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The Thunderbolt is both the name of a fictional character appearing in comics published by DC Comics and the name of other fictional genies within the 5th dimension. The primary Thunderbolt is Yz, originally portrayed as a genie-like character who hosts Johnny Thunder and Jakeem Thunder and appeared as an original member of the Justice Society of America.

Thunderbolt (DC Comics).jpeg
Thunderbolt appearing in the cover art of JSA (vol. 1) #21
Art by Alan Davis
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceFlash Comics #1 (January 1940)
Created byJohn B. Wentworth
Stan Aschmeier
In-story information
Alter egoYz
Species5th Dimension Jinn
Team affiliationsJustice Society of America
All-Star Squadron
Justice League
Reality Warping

Publication historyEdit

Thunderbolt (Yz) first appeared in Flash Comics #1, published with a cover date of January 1940, and was created by John Wentworth and Stan Aschmeier.[1][2][3]

Fictional character biographyEdit

Yz is a 5th Dimension Jinn who resided in a pen that was entrusted to Johnny Thunder on his birthday where the Badhnesians would use it to rule the world. This plan was thwarted when Badhnesia was attacked by a neighboring country.[4][5] Later on, Johnny Thunder became aware of Thunderbolt's existence and the summoning word "cei-u."[6]

During Johnny Thunder's time with the Justice Society of America, his control over Thunderbolt was weakening due to a spell cast by Badhnesian priests.[7]

When Johnny Thunder started suffering from symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, he loses track of a pen in which the Thunderbolt is being stored. The pen eventually ends up in the ownership of a young African American boy named Jakeem Williams, who takes up the name Johnny Jakeem Thunder or Jakeem Thunder.[8]

In a later battle with Solomon Grundy, Jakeem unwittingly cures Johnny Thunder of Alzheimer's thanks to Thunderbolt. However, Johnny immediately falls prey to the Ultra-Humanite, who takes over Johnny's body in order to command the Thunderbolt's powers. In the "Stealing Thunder" storyline, Jakeem is one of several heroes left free from Ultra-Humanite's control. Eventually Jakeem wrests control of the Thunderbolt back from Ultra-Humanite, but Johnny Thunder loses his life. Jakeem then wishes that the Thunderbolt could save Johnny somehow, so the genie chooses to merge with Johnny, creating a new being with the memories of both. He later assumes the name Johnny Thunderbolt.[9]

In the "DC Rebirth" reboot, it was mentioned that Johnny Thunder lost Thunderbolt after Joseph McCarthy had him reveal his secret.[10]

Other charactersEdit

Other Thunderbolts:

  • Mzzttexxal is a parasitic energy being from an unknown planet. She bonded with a private detective named Jonni Thunder.[11]
  • Zzlrrrzzzm is a parasitic energy being from an unknown planet and is the lover of Mzzttexxal. He later became bonded to Skyman.[12]
  • Mildred is the Thunderbolt's wife.[13]
  • Shocko is the Thunderbolt's son.[13]

Other characters named Thunderbolt:

In other mediaEdit

Thunderbolt (Yz) appeared in several episodes of the television series Justice League Unlimited, including "Initiation", "The Greatest Story Never Told", and "Destroyer."


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