Expo 2025 (Japanese: 大阪万博2025) is a forthcoming World Expo sanctioned by the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE), which will be held in Osaka, Japan. It will take place for six months during 2025, opening 3 May 2025, and closing 23 November 2025.[1] This will be the second time Osaka hosts a World Expo, having previously hosted Expo 1970.[2] The projected visitor count is approximately 28 million.[1]

2025 Osaka
BIE-classUniversal exposition
CategoryInternational Registered Exhibition
MottoDesigning Future Society for Our Lives
Visitors28 million (projected)
Organized byHiroyuki Ishige (secretary general)
VenueYumeshima Island, Konohana-ku
Coordinates34°39′12.7″N 135°23′11.1″E / 34.653528°N 135.386417°E / 34.653528; 135.386417
Bidding22 April 2017
Awarded23 November 2018
Opening3 May 2025
Closure3 November 2025
Universal expositions
PreviousExpo 2020 in Dubai
NextExpo 2030
Specialized expositions
PreviousExpo 2023 in Buenos Aires


The theme for the expo is "Designing Future Society for Our Lives", with sub themes of "Saving Lives", "Empowering Lives" and "Connecting Lives".[3]

Saving Lives includes infant vaccinations, sanitation, lifestyle (diet and exercise) and extending lifespans.[3]


The directors of the expo were announced on 23 May 2019 and include Hiroyuki Ikeda, Kengo Sakurada, Hirofumi Yoshimura (Governor of Osaka), and Ichirō Matsui (Mayor of Osaka) with Hiroyuki Ishige as the secretary general, and Hiroyuki Takeuchi and Manatsu Ichinoki as vice secretary generals.[4]

Bidding and selection of expo cityEdit


On 22 November 2016, France submitted to the BIE its candidature to host World Expo 2025.[5] This first submission launched the bidding process for this Expo by opening the candidate list. All other countries wishing to organise World Expo 2025 had until 22 May 2017 to submit their own bids, after which the project examination phase started.

The Azerbaijani capital entered its candidacy before the deadline[6] under the theme "Developing Human Capital, Building a Better Future".

Osaka made its official bid for the Expo on 24 April 2017[7] with the theme “Designing Future Society for Our Lives”.[8]

The Russian city entered its candidacy on 22 May 2017[9] under the theme "Changing the World: Innovations and Better Life for Future Generations".

Withdrawn candidatesEdit

France, which had been the first to declare its candidacy[10] under the theme "Sharing our Knowledge, Caring for our Planet," withdrew its candidacy on 21 January 2018 due to financial concerns and Protests against Emmanuel Macron.[11]


A secret ballot took place to select the winner at BIE's 164th General Assembly on 23 November 2018. The first ballot awarded 85 votes to Osaka, 48 votes to Yekaterinburg and 23 votes to Baku. This meant that Baku was eliminated and a second round ballot held which gave 92 votes to Osaka and 61 to Yekaterinburg.[12]


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