1702 in science

The year 1702 in science and technology involved some significant events.

List of years in science (table)


  • April 20 – Comet of 1702 (C/1702 H1): The 10th-closest comet approach in history, it missed Earth by a distance of 0.0437 AU (6,537,000 km).[1]
  • David Gregory publishes the first textbook, Astronomiae physicae et geometricae elementa, the first astronomy textbook based on Isaac Newton's principles of motions and theory of gravitation.[2][3]


  • A fountain pen was developed by Frenchman M. Bion.[4] (Nicolas Bion (1652–1733) described a fountain pen in a treatise published in 1709; he did not claim to have invented them nor is there any evidence that he made them.)[5]
  • Pierre Varignon applies calculus to spring-driven clocks.



  • April – Clopton Havers, English physician who did pioneering research on the microstructure of bone (born 1657)
  • December 12 – Olof Rudbeck, Swedish physiologist who discovered that the thoracic duct is connected to the intestinal lymphatics (born 1630)


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