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Dubbilex is a fictional comic book character published by DC Comics.

Dubbilex, artist Todd Nauck
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceSuperman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #136, (March 1971)
Created byJack Kirby (writer & artist)
In-story information
Alter egoDubbilex
Team affiliationsProject Cadmus
AbilitiesTelepathy and telekinesis, psionic blasts


Publication historyEdit

Dubbilex debuted in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #136, (March 1971) and was created by Jack Kirby. His name is a play on the double helix structure for DNA.[citation needed]

Fictional character biographyEdit


Dubbilex started off his life as a creation of Dabney Donovan in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #136. He is a so-called DNAlien — a human clone whose DNA was modified to create an alien-looking creature with paranormal abilities, in Dubbilex’s case, telepathic and telekinetic abilities.


Making his post-Crisis debut in Superman Annual (2nd series) #2, Dubbilex’s origins remained the same: the DNAlien creation of Dabney Donovan. He goes to work for Cadmus Labs. He becomes an ally to the Man of Steel and is accepted as one of the powered beings forming his honor guard during Superman's funeral. [1]

Dubbilex grew close to Superboy, having aided in his creation by providing mental impressions he had gained from past encounters with Superman to provide Superboy with his 'template's' memories in the absence of Superman's actual mind. Once Kon-El left the Labs for Hawaii, Dubbilex accompanied him to report his status to Cadmus.[2] Although their relationship started off somewhat rocky, they became great friends. Superboy taught Dubbilex about many things of the modern world, while Dubbilex represented Superboy during a 'parent's' night' for the members of Superboy's first team, Young Justice (The other attendes being Nightwing for Robin, Max Mercury for Impulse, Bonnie King for Arrowette and Helena Sandsmark for Wonder Girl).[3]

Dubbilex gains many friends of his own while in Hawaii. Agent Rex Leech, Rex's daughter Roxy, TV reporter Tana Moon, and Bibbo Bibbowski's white puppy named Krypto.[2] Superboy and most of this group end up operating out of a small, weather-beaten, out of the way house. Dubbilex also helps uncover the nature of Knockout, While Superboy's super-powered girlfriend has fought villains many times, it is revealed, via Dubbilex's powers, that she casually kills an innocent police officer simply because he was in her way.[4]

Once Superboy returned to Cadmus, Dubbilex followed and became the Head of Genetics.[5] Although partly blaming himself for Tana Moon’s death, Dubbilex eventually found a retreat and learned from a monk that Superboy needed to move on with life without his guidance. [6] After Superboy left the Project, Dubbilex has stayed in the background.

Dubbilex, and the rest of Project Cadmus, resurfaced during Countdown Week 32 (September 2007), in an attempt to help Jimmy Olsen with his new superpowers.

Dubbilex seemingly died due to wounds sustained in battle with Codename: Assassin, when the assassin attempted to eliminate anyone affiliated with the truth about Cadmus's cloning experiments. Despite being shot in the head, his unique physiology allowed him to survive long enough for Jimmy Olsen to find him and learn the truth about recent events. In his apparent last words, he asked Jimmy to consider him a man rather than a creation. Olsen comes to believe Dubbilex were murdered as part of a plot to destroy Superman and all other Kryptonians, such as the recently enlarged citizens of the Kandor.[7] He was later proven correct; as 'Assassin' is seen working for Lex Luthor and General Sam Lane, avowed enemies of Kryptonians.

Dubbilex (or a new clone of him) still lives and returned to battle Supergirl.[8]

The New 52Edit

Dubbilex appeared briefly in OMAC Vol. 4 #1 during a scene where Kevin Kho OMAC attack Project Cadmus.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

With powerful psychic abilities, Dubbilex is both telekinetic and telepathic. He is also capable of brain blasts, which can create an extreme amount of pain in an enemy’s head.

In other mediaEdit


Dubbilex first appears in Young Justice episode "Independence Day" Pt. 1 voiced by Phil LaMarr.[9] He is seen as a Genomorph, a type of being that are genetically-created as living weapons, and a member of Project Cadmus in one of its buildings alongside Dr. Mark Desmond, Guardian, and Dr. Amanda Spence. He assists his kind in a rebellion against Mark Desmond's leadership and how they are used as weapons. After Blockbuster is defeated by Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, and Superboy and taken away by the Justice League, Dubbilex remains with Guardian and Dr. Amanda Spence at the Cadmus building. In "Agendas," Dubbilex expresses disappointment that despite no longer being weapons, the Genomorphs are not allowed to leave the labs. He is revealed to have been secretly "liberating" some Genomorphs from Cadmus and building an underground city for them called Genomorph City with the long-term plan of gaining equality with humans on the surface.


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