Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein (transl. This is desired love) is an Indian Hindi-language drama television series produced by Ekta Kapoor for Star Plus.[1] It is digitally available on Disney+ Hotstar. A spin-off to Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, the show premiered on 19 December 2019 and stars Sargun Kaur Luthra and Abrar Qazi[2][3]

Yeh Hai Chahatein
Yeh Hai Chahatein.jpeg
Created byEkta Kapoor
Written byDheeraj Sarna
Screenplay byShilpa Jathar
Story bySonali Jaffar
Directed by
  • Neeraj Baliyan
  • Khwaja Mughal
  • Vishwankar Pathania
  • Amar Varpe
  • Ranjan Kumar Singh
  • Vikas Rai
  • Aashiesh Paatil
Creative directorShivangi Babbar
Theme music composer
  • Lalit Sen
  • Nawab Arzoo
Opening themeYeh Hai Chahatein
ComposerPamela Jain
Country of originIndia
Original languageHindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes770
  • Maneesh Malik
  • Ashish Sharma
  • Vikas Sharma
  • Vishal Sharma
  • Manas Majumdar
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time22–24 minutes
Production companyBalaji Telefilms
DistributorStar India
Original networkStar Plus
Picture format
Audio formatDolby Digital
Original release19 December 2019 (2019-12-19) –
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A passionate love story between a famous rockstar, Rudraksh Khurana and a gynaecologist, Dr Preesha Srinivasan who fall in love after raising their siblings son together.

Plot & List Of EpisodesEdit

1–50"Glimpse into the lives of Preesha and Rudra, Yuvraj's Murder, Marriage of Preesha-Rudra"
Preesha Srinivasan is raising her nephew, Saransh, after her sister Mahima dies during childbirth. Her son is a fan of Rudraksh "Rudra" Khurana, a rich rockstar who doesn't believe in love and is detested by Preesha. Preesha's friend Yuvraj, a lawyer, fakes being in love with her for a promotion from her father, a judge. After finding out that Saransh is Rudra's nephew, Rajeev's son, Yuvraj blackmails him for money. Yuvraj kills Rajeev and Preesha takes the murder blame that to save him. Rudra vows to take revenge for his brother and finds out the truth of Saransh being Rajeev's son thinking Preesha is the biological mother. In a twist of events, Rudra takes Yuvraj's place on their wedding day and marries Preesha to obtain full custody of Saransh. Preesha is proved innocent and agrees to stay in the Khurana house for Saransh. To stop the child care department from taking Saransh, Rudra and Preesha act as a happy couple.
51–100"Beginning of Preesha-Rudra lovestory, Rudra's transformation into a responsible person"
In the pretense of faking a romance for the sake of everyone and Saransh, they begin to have real feelings for each other. They bond at their friends wedding despite Yuvraj trying to create differences. Rudra helps get Saransh admission in a good school. Saransh is kidnapped, Rudra and Preesha become closer in the process of finding him. Rudra takes care of Preesha when she is injured and helps fight for her when she treats a COVID patient. Rudra is admitted to Saaransh school to continue his education at Preesha's encouragement.
101–150"The Misunderstanding Between Preesha-Rudra"
Rudra keeps failing to express his feeling towards Preesha. Preesha starts questioning her feelings as Rudra keeps doing things that impress her, like defending her family. Rudra and Preesha become popular after doing an interview together. Rudra sees Preesha slapping Yuvraj and asking him to stay away. However Rahul, a music producer, creates a misunderstanding between them making Rudra believe Preesha still loves Yuvraj and is cheating him. They both have a huge fight and Rudra tells Preesha that she will see the full extent of his hatred.
151–200"Rudra Confesses His Love To Preesha"
Due to his love for Preesha, Rudra struggles to keep Preesha away from him even though he tortures her. At his concert Rudra makes Preesha jealous using Keerti, his co-singer. Keerti is murdered, the blame goes on Rudra. Preesha saves Rudra. Rudra finds out Preesha isn't Saaransh's biological mother and Rahul confesses to him that he lied. Rudra goes after Preesha, apologising and confessing his love to her passionately in the rain. He falls at her feet in front of the entire family. They go off for their honeymoon to start their relationship afresh. Their honeymoon is interrupted by the return of evil Mahima, Saransh's mother. Mahima intends to win the custody of Saaransh for his trust fund.
201–250"Return Of Mahima"
Mahima wins the custody. Preesha works with Rudra and Yuvraj to expose her. She pretends to betray Rudra and fakes her marriage with Yuvraj while Rudra pretends to marry Mahima to stop her from leaving with Saransh. Preesha finally confesses her love to Rudra and they share a kiss at Christmas. Mahima finds out about their plan through Yuvraj and continuously destroys the evidence against her. She switches Rudra with a doppelganger, Bhuvan, making Preesha misunderstand that she consummated with fake Rudra which breaks Preesha's heart who then starts hating Rudra. Bhuvan continues to pursue Preesha as Rudra.
251–300"Return of Rudra's Birth Mother"
Balraj learns the truth and is murdered by Mahima and Bhuvan. The real Rudra is arrested. Preesha then realises the imposter did not have real Rudra's birthmark. Mahima is arrested. Rudra and Preesha are finally happy, they share a possessive moment where Rudra pulls her hair, kisses her saying that nobody will separate them again. Rudra later finds his birth mother, Sulochana, and his half-brother Kabir unaware that the two are after the Khurana's wealth. Preesha learns the truth about them, tries to reveal it to Rudra but keeps failing. Meanwhile, Rudra tells Preesha that he wants to have a child with her and tries to find ways for them to become intimate. Kabir tricks Ahana into helping them obtain the property by marrying him to receive custody of Saransh. Kabir has Rudra kidnapped with Mahima's help.
301–350"Rudra-Preesha Move to Goa"
Preesha goes undercover and saves Rudra while Mahima flees. The family moves to Goa. Preesha plots to stop Kabir and Ahana's marriage, she instead has Ahana marry Yuvraj. Ahana flees to London. Rudra becomes upset with Preesha but makes up with her later as he gives her CPR, after saving her from drowning. Mishka and Kabir elope and get married. They obtain custody of Saransh and then later kidnap him. Mishka threatens to blow up herself and Saransh if the police are involved. Rudra manages the situation but things take a tragic turn when Preesha secretly brings the police. Saransh and Mishka are presumed dead. Rudra blames Preesha for Saransh's death. She blames him for not trusting her against his mother and brother earlier. Rudra and Preesha divorce. Rudra promises to never sing again after losing his son. Preesha almost falls off a cliff but is saved by Armaan Thakur. Armaan knows her condition and he brings her and he says to raise his daughter Anvi. Preesha agrees to raise his daughter Anvi and he brings her in Goa.
351–400"Rudra And Preesha get Separated"

