Sima Zhen (Chinese: 司馬貞; Wade–Giles: Ssu-ma Chen; 679–732), courtesy name Zizheng (Tzu-cheng; 子正), was a Tang dynasty Chinese historian born in what is now Jiaozuo, Henan.

Sima Zhen
Traditional Chinese司馬貞
Simplified Chinese司马贞

Sima Zhen was one of the most important commentators on the Shiji.[1] His commentary is known as the Shiji Suoyin (史記索隱), which means "Seeking the Obscure in the Records of the Grand Historian".[2]


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  • Schwaab-Hanke, Dorothee, Why did Sima Zhen want to correct the Shiji's account of High Antiquity? Paper submitted to the IJSCS Conference 'Thought, Body, Culture. New Approaches to Chinese Historical Studies', to be held at the National Ts'ing-hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan, Nov. 12-14, 2004. Click here for her preliminary draft.

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