1791 United States House of Representatives elections in Pennsylvania

Elections to the United States House of Representatives were held in Pennsylvania on Tuesday, October 11, 1791, for the 2nd Congress.

United States House of Representatives elections in Pennsylvania, 1791

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All 8 Pennsylvania seats to the United States House of Representatives
  First party Second party
Party Pro-Administration Anti-Administration
Last election 6 2
Seats won 4 4
Seat change Decrease 2 Increase 2



Six Pro-Administration and two Anti-Administration Representatives had been elected on an at-large basis in the previous election. The elections in Pennsylvania were the last elections held for the 2nd Congress, out of the states that were in the Union at the start of the Congress.

Congressional districts


The previous election had been held at-large, but for the 2nd Congress, Pennsylvania divided itself up into 8 districts.

Note: Many of these counties covered much larger areas in 1791 than they do today, having since been divided into smaller counties.

Election Returns


Five incumbents (3 Anti-Administration and 2 Pro-Administration) ran for re-election, four of whom won. The incumbents George Clymer (P) and Henry Wynkoop (P) of the 2nd district and Thomas Scott (P) of the 8th district did not run for re-election.[1] In addition, Frederick A. Muhlenberg switched from Pro-Administration to Anti-Administration. Four Pro-Administration and four Anti-Administration candidates were elected, a net gain of 2 seats for the Anti-Administration Party.

Election data are incomplete for the 1st and 2nd districts and are missing for the 4th and 5th districts.

1792 United States House election results
District Pro-Administration Anti-Administration Other candidates
1st Thomas Fitzsimons (I) 1,291 85.1% Charles Thompson 226 14.9%
2nd Frederick Muhlenberg (I) Dr. Jones[2]
Amos Gregg
3rd Israel Jacobs 1,221 61.2% Peter Muhlenberg (I) 774 38.8%
4th Daniel Hiester (I)
5th John W. Kittera
6th John Allison 1,229 18.3% Andrew Gregg 3,437 51.2%
Thomas Johnston 692 10.3% John McLean 728 10.9%
William Montgomery 623 9.3%
7th Thomas Hartley (I) 2,908 71.1% William Irvine 1,180 28.9%
8th John Woods 1,517 34.8% William Findley 2,839 65.2%

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  1. ^ Residence information from the 1788 results here
  2. ^ Party affiliation and full name unknown