6 months later

Preesha is living with Armaan and his daughter, Anvi, in Goa. Rudra works as a manager in a hotel in Delhi, where he meets Armaan's sister, Devika who develops a crush on him. Rudra and Preesha finally meet in Goa. Rudra misunderstands that Preesha is married to Armaan and they have a confrontation at the party where he roughly dances with her. Rudra makes Preesha jealous and proposes to Devika. Preesha is affected by seeing Rudra and Devika, Rudra keeps questioning her if his touch still affects her and to admit she loves him. Goons attack Preesha, Rudra saves her and Armaan catches them in a compromising position. Rudra and Preesha learns that Mishka is still alive with Ahana. While living together to spy on them, Rudra and Preesha remember old times. Ahaana makes up a story and Rudra and Preesha grieve together. Rudra tells her that he still wants them to be together. Armaan and Devika find out about Rudra and Preesha being married. Devika is found dead. Preesha is arrested and Rudra promises to get her out. At the trial, Preesha gets accused of living with Rudra and having an affair with him, killing Devika out of jealousy.
401–450"Rudra And Preesha Remarry Each Other"

Rudra saves Preesha, has his mother Sulochana sentenced. Rudra falls at Preesha's feet begging forgiveness. Armaan takes Preesha to Shimla, spikes her drink to make Rudra misunderstand Preesha. Rudra sets the room on fire and takes Preesha. Drunk Preesha seduces Rudra. Next morning, he pranks her saying they slept together. Armaan and Rudra fight. Rudra gets critically injured on his birthday. Preesha finally confesses she loves him.

Rudraksh orchestrates a fake wedding with Anvi's biological mother and Armaan's wife, Sania to gain information about Saransh. Preesha refuses to believe Rudra moving on. She makes Rudra jealous, seduces him in the men's bathroom. Preesha hires a private investigator and discovers Sania's identity.

Sania manipulates the situation in a way that Preesha misunderstands Rudra. Preesha asks Armaan to marry her to get Rudra to confess. Rudra arrives to stop the wedding telling Preesha he loves her and that their son is alive. She presents Krishna to him and reveals he is Saaransh's showing him his birthmark.

