47th Illinois General Assembly

The 47th Illinois General Assembly met from 1911 to 1913. John G. Oglesby of Decatur was the Lieutenant Governor of Illinois and thus ex officio President of the Senate.[a] Henry M. Dunlap was President pro tempore of the Senate. Charles A. Adkins of Bement was the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

47th Illinois General Assembly
46th 48th
Capitol, Springfield, Illinois LCCN2011633217.tif
Meeting placeSpringfield, Illinois
Term1911 – 1913
Illinois Senate
PresidentJohn G. Oglesby, Republican
President pro temporeHenry M. Dunlap, Republican
Illinois House of Representatives
SpeakerCharles A. Adkins, Republican


Illinois was divided into 51 districts, each of which elected one Senator and three Representatives. Districts were last reapportioned in 1901[1] and would not be reapportioned again until 1947.[2]

The counties of each district were as follows:[3]

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  1. ^ This arrangement was discontinued with the adoption of the current Constitution of Illinois in 1970, effective 1973.


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