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The Peer review process for WikiProject Video games exposed video-game-related articles to closer scrutiny from a broader group of editors, and was intended for high-quality articles that had already undergone extensive work, often as a way of preparing a featured article candidate. It was not academic peer review by a group of experts in a particular subject, and articles that underwent this process should not be assumed to have greater authority than any other. The process was closed in July 2011 in favor of the general Wikipedia-wide peer review process.

Nominators are strongly encouraged to make use of the "Everyday life" section of the Peer review volunteers page, which lists users who are willing to be contacted on their user talk pages for review participation. The revision history of related articles may also be consulted to find editors to help with review.

For feedback on articles that are less developed, use the article's talk page or requests for feedback.

For video-game-related editing advice, see the article guidelines of the VG WikiProject. For general editing advice, see Wikipedia style guidelines, Wikipedia how-to, "How to write a great article", and "The perfect article".

Nomination procedure

Anyone can request peer review. Users submitting new requests are encouraged to review an article from those already listed, and encourage reviewers by replying promptly and appreciatively to comments.

To add a nomination:

  1. Add the parameter peer=yes to the {{WikiProject Video games}} template on the article's talk page, creating a peer review notice to notify other editors of the review.
  2. Within the notice, click on the bold link that appears to open a page to discuss the review of your article.
  3. Place ===[[ARTICLE NAME]]=== at the top.
  4. Below it, write your reason for nominating the article and sign by using four tildes (~~~~). Remember to note the kind of comments/contributions you want, and/or the sections of the article you think need reviewing.
  5. Place {{Wikipedia:WikiProject Video games/Peer review/ARTICLE NAME}} at the top of the list of nominees on this page.
  6. List the request on the to do list, so that it shows up on {{WikiProject Video games}}.
  7. WikiProject Video games is currently in a trial period of a peer review cross-listing partnership with WikiProject Military history, to improve the quality of reviews. To invite MILHIST participation in a VG peer review, please post the following boilerplate at WT:MILHIST: {{subst:Wikipedia:WikiProject Military history/Coordinators/Toolbox/Partner peer review notice|Name of article|Raw link to review|Video games}} ~~~~
  8. Consult the volunteers list for assistance if desired.

How to respond to a request

  • Review one of the articles below. If you think something is wrong, or could be improved, post a comment in the article's section on this page. If you create a subsection within a review for your comments, please do not link your username: it is easily confused with an article title.
  • Feel free to correct the article yourself.

How to remove a request
You may remove to the VG Peer review archive any

  • inactive listings or listings older than one month,
  • inappropriate or abandoned listings (where the nominator has not replied to comments)
  • articles that have become featured article candidates

After removing the listing, replace peer=yes with old-peer=yes in the {{WikiProject Video games}} template on the article's talk page.

How to resubmit a request
If your request has been removed, please feel free to renominate it for peer review at a later time:

  1. Move the old peer review page to [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Video games/Peer review/ARTICLE NAME/Archive1]], or the next open archive.
  2. Edit [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Video games/Peer review/ARTICLE NAME]], removing the redirect, and leaving [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Video games/Peer review/ARTICLE NAME/Archive1]] as a link to the archived discussion.
  3. Update the article talk page and the peer review archive to reflect the new link to the archived peer review
  4. Place {{Wikipedia:WikiProject Video games/Peer review/ARTICLE NAME}} at the top of the list of nominees below.


This peer review discussion has been closed.

Sleeping Dogs (video game)Edit

Sleeping Dogs (originally: True Crime: Hong Kong and Black Lotus) is an open world action-adventure video game developed by United Front Games in conjunction with Square Enix London Studios and published by Square Enix for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. It was released on September 27, 2012 in North America; September 27, 2012 in Japan; August 17, 2012 in Europe; and on August 16, 2012 in Australia.

Set within the fictionalized version of Hong Kong, the single-player story follows Wei Shen, an officer of the San Francisco Police Department, who had been seconded to the Hong Kong Police Force. Wei has been assigned by the Organized Crime and Triad Bureau to go undercover and infiltrate the Triad society, gather information on Sun On Yee (the equivalent of the real-life Sun Yee On) and take them down.

Sleeping Dogs received generally positive reviews upon release, with many critics praising its open-world, gameplay, voice acting and sound design, but was criticized by some reviewers, who often commented on the game's poor graphics and stiff animations. The game went on to sell 1.50 million copies worldwide within less than a year of its release.

I believe this article is fantastic and well-written. I would really appreciate any reviews/opinions on the page, specially on the lead section, downloadable content, and development sections. URDNEXT talk URDNEXT (talk) 17:55, 7 June 2014 (UTC)


I've been following the events of a new video game development company called Zojoi, LLC which has acquired many of the old ICOM Simulations intellectual properties. After noticing a severe lack of information regarding ICOM Simulations and Zojoi on Wikipedia, I decided to do some research into various different sources to try and get some information about Zojoi and the games they are working on.

After editing a few other pages that already existed to try and fill in some blanks and tidy up, I made an entirely new page from scratch and built it using as much detailed, verifiable, notable, and neutral information as possible. It's the first time I've ever undergone building a Wikipedia page of this scale from scratch, and I want to make sure I did it right. This is why I'm requesting peer reviews from the WikiProject Video Games to see if this page is any good or not. If it needs more work, I'd love to know what so I can try and make some fixes. Likewise, if there are some things done exceptionally well, I'd love to know what I did right too. And since this entire page was just built from scratch, I guess everything on this page needs reviewing since its brand new.

The last time I tried making a new page, I got a lot of feedback saying I didn't follow procedures or what not, and since it had been a while since I did a lot of major work on Wikipedia, I guess I wasn't aware of new policies and changes to existing ones which caused work I did to be deleted (or at least nominated for deletion if they haven't been deleted yet). But I've done my best to try and abide by the guidelines and get as much information as I can. I think there's a lot of promise from this new company, and given the pedigree of its founders, I expect good things from them.

Please be kind and thank you very much for your help. OtakuMan (talk) 10:15, 18 October 2012 (UTC)

  • Hi. Just letting you know that the Video Games Peer Review sector is now inactive. So I think you should move this review to Wikipedia:Peer review. GamerPro64 14:19, 18 October 2012 (UTC)
    • Thanks for the response. How should I go about submitting this to the Wikipedia:Peer review page? Is there anything special I need to do for it?

OtakuMan (talk) 18:39, 18 October 2012 (UTC)

Wikipedia:Peer review articlesEdit

The following video-game-related articles are transcluded here from standard peer review.