Ahaana and Mishka are arrested. Rudra and Preesha's pre-wedding festivities start off much to Armaan's annoyance. Rudra starts getting suspicious towards Armaan.

At their sangeet, Rudra sings "will you marry me", their special song for Preesha which helps Saaransh remember some things.
451–500"Rudra Becomes A Rockstar Again"

Rudra and Preesha get married twice, South Indian and Punjabi style. Saransh gets his memory back. Preesha has a grand graha pravesh at Khurana house. Armaan sneaks into Khurana house and puts itching powder on their bed. Rudra realises someone has messed with them but refuses to let their wedding night be spoiled. He takes Preesha to their bathroom, they take a shower together. Rudra openly threatens Armaan saying he knows what he's doing. Preesha tells Rudra she wants him to be a Rockstar again. Their lawyers tell them they are legal guardians of Saransh and have managed to get all their property. Rudra and Preesha keep fulfilling their fantasies and role play. Rudra is frustrated as every attempt at intimacy fails. At the press conference, they tell everyone they are happy to be back as a family which makes Anvi jealous. Anvi gets a car to run over Saransh but Sharda saves him and is injured instead.

Mr Ahuja tells Rudra he has to leave for Shimla for his concert tour. Armaan and Sania arrive posing to be fixing their marriage. Armaan tells Mr Ahuja to give him a drink that would damage his voice. Rudra has a panic attack when he loses his voice but Preesha figures it out and gives him the medicine he needs. Rudraksh dedicates a special life song to Preesha and performs brilliantly.

Rudra has a massive argument with Armaan who admits he has been messing with them. He asks Rudra to swap wives for one night which infuriates Rudra. Rudra beats him up in front of everyone and Armaan spikes his drink. Rudra arrives in his room highly upset leaving Preesha confused. They both consummate as she tries to calm him down. Armaan tells Sonia to trap Rudra, she calls him to his room saying Armaan is hurting her. Rudra leaves behind a sleeping Preesha. Armaan and Sania set a trap for Rudra. However Rudra and Preesha end up tricking Armaan and Sania with the help of Mishka and finally get rid of them. Rudra tells Preesha he wants to plan their suhaagraat again since he doesn't remember it and both come up with plans for it. Preesha wears sexy nightwear and handcuffs him, Rudra books a private suite for them where he sings for her, Preesha books a hotel where they role play pretending to be strangers but every plan comically keeps getting interrupted. Rudra and Preesha try to get Mishka and Param, Rudra's new manager, together. Preesha rejoins her hospital and Rudra helps her out.
501–550"Return Of Venky"

Preesha's brother, Venkatesh "Venky" Srinivasan who was missing for ten years, is found. He had attempted suicide due to a false molestation charge and was secretly hidden by GPS. Preesha is happy to have him back but Rudra is suspicious of him. Venky tries to sabotage Param and Mishka's wedding as Mishka was the girl who accused him wrongly. Rudra finds out and warns him. Venky challenges Rudra that Preesha would not believe him. Venky causes differences between Rudra and Preesha but ultimately Rudra exposes him. Preesha apologises to Rudra and asks him to make love to her, they spend the entire night together getting intimate. The next morning a tragedy hits them as Venky kidnaps Saaransh, Rudra gets into a fight with him and Venky is shot. Preesha takes the blame to save Rudra and gets arrested. She gets sentenced to death as Rudra is unconscious. Yuvraj Pillai helps her escape from jail as she is pregnant and they stage her death to save her child. Rudra is made to believe Preesha is dead in a fire just as he goes to rescue her and sinks into depression.

