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Addington ministry

Henry Addington of the Tories was appointed by King George III to lead the government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from 1801 to 1804, serving as an interlude between the ministries of William Pitt the Younger. The Addington ministry is most notable for negotiating the Treaty of Amiens, which marked a brief cessation in the Napoleonic Wars.

Addington ministry
Henry Addington by Beechey.jpg
Addington (1803)
Date formed17 March 1801 (1801-03-17)
Date dissolved10 May 1804 (1804-05-10)
People and organisations
MonarchGeorge III
Prime MinisterHenry Addington
Total no. of ministers11 appointments
Member partyTory Party
Status in legislatureMajority
Opposition partyWhig Party
Opposition leaders
Legislature term(s)
PredecessorFirst Pitt ministry
SuccessorSecond Pitt ministry


Portfolio Minister Took office Left office Party
 Henry Addington*17 March 1801 (1801-03-17)10 May 1804 (1804-05-10)Tory
Lord Chancellor The Lord Eldon14 April 1801 (1801-04-14)7 February 1806 (1806-02-07)Tory
Lord President of the Council The Earl of Chatham21 September 1796 (1796-09-21)30 July 1801 (1801-07-30)Independent
 The Duke of Portland30 July 1801 (1801-07-30)14 January 1805 (1805-01-14)Tory
Lord Privy Seal The Earl of WestmorlandFebruary 1798 (1798-02)February 1806 (1806-02)Tory
Secretary of State for the Home Department The Duke of Portland11 July 1794 (1794-07-11)30 July 1801 (1801-07-30)Tory
 The Lord Pelham of Stanmer30 July 1801 (1801-07-30)17 August 1803 (1803-08-17)Tory
 Charles Philip Yorke17 August 1803 (1803-08-17)12 May 1804 (1804-05-12)Tory
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs The Lord Hawkesbury20 February 1801 (1801-02-20)14 May 1804 (1804-05-14)Tory
Secretary of State for War and the Colonies The Lord Hobart17 March 1801 (1801-03-17)12 May 1804 (1804-05-12)Tory
First Lord of the Admiralty The Earl of St Vincent1801 (1801)1804 (1804)Whig
Master-General of the Ordnance The Earl of ChathamJune 1801 (1801-06)February 1806 (1806-02)Independent
President of the Board of Trade The Earl of Liverpool23 August 1786 (1786-08-23)7 June 1804 (1804-06-07)Independent
President of the Board of Control The Earl of DartmouthMay 1801 (1801-05)July 1802 (1802-07)Tory
 Viscount CastlereaghJuly 1802 (1802-07)1806 (1806)Tory



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Preceded by
First Pitt ministry
Government of the United Kingdom
Succeeded by
Second Pitt ministry