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Stray Kids (Korean스트레이 키즈; RRSeuteurei kijeu; often abbreviated as SKZ) is a South Korean boy band formed by JYP Entertainment through the 2017 reality show of the same name. The group is composed of eight members: Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N. Originally a nine-piece group, member Woojin left Stray Kids due to undisclosed personal reasons in October 2019. The group released their pre-debut extended play (EP) Mixtape in January 2018 and officially debuted on March 25 with the EP I Am Not.[1][2]

Stray Kids
The eight members of Stray Kids, all in black, look forward
Stray Kids in December 2019
From left to right: Lee Know, Han, I.N, Felix, Bang Chan, Hyunjin, Seungmin, and Changbin
Background information
OriginSeoul, South Korea
Years active2017 (2017)–present
Associated acts
  • Bang Chan
  • Lee Know
  • Changbin
  • Hyunjin
  • Han
  • Felix
  • Seungmin
  • I.N
Past members
  • Woojin
Korean name
스트레이 키즈
Revised RomanizationSeuteurei kijeu
McCune–ReischauerSŭt'ŭrei k'ijŭ


2017–2018: Formation through a reality show, debut and I Am series

Logo of Stray Kids

In August 2017, JYP Entertainment (JYPE) officially announced their new reality survival show aiming to launch a male idol debut project. More details and teasers were released in the next two months, including the show's title—Stray Kids.[3][4][5] Prior to its premiere on October 17, JYPE released Stray Kids' first music video for a song titled "Hellevator", which was later released as a digital single. Two members, Lee Know and Felix, were initially eliminated from the group, but all nine members ended up in the final line-up.[6][7][8]

Stray Kids at a fan event in the COEX Live Plaza in January 2018.

Along with the launch of Stray Kids' official website, JYPE announced the release of the group's pre-debut extended play (EP) titled Mixtape. It contains seven tracks co-written and co-composed by the members, including "Hellevator" and other songs that they performed during the show.[9] The EP, along with the performance video of its second track titled "Beware" (Korean: Grrr 총량의 법칙), was released on January 8, 2018, while the performance video of "Spread My Wings" (Korean: 어린 날개) was uploaded online a week later.[1][10][11] It debuted at number 2 on Gaon's Album Chart and Billboard's World Albums chart.[12][13]

On March 5, JYPE announced the debut showcase of the group titled Stray Kids Unveil (Op. 01: I Am Not), which was held on March 25 at Jangchung Arena.[14][15] They officially debuted the next day with the release of their EP titled I Am Not, along with the music video of its title track titled "District 9", while the music video of "Grow Up" and performance video of "Mirror" were released on March 31 and April 23 respectively.[16][17][18][19] I Am Not debuted at number four on Gaon's Album Chart and sold over 54,000 physical copies in March.[20][21]

On April 14, Stray Kids performed at KCON Japan 2018, the group's first overseas performance since debut.[22][23]

On July 12, JYPE announced the group's second showcase titled Stray Kids Unveil (Op. 02: I Am Who), which was held on August 5 at Kyung Hee University's Grand Peace Palace. Their second EP named I Am Who, along with its title track "My Pace", was released the next day.[24][25][26]

On October 4, JYPE announced the group's third showcase titled Stray Kids Unveil (Op. 03: I Am You), which was held on October 21 at Olympic Hall, and followed by the release of their new album EP I Am You the next day.[27]

2019: Showcase touring, Clé series and Woojin's departure

Stray Kids started the year with the continuation of their showcase tour Unveil Tour "I Am..." in the Asia-Pacific, starting on January 19 in Bangkok.[28] The group also hold the national promotional tour Hi Stay Tour in Korea in Busan, Daejeon and Incheon in March and the Finale in Seoul was hold in Olympic Park on April 20.[29]

On March 5, JYPE announced the group's third comeback on March 25, 2019 with the release of their fourth extended play Clé 1: Miroh, in commemoration of the first anniversary of the group's debut.[30] The group earned their first music show win on 4 April on M Countdown for the album's lead single, "Miroh."[31] On June 19, the group released their first special album Clé 2: Yellow Wood, along with title track "Side Effects" (Korean: 부작용) between the American leg and the European leg of their first world tour.[32]

Stray Kids released a digital single titled "Double Knot" on October 9 and also announced their District 9 Unlock World Tour starting from November 23–24 at Olympic Hall, Seoul, South Korea, with their fifth extended play Clé: Levanter, initially announced for release on November 25. However, on October 28, JYPE announced that Woojin had left the group due to personal circumstances, and the release of Clé: Levanter was delayed to December 9 as a result.[33] On November 13, the group released the music video for "Astronaut," their first single without Woojin and as an eight-member group.[34] On December 9, Stray Kids released Cle: Levanter.