5 years later

Preesha is raising her and Rudraksh's daughter, Ruhi Khurana, meanwhile Rudra has lived with Preesha's memories and has become a cynical alcoholic.
550–600"Rudra And Preesha Meet After 5 Years"
Rudra has to perform at Rohtak where Preesha is hiding with Ruhi, their daughter. Rudra rescues Ruhi who is a great singer like him and they start bonding. Preesha, desperate to see Rudra sneaks into his concert where he catches a glimpse of her before she flees. He escapes to find her and Ruhi rescues him from goons. Ruhi hides Rudra at a cottage behind their house and Rudra asks to meet her mom. Rudra and Preesha both have many hits and misses where they both realise the other is around by their touch. Rudra and Ruhi form a lovely bond as Rudra feels attached to her. Ruhi ends up wanting Rudra as her dad. Bunty finds out Preesha is alive and tells her everything about Rudra trying to find her, she makes him promise not to tell Rudra anything. Yuvraj creates a misunderstanding but Rudra and Preesha end up seeing each other as Rudra rescues Ruhi and himself from a fire and falls into Preesha's arms. Rudra confronts Preesha for hiding from him and she admits she did everything to protect him but he tells her his life is meaningless without her and that he can never let her go. Yuvraj shows up and creates a misunderstanding that Ruhi is his daughter as a result of Preesha cheating on Rudra. Preesha feels pressurised to save Rudra and falls into Yuvraj's manipulation. Rudra becomes furious at Preesha. Ruhi plans to patch up Rudra and Preesha. The three become stuck in a jungle where they spend quality time as a family. Rudra keeps questioning Preesha. Preesha moves to Delhi with Ruhi, working at Khurana school. Rudra spends time with both of them. Rudra and Preesha work together and find out about a scam Bunty orchestrated in need of money. Bunty puts Preesha and Ruhi's life in danger and Rudra rescues them. Saaransh is overwhelmed to find out Preesha is alive. Ruhi needs blood which is the same as Rudra's rare blood group and Preesha finally tells Rudra that Ruhi is their daughter. Rudra saves Ruhi and is furious with Preesha. He asks cops to arrest her as he reveals she is his wife and still alive. Both Saaransh and Ruhi decide to get Preesha out and teach Rudra a lesson for sending their mother to jail.
601–650"Rudra And Preesha Reunite"
Preesha's case reopens and Saaransh hires Vaijanti as her lawyer. Rudra remains angry at Preesha but indulges the children who refuse to talk to him. Preesha gets released on bail and they both get stuck overnight at a hotel. Rudra gets chicken pox, Preesha ties him on the bed against his will. She feeds him, washes him and takes care of him. The children bring Preesha back to Khurana house. During her trial the events of Venky's murder is finally revealed and Vaijanti is arrested. Rudra finds out Preesha was only trying to save him. They all happily reunite. Rudra and Preesha wait to reveal to Ruhi about Rudra being her dad. Rudra takes Preesha out on a grand date. Dev, a bully at school starts harassing Ruhi and Saaransh. Rudra moves Preesha to their room and they get romantic. At Holi, Ruhi finds out that Rudraksh is her father, she makes them promise to never fight again. Yuvraj spikes Preesha's drink. He tries to film a tape with her however Rudra arrives drunk and Yuvraj ends up watching them get intimate. Rudra decides to teach music at Khurana school to spend more time with Preesha and the children. Preesha shows Rudra all the childhood tapes of their daughter. Dev keeps harassing the family and his mother, Revati who is also the police commissioner protects him. Yuvraj reveals to Rudra that Preesha knew he was responsible for Rajeev's murder all these years which causes a fight between Rudra and Preesha after which Yuvraj runs away. Rudra sleeps on the sofa but pretends to be normal in front of the family. Saaransh accidentally pushes Dev off a building while protecting Ruhi, which leads to Dev's death. Rudra and Preesha panic and decide to hide Dev's body together to protect their family.
651–700"Preesha Gets Pregnant"

Rudra and Preesha keep having differences while trying to hide Dev's body. Revati suspects them. Sharda finds out and helps them hide the body to protect their family. Preesha keeps trying to fix problems between her and Rudra, they make each other jealous. Rudra tells her he loves her but cannot forgive her but they keep acting happy in front of the children. Revati finds Dev's body and takes the Khurana family under custody for questioning. Rudra gets beaten up and Ruhi confesses everything. Preesha ends up saving Rudra as she finds out Dev was murdered by Revati's husband. Ruhi wants Rudra and Preesha to marry again on their wedding anniversary and they reluctantly agree for the children's happiness. Revati wants to take revenge from them and keeps sabotaging the wedding functions but it keeps bringing Rudra and Preesha closer. Preesha keeps seducing Rudra and tries to get intimate but he admits it's only physical attraction and getting intimate won't fix their problems. Saaransh talks to Rudra who realises that he must forgive Preesha. Rudra dedicates a song and speech for Preesha on their sangeet and gets electrocuted but Preesha saves him by giving him CPR. They make up and get happily married. Preesha finds out about Revati and plans to expose her. Revati challenges Preesha who faints and finds out she's pregnant again. Rudra is ecstatic to find out about having another baby and fulfils all of Preesha's pregnancy cravings. Revati threatens Preesha she would take her child. Rudra and Preesha start attending Lamaze classes for Rudra to learn how to take care of a baby. Revati keeps causing problems as Preesha tries to expose her. Armaan returns and lies to Preesha about being terminally sick. Rudra and Preesha fight about Armaan but they forget about it as they feel their baby kick of the first time. Rudra takes care of Preesha throughout the pregnancy as months pass and they are excited to welcome a baby. Nine months later

