Keith Champagne (born August 4, 1970) is an American comic artist, who has also moved into writing, and is known for his work at DC Comics.

Keith Champagne
Born (1970-08-04) August 4, 1970 (age 49)
Providence, Rhode Island
Area(s)Writer, Artist, Inker


Keith graduated from Montville High School, Oakdale Connecticut in 1988. He is a 1994 graduate of The Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic art. Keith began working professionally as a comic book inker during his second year at the Kubert School.

Titles he has contributed to (as writer) include: JSA, Green Lantern Corps, and World War III.[1] As an artist/inker, his work has appeared in many titles, most notably JSA, Firestorm, and Superboy.

Recently he wrote Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters, when the license was acquired by Dynamite Entertainment.[2][3]

Upcoming work includes Ghostbusters for IDW Publishing[4] and The Mighty, a creator-owned title for DC Comics, co-written with Peter Tomasi.[5][6]

Keith currently lives in Mansfield Center, Connecticut.


Comics work includes:

  • Aztek (pencils (1) and inks (2-10), with authors Grant Morrison/Mark Millar, DC Comics, 1996, tpb, collects Aztek, the Ultimate Man #1-10, 240 pages, April 30, 2008, ISBN 1-4012-1688-9)[7]
  • World War III #1-2 (script, with pencils by Pat Olliffe and inks by Drew Geraci, 4-issue mini-series, DC Comics, 2007)
  • Countdown: Arena (script, with art by Scott McDaniel, 4-issue mini-series, DC Comics, December 2007)
  • Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters (script, with Tom Nguyen, 4-issue mini-series, Dynamite Entertainment, January 2008)
  • Ghostbusters (script, with art by Tom Nguyen, IDW Publishing)
  • The Mighty (with co-author Peter Tomasi and art by Peter Snejbjerg, 12-issue limited series, DC Comics)
  • WWE Heroes, 7 issue series, Titan Publishing



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