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Welcome to the WikiProject Video games Reference library of magazines, books, websites, and other publications. It is designed to help editors find sources for previews, development history, critical reviews, or other video game information that has been published in reliable sources. This project especially aims to help editors with articles concerning old games, released before the full advent of the internet for game coverage.

Instructions for usersEdit

If you find a relevant match, then check on the right to see which project members have a copy. Contact that user on his or her talk page and hopefully they will be able to send you the appropriate information.

You can also create a keyword search of the Library in Firefox:

  1. Bookmark this page
  2. Right-click the bookmark and select "Properties"
  3. Change the name to "WP:VG mag search".
  4. Change the keyword to "vgm".
  5. Now you can type something like "vgm Max Payne" in the Firefox address bar to search all the different magazines that have articles so you don't have to browse all the different magazine pages.

Instructions for contributorsEdit

Anyone may contribute to the project. If you know of an online source for transcriptions or scans of print sources, please add them under #Online resources. If you own or have access to print material, please add them to the appropriate subpage under #Print resources. All books currently share a page, while subpages for strategy guides are listed alphabetically by publisher and magazines are listed alphabetically by publication name. Add your personal archives to the appropriate subpages linked below and follow the general format of the table. Remember to add your username into the contact field for copies you own, be thorough when checking your archives, and be sure to wikify game titles.

Requesting additional resourcesEdit

Editors can request access to specific articles or books or information on a specific topic at Wikipedia:WikiProject Resource Exchange/Resource Request. It may also be helpful to post requests at WT:VG.


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Video Games Reference library Project.

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Online resourcesEdit

The following list includes links to websites that may contain articles on video games, including ones originally published in magazines.

Online print archiveEdit

See the full archive

Web archiveEdit

See the full archive
  • Websites that once published video game articles but are now offline, as well as reorganized or redirected sites, are now listed on a convenient project page. Please also list methods of retrieving old content.


  • The Online Books Page includes a number of links to videogame-related books available online. See subjects: Computer Games, Video Games.
  • Well Played 1.0: Video Game, Value and Meaning by Drew Davidson et al. A CC-distributed book that is an "in-depth close readings of video games that parse out the various meanings to be found in the experience of playing a game".
  • Halcyon Days by James Hague. Interviews with classic video games programmers about their more prominent games. Originally digitally distributed via html files on diskettes and later published with the book Programmers at Work. A free version exists here.
  • Doom: Scarydarkfast by Dan Pinchbeck. Published on paper by University of Michigan Press, but also available for free online. Mainly focuses on Doom, but also contains some general information about video game industry of the early 90's.
  • The Addison-Wesley Book of Atari Software 1984 by Jeffrey Stanton, Robert P. Wells, Sandra Rochowansky, and Michael Mellin. Published on paper by Addison-Wesley, but available in full on the Internet Archive in multiple formats (including a text-only version, possibly suitable for a bot). Contains 400 pages of reviews for Atari software, including 200 pages of games reviews.


Platform specificEdit

Print resourcesEdit


A large collection of scanned magazines is available at the Internet Archive's Computer Magazine and Game and Gamer Magazines archives. Many scans are also available at Retro CDN and OldGameMags (the latter requires a donation for access).

The following subpages contain indexes of articles contained in print magazines, and the editor to be contacted for access to those magazines. Note that the magazine articles referenced below may still be available in the Online print archive. If the article cannot be found, try posting a request at WT:VG.

If you have magazines to donate, consider, Jason Scott/Internet Archive, or the Hyman Archive.

English languageEdit


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Strategy guidesEdit