At Preesha's baby shower, she plans to lie to Revati about the baby dying. Preesha goes into labour and Rudra stays in the room with her. However Revati and Armaan come up with a plan by poisoning Rudra and Preesha that leads to their newborn son being kidnapped. Rudra and Preesha have a fight about losing their baby which they immediately regret. Before Rudra finds Preesha, Armaan drugs and kidnaps her leaving a letter for Rudra.

1 year later

Rudra is devastated and keeps searching for Preesha. Ruhi takes care of a depressed Rudra while Saaransh is angry at him as he overhead the fight between Rudra and Preesha where Rudra in a moment of anger questioned why Preesha would sacrifice their real son for Saaransh. It is revealed that in Mumbai, Armaan has drugged Preesha making her lose her memory and hypnotised her to believe that Rudra forcefully married her and their marriage was abusive, he tried to kill her. Preesha gets violent fits every time she hears Rudra's name. She does not allow anyone to touch her. Rudra and Preesha subconsciously miss each other.
701–750"Preesha Loses Her Memory"
Preesha goes to Delhi for Pihu's admission in the same college as Raj and Vidyut, Rudra's cousins. Rudra and Preesha keep having hits and misses. Rudra gets his private investigator to investigate Armaan for Preesha's disappearance. Ruhi and Saaransh both find Preesha and are upset when she doesn't recognise them. They start investigating and Rudra gets suspicious. Rudra and Preesha keep meeting at night at a tea stall but don't see each other. The children find out about Preesha who feels a connection with Ruhi. Armaan lies to them and says Rudra is responsible for Preesha's memory loss and she would die if she meets Rudra. Ruhi does not believe Armaan and plans to unite her parents. Rudra and Preesha finally meet at the police station and Rudra is shocked to see Preesha's violent behaviour towards him and thrashes Armaan. Ruhi tells Rudra that Preesha doesn't hate him but has lost her memory. Rudra promises the children that he will bring his wife back home. Rudra follows Preesha to Shimla. Armaan drugs both Rudra and Preesha getting them to share a bed and blames Rudra. Rudra secretly orchestrates a medial checkup for Preesha and finds out from her brain scan that drugs have affected her brain. Rudra suspects Armaan and with the help of the kids disguises as a old gardener and moves in with Preesha. Rudra and the kids start recreating old memories to help Preesha remember. Preesha let’s Rudra help her with her wardrobe malfunction and does not react violently towards him even when he’s in close proximity.
Rudra manages to swap the medicines and gets Armaan arrested briefly. Pihu finds out the truth about Rudra and Preesha.



  • Sargun Kaur Luthra as Dr. Preesha Rudraksh Khurana: Gynaecologist; Rudraksh's wife; Ruhi's mother; Saransh's aunt and adoptive mother; Vasudha and Gopal's younger daughter; Venky and Mahima's sister, Vaijyanti's cousin sister (2019–present)
    • Dr. Priya Sharma (Fake Name) (2021-2022)
  • Abrar Qazi as Rudraksh "Rudra" Balraj Khurana: A rock star; Preesha's husband; Ruhi's father; Saransh's uncle and adoptive father. Sulochana and Balraj's younger son; Sharda's step-son; Rajeev's brother; Kabir's half-brother (2019–present)
    • Bhuvan Garg: Sonia's brother; Rudraksh's lookalike (2021)
  • Krish Chugh as Saransh Rajeev Khurana: Mahima and Rajeev's son; Preesha and Rudraksh's nephew and adopted son; Ruhi's cousin and adopted brother (2021–present)
    • Vidhaan Sharma / Yagya Bhasin / Ali Dhuru as Child Saransh Khurana (2019–2021)
  • Swarna Pandey as Ruhi Rudraksh Khurana: Preesha and Rudraksh's daughter; Saransh's cousin and adoptive sister (2021–present)


