20 Northern Territory[7]
O1a O1a AY289058 Aus22 Northern Territory[7]


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