Stray Kids hold the Japanese showcase Hi Stay on December 19 at Yoyogi National Gymnasium, Tokyo with 8,000 audience.[35] The group released the digital single titled "Mixtape: Gone Days", the first single of Mixtape Project on December 26.[36]

2020: Japanese debut with SKZ2020, series and All In

Stray Kids' "Top", and its B-side "Slump" featured as theme songs of Tower of God (logo illustrated)

Stray Kids released the first English version of "Double Knot" and "Levanter" as a digital single, titled Step Out of Clé, along with "Double Knot" English version performance video on January 24.[37] They made an official Japanese debut on March 18 with compilation album SKZ2020, with the new record of previous songs and including Japanese version of "My Pace", "Double Knot" and "Levanter" that released as a single before, through Epic Records Japan.[38] The group released the Mixtape Project second digital single titled "Mixtape: On Track" on March 26.[39] On June 3, Stray Kids released their first Japanese single titled "Top" with its B-side "Slump". It was used as the theme song for the anime Tower of God.[40] A Korean version was released on May 13,[41] and an English version on May 20.[42][43] The single debuted atop Oricon Singles Chart, making them the fourth foreign male artist to debut at number one on the chart with their first single in history, after Jang Keun-suk, Exo, and iKon.[44]

On June 17, Stray Kids released their first studio album titled Go Live with the title track "God's Menu",[45] and included the Korean versions of "Top" and "Slump" and previously released singles “Gone Days" and "On Track". Go Live became the group's best-selling album, debuting atop the weekly Gaon Album Chart, and sold 243,462 copies by the end of the month to take number 5 on the monthly Gaon Album Chart.[46] The album then received its platinum certification from the Korea Music Content Association (KMCA) for selling more than 250,000 copies on August 2020, becoming the group's first album to do so.[47] The lead single "God's Menu" became the group's first single to appear on the weekly Gaon Download Chart, debuting at number 144.[48] Three months later, the group released the reissue of their first studio album titled In Life on September 14.[49] During promotions, the group received two music show wins: once on MBC M's Show Champion and once on Mnet's M Countdown.[50][51] The lead single "Back Door" was recognized by Time magazine and included it at number 8 in its list of 10 Best Songs of 2020, becoming the only song from a Korean act on the list, and being described as "an artful Frankenstein that’s as catchy as it is complex".[52]

On November 4, Stray Kids released their first Japanese extended play titled All In with the lead single "All In" and also included the Japanese versions of "God's Menu" and "Back Door", and their first Japanese single "Top".[53] On November 22, they held their first online concert titled "Unlock: Go Live In Life" via Beyond Live and was considered as a continuation of their "District 9: Unlock" tour which faced postponement and cancellation due to concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic. During the concert, the group performed the Korean version of their song "All In" for the first time, which was eventually released on November 26 as a digital single.[54][55]

2021: Kingdom: Legendary War and Noeasy

At the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards, it was announced that Stray Kids would be joining Ateez and The Boyz on the inaugural season of Kingdom: Legendary War, a Mnet boy group competition show.[56] BtoB, iKon and SF9 were later confirmed as participants as well.[57] On May 28, 2021, the group released a song for the final round of the competition titled "Wolfgang", which makes the group's first appearance on the main Gaon Digital Chart with number 138.[58] The group won the program on June 3, awarding them their own reality show as well as a Kingdom Week special show for their comeback.[59]

Stray Kids collaborated with Alesso (pictured) and Corsak in "Going Dumb"