  • Indira Krishnan as Vasudha Srinivasan: Gopal's wife; Venky, Mahima and Preesha's mother; Saransh and Ruhi's maternal grandmother (2019–present)
  • Vijay Kashyap / Gulshan Pandey as Gopal Srinivasan: Retired Judge; Vasudha's husband; Venky, Mahima and Preesha's father; Yuvraj's ex-mentor; Saransh and Ruhi's maternal grandfather (2019–present)
  • Mallika Nayak as Sharda Khurana: Balraj's widow; Rajeev and Rudraksh's step-mother; Saransh and Ruhi's step-grandmother (2019–present)
  • Prince Mahajan as Venkatesh "Venky" Srinivasan: Vasudha and Gopal's long-lost son; Mahima and Preesha's brother; Vaijyanti's cousin (2021) (dead)
  • Krutika Desai as Advocate Vaijyanti Srinivasan: Gopal's niece; Venky, Mahima and Preesha's cousin (2021–2022)
  • Aishwarya Khare as Mahima Srinivasan: Vasudha and Gopal's elder daughter; Venky and Preesha's sister; Vaijanti's cousin sister; Rajeev's lover; Saransh's mother; Preesha's rival (2019–2021)
  • Sidharth Shivpuri as Advocate Yuvraj Pillai: Gopal's former employee; Preesha's ex-fiancé; Ahana's former husband (2019–2022)
  • Poorva Gokhale as Commissioner Revati Choudhary: Rakesh's wife; Dev and Aliya's mother (2022)
  • Jeevansh Chadha as Vidyut Rohira: Rudraksh's cousin (2022–present)
  • Milind Manek as Raj Bansal: Rudraksh's cousin (2022–present)
  • Nitin Bhatia as Bhairavnath "Bunty" Gupta: Bubble's husband; Rudraksh's friend (2019–2022)
  • Jyoti Negi as Ankita "Bubble" Gupta: Bunty's wife; Preesha's friend (2019–2022)
  • Anjali Mukhi as Sulochana Khurana: Balraj's first wife; Kabir, Rajeev and Rudraksh's mother; Saransh and Ruhi's grandmother (2019–2021)
  • Satyajit Sharma as Balraj Khurana: Sulochana's former husband; Sharda's husband; Kabir's step-father; Rajeev and Rudraksh's father; Saransh and Ruhi's grandfather (2019–2021) (dead)
  • Indraneil Sengupta as Rajeev Khurana: Sulochana and Balraj's elder son; Kabir's half-brother; Rudraksh's brother; Mahima's lover; Ahana's husband; Saransh's father (2019–2020) (dead)
  • Aishwarya Sakhuja as Ahana Singhania: Niketan's daughter; Mishka's sister; Rajeev's widow; Yuvraj's former wife (2019–2021)
  • Tanu Khan as Mishka "Mish" Singhania: Niketan's daughter; Ahana's sister; Kabir's former wife; Param's fiancée (2019–2021)
  • Puvika Gupta as Anvi Thakur: Sanya and Armaan's daughter (2021)
  • Himani Sahani as Devika Thakur: Armaan's sister (2021) (dead)
  • Sonal Vengurlekar as Sanya Dubash Thakur: Armaan's former wife; Anvi's mother (2021)
  • Altamash Faraz as Armaan Thakur: A rich businessman; Devika's brother; Sanya's ex-husband;Pihu's cousin; Anvi's father (2021–present)
  • Karan Kaushal Sharma as Digvijay Thakur: Kanchan's husband; Pihu's father; Armaan and Devika's uncle (2021–present)
  • Unknown as Kanchan Thakur: Digvijay's wife; Armaan and Devika's aunt; Pihu's mother (2022–present)
  • Pragati Chourasiya as Pihu Thakur: Digvijay and Kanchan's daughter; Armaan and Devika's cousin sister (2022–present)
  • Khatija Iqbal as Kaveri Dubey: Surya's girlfriend; Rudraksh's fake girlfriend (2019–2020)
  • Rupesh Kataria as Suryadhar "Surya" Raina: Kaveri's boyfriend (2019–2020)
  • Mridula Oberoi as Inspector Saachi Chautala: Armaan's friend (2021-present)
  • Bikramjeet Kanwarpal as Niketan Singhania: Ahana and Mishka's father (2020)
  • Priyanka Choudhary as Keerti Jain aka Kittu: Sharda's friend's daughter (2020) (dead)
  • Upen Chauhan as Rahul Arora: Rudraksh's business rival; Neerja's husband (2020)
  • Melanie Pais as Neerja Arora: Rahul's wife; Preesha's friend (2020)
  • Shabaaz Abdullah Badi as Arjun Verma: Mahima's former boyfriend (2020)
  • Trupti Mishra as Sonia Garg: Bhuvan's sister; Rudraksh's obsessed fan (2021)
  • Kushansk Arora as Kabir "Kabby" Khurana: Sulochana's son; Balraj's step-son; Rajeev and Rudraksh's half-brother; Mishka's former husband (2021)
  • Saksham Vasu as Sunny Bhattacharya: Saransh's imposter mentored by Yuvraj (2021)
  • Ankur Verma as Param Aneja: Rudraksh's friend; Mishka's fiancé (2021)
  • Unknown as Vidhi Aneja: Param's niece; Saransh's friend (2021)
  • Yajuvendra Singh as Rakesh Choudhary: Revati's husband; Dev and Aliya's father; a rich business tycoon (2022)
  • Maisha Dixit as Aliya Choudhary: Revati and Rakesh's daughter; Dev's sister; Saransh's best friend (2022)
  • Yash Acharya as Dev Choudhary: Revati and Rakesh's son; Aliya's brother; Ruhi and Saransh's bully and enemy (2022) (dead)
  • Juhi Singh Bajwa as Nalini Sinha: Rakesh's girlfriend (2022)
  • Preeti Chaudhary as Vanshika Chaudhary: Rudraksh's secretary and friend (2022–present)
  • Pulkit Mahendra as Veer (2022–present)



