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Zhu (Chinese: 杼, also 予, 宁, 佇, or 宇, but read "Zhù" according to Sima Zhen) was the seventh ruler of the semi-legendary Xia dynasty who took the throne in the year of ji si (己巳) and lived in Yuan (now Jiyuan). His father was King Shao Kang and his mother was a daughter of the Chief of Northern Tribe.[1][2][3]

King of China
IssueHuai of Xia
DynastyXia dynasty
FatherShao Kang
MotherDaughter of the Chief of Northern Tribe
ReligionChinese mythology

In the fifth year of his regime he moved his capital from Yuan to Laoqiu (now Kaifeng); in the eighth year he hunted in the East China Sea and invaded Sanshou; in the thirteenth year his Shang vassal Ming died at He. He was also the inventor of armor in Chinese history.

He died in the seventeenth year of his reign. His successor was his son Huai.


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Zhu of Xia
Regnal titles
Preceded by
King of China
1985 BC – 1968 BC
Succeeded by