Before the program broadcast, Stray Kids held and broadcast their first official fan meeting, Stray Kids 1st #LoveSTAY 'SKZ-X' on February 20, 2021 via V Live,[60] and their first Japanese fan meeting – STAYing Home Meeting – for the first anniversary of their Japanese debut on March 18.[61] The group collaborated with Swedish producer Alesso and Chinese DJ Corsak to release a song titled "Going Dumb" in Korean version for the mobile game version of PUBG on March 19.[62] The song debuted at number 13 on Billboard's Hot Dance/Electronic Songs, making the group's first appearance on the chart.[63]

Stray Kids surprise-released the third single for their Mixtape Project titled "Mixtape: Oh" on June 26.[64] The song debuted atop Billboard World Digital Song Sales for the first time.[65] The group released their second studio album Noeasy on August 23.[66] It debuted atop Gaon Album Chart,[67] selling over 1.1 million copies as of August 2021, and certifying million by the KMCA,[68] making them first act under JYP Entertainment to sell more than a million copies for an album.[69][70] The lead single "Thunderous" peaked at number 33 on Gaon Digital Chart,[71] and number 80 on Billboard Global 200,[72] and took six wins from music programs.[73] The accompanying music video on YouTube hit 100 million views in 55 days after release, making the group's fifth and fastest 100-million-view music video.[74][75]

The group released their second Japanese single "Scars" / "Thunderous" (Japanese ver.) on October 13.[76] The single entered at number two on both Oricon Singles Chart,[77] and Billboard Japan Hot 100, selling over 180,000 CD copies.[78]


Before the official debut of Stray Kids, the nine members were chosen as new models to endorse Jambangee Jeans in 2018, which was announced on February 13 with the brand's spring collection.[79] On June 26, they were selected as an exclusive model of Ivy Club for the 2018 Fall semester.[80] On July 19, they received for the first set of their CF with Minute Maid Sparkling. Five days after their first CF, they were selected to be promotional models for CGV "Youth Brand Festival" from July 24 to August 31.[81] On September 19, Stray Kids has been chosen as the newest ambassador of Lotte Duty Free. It was announced at Lotte Duty Free's official YouTube and Instagram accounts. On October 16, Stray Kids became the new model of the Korean sportswear brand “Pro-Specs”.[82]

On June 17, 2019, Stray Kids was chosen as the newest ambassador of Talk Talk Korea Contest in 2019,[83] and June 18, they were appointed as an honorary ambassador by the Korean Culture and Information Service, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.[84][85] In November 2020, Stray Kids was chosen to become Shopee Indonesia's brand ambassador for the 11.11 Big Sale and 12.12 Birthday Sale.[86][87] On February 1, 2021, Stray Kids was chosen to become new models of the brand Clio Cosmetics.[88][89] In June 2021, the group was chosen to become new models of the Japanese clothing brand Wego,[90] and the ambassador for the Korea Pavilion of Expo 2020 Dubai.[91] In September, the group chosen to become new models of the cosmetic brand Nacific,[92] and the sub-unit Danceracha (Lee Know, Hyunjin, and Felix) appeared in the campaign for Italian brand Etro's unisex Earthbeat sneaker with 1-minute dance individuality video.[93]


On October 28, 2019, Woojin left the group and terminated his contract due to personal circumstances.[94] On February 27, 2021, Hyunjin went on an official hiatus due to bullying allegations against him,[95] and has resumed the group's scheduled activities starting July of 2021.[96]


Bang Chan, Changbin and Han are also members of songwriting trio 3Racha. All three have participated in the creation of lyrics and composing and are usually credited as the first three lyricists and composers of their discographies. Bang Chan has participated in arrangements.[98][99][100]