Development and premiereEdit

In June 2017, producer Ekta Kapoor revealed her plan for a spin-off of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein however stated, "I wanted to make a spin off of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein but it's not working out with the story line."[5] The reports of the spin-off in making was then announced in April 2018.[6] It was supposed to premiere in the same year but was delayed as the story was not finalized.[7] Then, it was reported to premiere in June 2019 and the casting for it was going on while Aakanksha Singh and Karan Vohra were reported as the leads.[8][7] But it was scrapped in July 2019.[9] In September 2019, the series was revived and fresh casting sessions began.[10] Sargun Kaur Luthra was cast as Dr. Preesha Srinivasan and Abrar Qazi was cast as Rudraksh Khurana.[11] Talking about the series, producer Ekta Kapoor said "Yeh Hai Chahatein deals with another social issue. It's often said that it's easier for men with children to get married again, but very tough for a woman with a child to find a suitable groom."[12]


The first promo of the series was released on 27 November 2019 where Sargun Kaur Luthra and Vidhaan Sharma were introduced by Divyanka Tripathi and Karan Patel as Dr. Preesha Srinivasan and Saransh Khurana.[13] The next promo was released on 16 December 2019 featuring Abrar Qazi, Luthra and Vidhaan Sharma. The series premiered on 19 December 2019 on StarPlus.[14]


Sargun Kaur Luthra was selected to play Dr. Preesha Srinivasan's character.[15] Karan Wahi was approached to play Rudraksh Khurana, but Abrar Qazi was signed by the production team.[16] Zebby Singh was potentially going to play Yuvraj Pillai before the role went to Siddharth Shivpuri.[17] Parul Chauhan was supposed to play Ahana, but Aishwarya Sakhuja replaced her.[18] When the shooting resumed after the COVID-19 outbreak, in early July 2020, Vidhaan Sharma was replaced by Yagya Bhasin as Saaransh and Gulshan Pandey replaced Vijay Kashyap as Gopal.[19]

Luthra stated that she took inspiration from Neena Gupta for her role.[20] Talking about playing a mother for the first time, she said, "When I was told that I will be playing a mother, I wasn't apprehensive at all. My only worry was that i am very young and I had to look mature on the screen which was a challenge. The team has helped me a lot to help me look a certain age and moreover with my body language to portray this character. Even Vidhaan (my on-screen son), has helped bring out the best in me. More than mother-son, we are like friends off the screen."[21]

Sakhuja was brought in for the negative role of Ahana which is her first negative role. Speaking about it she said, "I have auditioned for a lot of Balaji shows and whenever I auditioned for negative roles I was told I look very positive. So, when I bagged this role, I asked them why now? They said eventually you will get to know as to why we have chosen you, and I understand because they like to surprise their audience and that's exactly what they are doing. I was figuring how to go about it, but my team is helping. After every two sentences out of habit, I go into the positive zone but I have people to handhold me and help me."[22]

In May 2021 Mister Supranational India Altamash Faraz was cast as Armaan Thakur.[23]


Set in Delhi, the series is mainly filmed in Film City, Mumbai. On 3 August 2020, the shoot could not happen due to heavy rains in Mumbai and was cancelled.[24]

