49th Illinois General Assembly

The 49th Illinois General Assembly met from 1915 to 1917. The first session convened on January 6, 1915 and adjourned sine die on June 30, 1915.[1] The first special session convened on November 22, 1915 and adjourned sine die on May 10, 1916.[2] The second special session convened on January 11, 1916 and adjourned sine die on February 14, 1916.[2]

49th Illinois General Assembly
48th 50th
Capitol, Springfield, Illinois LCCN2011633217.tif
Meeting placeSpringfield, Illinois
Term1915 – 1916
Illinois Senate
PresidentBarratt O'Hara, Democratic
President pro temporeStephen D. Canady, Democratic
Illinois House of Representatives
SpeakerDavid Shanahan, Republican

Barratt O'Hara of Chicago was the Lieutenant Governor of Illinois and thus ex officio President of the Senate.[a][3] Stephen D. Canady of Hillsboro was President pro tempore of the Senate.[3] David Shanahan of Chicago was the Speaker of the House of Representatives.[4] Shanahan was made Temporary Speaker on February 16 after 68 ballots[5] and was made full Speaker on February 17 on the first ballot.[6] In the first session 1,548 bills were introduced, of which 293 became law.[7]


Illinois was divided into 51 districts, each of which elected one Senator and three Representatives. Districts were last reapportioned in 1901[8] and would not be reapportioned again until 1947.[9]

The counties of each district were as follows:[10]



There were 51 senators.

Unless otherwise stated, "Chairman of the Committee on X" is abbreviated to "Chairman of X", etc.

Members of the 49th Illinois General Assembly in the Senate by district[11]
District Member Notes
1st George F. Harding Jr., Republican Chairman of Revenue and Finance[12]
2nd Francis A. Hurley, Democratic
3rd Samuel A. Ettelson, Democratic Chairman of License and Miscellany[12]
4th Al F. Gorman, Democratic
5th Morton D. Hull, Republican Chairman of Public Efficiency and Civil Service, Chairman of Rules[13]
6th George W. Harris, Progressive Chairman of Labor, Mines and Mining[13]
7th Frederick B. Roos, Republican Chairman of Executive Committee[14]
8th Albert J. Olson, Republican Chairman of Agriculture, Live Stock and Dairying[14]
9th P. J. Carroll, Democratic
10th Henry Andrus, Republican
11th Percival G. Baldwin, Republican
12th Michael H. Cleary, Democratic
13th John A. Swanson, Republican
14th Thomas B. Stewart, Republican Chairman of Charitable, Penal and Reformatory Institutions[14]
15th John J. Boehm, Democratic
16th Christian Haase, Democratic
17th Edward J. Glackin, Democratic
18th John Dailey, Republican Chairman of Public Utilities[12]
19th John T. Denvir, Democratic
20th Edward C. Curtis, Republican
21st Edward J. Hughes, Democratic
22nd Martin B. Bailey, Republican Chairman of Railroads[15]
23rd Henry W. Austin, Republican
24th Raymond B. Meeker, Democratic
25th Daniel Herlihy, Democratic
26th Noah E. Franklin, Republican
27th John Broderick, Democratic
28th Willis R. Shaw, Democratic
29th Patrick J. Sullivan, Democratic
30th Walter I. Manny, Democratic
31st Willet H. Cornwell, Republican
32nd William A. Compton, Democratic
33rd Frank A. Landee, Republican
34th John R. Hamilton, Republican
35th Adam C. Cliffe, Republican
36th Charles R. McNay, Democratic
37th Clayton C. Pervier, Republican
38th Stephen D. Canady, Democratic
39th Peter E. Coleman, Democratic
40th F. Jeff Tossey, Democratic
41st Richard J. Barr, Republican
42nd F. C. Campbell, Democratic
43rd W. S. Jewell, Republican
44th Kent E. Keller, Democratic
45th Elbert S. Smith, Republican
46th W. Duff Piercy, Democratic
47th J. G. Bardill, Republican
48th J. A. Womack, Democratic
49th Paul W. Abt, Republican
50th D. T. Woodward, Democratic
51st Sam W. Latham, Republican

House of RepresentativesEdit

Prior to the Cutback Amendment in 1980, each district in the Illinois House of Representatives elected three members via cumulative voting. There were 79 Republicans, and the rest were mostly Democrats with a few Socialists and Progressives.[16]

Members of the 49th Illinois General Assembly in the House of Representatives by district[16]
District Member Notes
1st John Griffin, Democratic
William M. Brinkman, Republican
Sheadrick B. Turner, Republican
2nd George U. Lipschulch, Democratic
Frank Ryan, Democratic
John J. Gardner, Republican
3rd John P. Walsh, Democratic
Edward M. Santry, Democratic
Robert R. Jackson, Republican
4th George C. Hilton, Democratic Chairman of To Visit Penal Institutions[17]
Hubert Killens, Democratic
Thomas A. Boyer, Republican
5th Michael L. Igoe, Democratic Chairman of Waterways[17]
Isaac S. Rothschild, Republican
John H. Helwig, Republican
6th Joseph A. Weber, Democratic
Robert E. Wilson, Democratic
William M. Brown, Republican
9th Robert J. Mulcahy, Democratic
Joseph Placek, Democratic
David Shanahan, Republican Elected Speaker
12th Charles F. Franz, Democratic
R. R. Thompson, Democratic
John D. Turnbaugh, Republican
50th James H. Felts, Democratic
Charles Curren, Republican
C.A. Stewart, Republican
51st W.C. Kane, Democratic
Elwood Barker, Republican
Oral P. Tuttle, Republican

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  1. ^ This arrangement was discontinued with the adoption of the current Constitution of Illinois in 1970, effective 1973.


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