Reality shows

Year Title Episodes Network Notes
2017 Stray Kids 10 Mnet
2018 The 9th 4 YouTube, V Live, Naver TV
Intro: I Am Not 2
SK-Talker 7
The 9th: Season 2 5
Intro: I Am Who 2
Stray Kids Amigo TV 3
Two Kids Room 10
SKZ-Talker 42
SKZ Honey-tips 4
The 9th: Season 3 3
Stray Directors 2 SBS TV Appear only Hyunjin and I.N
Intro: I Am You 1 YouTube, V Live, Naver TV
Two Kids Room Vol. 2 10
2019 The 9th: Season 4 5
SKZ-Talker Go! 11
Intro "Clé 1: Miroh" 1
Finding SKZ 7 Mnet
Two Kids Room Vol. 3 10 YouTube, V Live, Naver TV
Intro "Clé 2: Yellow Wood" 1
Two Kids Room Vol. 4 10
ChoiSKZ 3
The 9th: Season 5 4
Two Kids Room Vol. 5 9
Intro "Clé: Levanter" 1
One Kids Room 9
2020 SKZ-Talker Go! Season 2 4
Two Kids Room+1 8
Intro "Go Live" 1
Finding SKZ God Edition 4 Mnet
Two Kids Song 4 YouTube, V Live, Naver TV
Intro "In Life" 2
♥ Kids Room 8
ASMR: 8.01 STAY FM 4 Appear only Felix
2021 SKZ Code 5
Kingdom: Legendary War 10 Mnet
Mysterious Kitchen 3 YouTube, V Live, Naver TV Appear only Lee Know, Han and I.N
All-Night SKZ 3 Appear only Bang Chan, Changbin, Felix and Seungmin
SKZ Camp Song: Howl in Harmony 5
Kingdom Week <No+> 7 Mnet
Intro "Noeasy" 1 YouTube, V Live, Naver TV


Year Title Network
2018 What If You Are A JYP Entertainment's Trainee? Dingo K-Drama
The Reveal Of Secret Diary Of Stray Kids [The Future Diary_EP.05]
2019 Stray Kids Cries At The Mountain Top [The Future Diary_EP.06]

Awards and nominations

Concert tours

Unveil Tour "I Am..." (2019)

Date City Country Venue Attendance Ref.
January 19, 2019 Bangkok Thailand Thunder Dome 4,000[101] [102]
January 26, 2019 Jakarta Indonesia Indonesia Convention Exhibition Hall 3A N/A
February 21, 2019 Melbourne Australia Festival Hall [103]
February 24, 2019 Sydney Big Top Sydney
April 27, 2019 Manila Philippines Araneta Coliseum 7,000 [104]
May 14, 2019 Newark United States New Jersey Performing Arts Center N/A [105]
May 15, 2019
May 17, 2019 Los Angeles Pasadena Civic Auditorium
May 19, 2019 Houston Revention Music Center
July 28, 2019 London United Kingdom O2 Brixton Academy 19,000 [106]
July 30, 2019 Paris France Les Docks De Paris-Pullman
August 2, 2019 Berlin Germany Verti Music Hall
August 4, 2019 Moscow Russia Adrenaline Stadium
September 27, 2019 Yokohama Japan Pacifico Yokohama National Hall N/A [35]
Total 100,000 [107]

Hi-Stay Tour in Korea

Date City Country Venue Ref.
March 15, 2019 Busan South Korea Shinsegae Centum City Mall [29]
March 17, 2019 Daejeon Galleria Department Store
March 22, 2019 Incheon Square1
April 20, 2019 Seoul Olympic Hall

World Tour "District 9: Unlock" (2019–2020)

Date City Country Venue Ref.
November 23, 2019 Seoul South Korea Olympic Hall [108]
November 24, 2019
January 29, 2020 New York United States Hulu Theater
January 31, 2020 Atlanta Fox Theatre
February 2, 2020 Dallas The Theatre at Grand Prairie
February 5, 2020 Chicago Rosemont Theatre
February 7, 2020 Miami Watsco Center
February 9, 2020 Phoenix Comerica Theatre
February 13, 2020 San Jose Provident Credit Union Event Center
February 16, 2020 Los Angeles Microsoft Theater

Concert residencies

Date Title City Country Venue Attendance Ref.
December 3, 2019 Stray Kids Japan Showcase 2019 "Hi-Stay" Tokyo Japan Yoyogi National Gymnasium 8,000 [35]
November 22, 2020 Unlock: Go Live In Life Various (V Live) N/A [54]
February 20, 2021 1st #LoveSTAY 'SKZ-X' [60]
March 15, 2021 STAYing Home Meeting Japan (Smash) [61]


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