Vulture is an American entertainment news website. It is the standalone pop culture section of New York magazine. Its tagline is "Devouring culture".[1]

Editorial directorNeil Janowitz (2015–present)
CategoriesEntertainment journalism
PublisherVox Media
Founded2007; 17 years ago (2007)

History edit

Vulture debuted in April 2007 as an entertainment blog on, the website of New York magazine.[2] Melissa Maerz and Dan Kois were the founding editors.[2][3] The initial focus was television and film news, especially recaps of recent TV episodes.[4][5] Over time, it expanded to publish news and criticism in other areas of high and low culture, such as music, books, comedy, and podcasts.[4]

In the process of spinning off from New York, Vulture's website was redesigned in 2010 from a blog format to look more like a "full-fledged" online magazine.[1][6] Vulture moved to an independent URL/domain,, in February 2012.[7]

The first Vulture Festival, an annual two-day event featuring celebrities from various pop culture fields, took place in New York City in 2014.[8]

Vulture's parent company, New York Media, bought the comedy news site Splitsider from the Awl Network in 2018 and folded some of its coverage and its editor Megh Wright into Vulture.[9]

Vulture became a property of Vox Media when New York Media was acquired by Vox in September 2019.[10]

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