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Wikipedia in the news

Wikipedia "bans" Breitbart

Photograph of Andrew Breitbart shrugging while speaking at an event
Fake news?

Vice, PC Magazine, American Libraries magazine, The David Pakman Show, and others covered the English Wikipedia community's decision not to allow Breitbart News sourcing. On October 3, Breitbart called themselves "blacklisted" but of course we can't link the article for The Signpost because... well, the site is on the blacklist. — B

Wikipedia's celebrity

Steven Pruitt (Ser Amantio di Nicolao) is currently Wikipedia's top editor, with over 2.7 million edits. He has fairly consistently attracted media coverage, including being named one of the top 25 most influential people on the internet in 2017, by Time. Pruitt was recently flung into the limelight yet again, with a series of prominent newspapers reprinting a piece originating with The Washington Post. — E

Jimbo Wales lays off his journalists

John Enoch, reporting for The Times (paywall) tells of Jimbo Wales firing the reporters of his WikiTribune, the place for "news by the people and for the people", after only one year of publication.

Nine million broken links, fixed

Official logo and wordmark of the Internet Archive

An article in TechCrunch reports on the collaboration of volunteers from the Internet Archive succeeding in repairing 9 million broken links. Maximilian Doerr and Stephen Balbach created software tools, including IAbot, to automate correction of 6 million links. Other Wikipedia volunteers fixed 3 million more by manually linking to Internet Archive.

In brief

Screenshot of the main page with red graffiti reading "wiki vANdAL" superimposed over it along with a red spraypaint canister in the bottom-right
Clip art icon of a clapperboard with a vampire smiley on it
Don't watch this – read about it!

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