1761 in science

The year 1761 in science and technology involved some significant events, listed below.

List of years in science (table)


Guillaume Le Gentil, who had hoped to observe from Pondicherry in India, is prevented from doing so due to the Seven Years' War and Ruđer Bošković arrives late in Constantinople.


  • Louis Gérard publishes Flora Gallo-Provincialis, the first flora arranged according to natural classification.[1]




  • Leopold Auenbrugger publishes Novum ex Percussione Thoracis Humani Interni Pectoris Morbos Detegendi in Vienna, for the first time advocating percussion of the chest as a diagnostic measure.
  • Giovanni Battista Morgagni publishes De Sedibus et causis morborum per anatomem indagatis ("Of the seats and causes of diseases investigated through anatomy", published in Venice), a pioneering work of anatomical pathology.
  • Samuel-Auguste Tissot publishes Avis au peuple sur sa santé, a popular text of the century.[3]

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