On 13 April 2021, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray announced a sudden curfew which would be beginning from 15 April. On 14 April, Ekta Kapoor and Balaji Telefilms decided to move all their shows' shooting to their sets at Goa.[25]


The production and airing of the show was halted indefinitely in late March 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak in India.[26] The series was expected to resume on 1 April 2020 but could not and the series was last broadcast on 24 March 2020 airing its remaining episodes.[27][28][29] After three months, the filming of the series resumed on 27 June 2020 while the broadcast resumed on 13 July 2020.[30][31]

Television specialEdit

Ravivaar With Star Parivaar (2022)Edit

The cast of Yeh Hai Chahatein went on to participate in Ravivaar With Star Parivaar, a musical competition wherein eight StarPlus shows competed against each other to win the title of "Best Parivaar".[32] It was eliminated in Week 7 at 8th place.[33]


Language Title Original release Network(s) Last aired Notes
Hindi Yeh Hai Chahatein
ये है चाहतें
19 December 2019 StarPlus Ongoing Original
Kannada Manasella Neene
ಮನಸೆಲ್ಲಾ ನೀನೇ
7 December 2020 Star Suvarna Remake




In week 52, 2020 it was at nineteenth position with 4.08 million impressions in Hindi GEC urban.[34] In week 3, 2020 it occupied twentieth position with 3.70 million impressions.[35] In week 9, 2020 it garnered 4.52 million impressions occupying fifteenth position in urban Hindi GEC.[36] In week 46, 2020 it became the fifth most watched Hindi GEC for the first time in urban, with 5.04 million impressions and a TRP of 2.0.[37][38] In week 9, 2021 it spiked to 2.7 TRP, occupying sixth position.


The first episode of the show in its debut week was watched by 52.7 K viewers being the most watched Indian television show in UK on the day.[39] The show again became the most watched on 16 January 2020 with 76.5K viewers.[40] The show became the most watched show with 61.5 K viewers on 6 March 2020.[41] On 18 August 2020, it became the most watched show with the viewership of 70.1 K.[42] It become second most watched show on 4 December 2020 with 71.6 K viewers.[43] The series crossed 100 K viewers for the first time on 25 January 2021 with 105.1 K viewers being the second most watched show.[44]

Awards and nominationsEdit

Year Award Category Recipient Result Ref
2022 Indian Television Academy Awards Best Actor in Lead Role (Popular) Abrar Qazi Nominated [45]
Best Actress in Lead Role (Popular) Sargun Kaur Luthra
Best Television Show - Fiction (Popular) Ekta Kapoor
14th Gold Awards Best Actor in Lead Role (Popular) Abrar Qazi TBA [46][47]
Best Actress in Lead Role (Popular) Sargun Kaur Luthra
Best Onscreen Couple Abrar Qazi & Sargun Kaur Luthra
Best TV Show (Fiction) Ekta Kapoor
Best Director Neeraj Baliyan
Best Child Artist (Female) Swarna Pandey
Best Actor in Supporting Role (Female) Mallika Nayak
Best Actor in Negative Role (Male) Sidharth Shivpuri


Yeh Hai Chahatein
Original Sound Track[48]
Soundtrack album by
Lalit Sen and Nawab Arzoo
Released19 December 2019
LabelStar India
ProducerEkta Kapoor

Yeh Hai Chahatein's soundtrack is composed by Lalit Sen and Nawab Arzoo. They had composed the original songs and the background score for the show. Yeh Hai Chahatein, the title song of the show is sung by Palak Muchhal and Siddharth Slathia.

1."Yeh Hai Chahatein" (Male)Siddharth Slathia3:00
2."Yeh Hai Chahatein (Version 2)" (Male)Siddharth Slathia2:31
3."Yeh Hai Chahatein (Version 3)" (Male)Siddharth Slathia1:41
4."Yeh Hai Chahatein" (Female)Palak Muchhal1:42
5."Yeh Hai Chahatein" (Duet)Siddhath Slathia
Palak Muchhal
6."Yeh Hai Chahatein" (Sad)Pamela Jain1:35
7."Rishtey Apne Pan Ke" (Male)Siddharth Slathia2:21
8."Rishtey Apne Pan Ke (Version 2)" (Male)Siddharth Slathia1:58
9."Rishtey Apne Pan Ke" (Female)Pamela Jain1:00
10."Will You Marry Me"Siddharth Slathia2:34


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