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  • January 2: Fred Harman, American comics artist (Bronc Peeler, Red Ryder), passes away at age 79.[21]
  • January 8: Ray Thompson , American comics artist and illustrator (The Dubble Bubble Kids), dies at the age of 76.[22]
  • January 13: Walter Pogge van Ranken, German novelist and comics writer (Tipp & Tapp [23]), dies at age 68. [24]
  • January 15: Wally Bishop, American cartoonist (Muggs and Skeeter), dies at age 77.
  • January 19: Charles Plumb, American comics artist (Ella Cinders, Chris Crusty), dies at age 81.[25]
  • January 29: John Liney, American comics artist (continued Henry), dies at age 69 or 70.[26]




  • April 2: Birger Malmborg, Swedish comics artist and cartoonist (Götlund), dies at age 72.[32]
  • April 23: Georges Beuville, French illustrator and comics artist (comics based on classic adventure novels), dies at age 80.[33]


  • May 11: Jan Dirk van Exter, Dutch comics artist (Jan Kordaat, Brommy and Tommy), dies at age 66.[34]



  • July 2: Jack Bogle, American animator and comics artist (Felix the Cat comics, Ozzy And His Gym, Dell Comics), dies at age 81.[37]
  • July 6: Warren Tufts, American comics artist (Casey Ruggles, Lance) and animator, dies at the age of 56.[38]
  • July 9: Jehan Sennep, French illustrator, caricaturist, journalist and occasional comics artist, passes away at age 88.[39]
  • July 25: Harold Foster, American comics artist (Prince Valiant, Tarzan) dies at the age of 89.[40]


  • August 15: Ernie Bushmiller, American comics artist (Nancy, continued Fritzi Ritz), dies at age 76.[41]
  • August 18: Carlos Botelho, Portuguese painter, illustrator, caricaturist and comics artist (Punchos de Bronze , Les Aventuras do Zuncha, artista de Circo, Ecos da Semana), dies at age 82. [42]




  • November 8: Marco de Gastyne, French film director, illustrator and comics artist, dies at age 93. [49]

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  • Carl Lyon, Australian comics artist (Tootles, The Eagle, The Astounding Mr. Storm, Tim O'Hara), dies at age 78 or 79.[50]
  • Dan Noonan, American animator and comics artist (assisted on Pogo, made comics for Western Publishing), dies at age 71.[51]
  • H.E. Pease, British comics artist (Professor Jolly and his Magic Brolly, Cas of Cosnem's College, Tich the Tiny Tec), passes away at age 73 or 74.[52]
  • Eric Roberts, British comics artist (Helpful Henry, Dirty Dick, Winker Watson), passes away at age 72.[53]


Eagle AwardsEdit

Presented in 1983 for comics published in 1982:

First issues by titleEdit

DC ComicsEdit

Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew!

Release: March. Writer: Roy Thomas. Artists: Ross Andru, Scott Shaw, and Bob Smith

Daring New Adventures of Supergirl

Release: November. Writer: Paul Kupperberg. Artists: Carmine Infantino and Bob Oksner

The Fury of Firestorm

Release: June. Writer: Gerry Conway. Artists: Pat Broderick and Rodin Rodriguez.

Saga of the Swamp Thing

Release: May. Writer: Martin Pasko. Artist: Thomas Yeates.

Limited seriesEdit

Atari Force: Promos distributed with Atari 2600 video games.

Writers: Gerry Conway and Roy Thomas. Artists: Ross Andru, Mike DeCarlo, and Dick Giordano

Camelot 3000

Release: December. Writer: Mike W. Barr. Artist: Brian Bolland

Marvel ComicsEdit


Release: November by Epic Comics. Writer/Artist: Jim Starlin

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero

Release: June. Writer: Larry Hama. Artists: Herb Trimpe and Bob McLeod

Marvel Fanfare

Release: March. Editor: Al Milgrom

Marvel Graphic Novel: "The Death of Captain Marvel"

Release: January. Writer/Artist: Jim Starlin.

The Mighty World of Marvel vol. 2

Release by Marvel UK: June. Editor: Dez Skinn.

Limited seriesEdit


Release: September. Writer/Artist: Bob Layton.

Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions

Release: June. Writer: Mark Gruenwald. Artists John Romita, Jr. and Bob Layton.

The Vision and the Scarlet Witch

Release: November. Writer: Bill Mantlo. Artists: Rick Leonardi, Ian Akin, and Brian Garvey.


Release: September. Writer: Chris Claremont. Artists: Frank Miller and Josef Rubinstein.

Pacific ComicsEdit

Alien Worlds

Release: December. Editor: Bruce Jones

Ms. Mystic

Release: October. Writer/Artist: Neal Adams

Starslayer: The Log of the Jolly Roger

Release: February. Writer/Artist: Mike Grell

Twisted Tales

Release: November. Editor: Bruce Jones

Other publishersEdit

Destroyer Duck

Release: May by Eclipse Comics. Writer: Steve Gerber. Artist: Jack Kirby
Domino chance
Release: May by Chance Enterprises. Writer/Artist: Kevin Lenagh

Love and Rockets

Release: June by Fantagraphics. Writers/Artists: Los Bros Hernandez


Release: October by Comico.


Release: November by Vortex Comics. Editor: William P. Marks


Release: March by Quality Communications. Writer: Alan Moore. Artists: Garry Leach and Alan Davis

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DC ComicsEdit

Marvel ComicsEdit

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