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The Roman forum The Theatre of Pompey The Roman forum

Would you like to help build Rome? Please take a moment to review the following stub, start or C class articles badly in need of work. The current focus is on the Roman forum articles which have seen little work in many years. Roman forum, Temple of Vesta, Temple of Concord, Tabularium, Temple of Caesar, Curia Julia, Basilica Julia, Basilica Aemilia, Temple of Antoninus and Faustina

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The plebs was the general body of free land-owning Roman citizens (as distinguished from slaves and the capite censi) in Ancient Rome. Members of the plebs were also distinct from the higher order of the patricians. A member of the plebs was known as a plebeian (/plɪˈbən/; Latin: plebeius). This term is used today to refer to one who is or appears to be of the middle or lower order; however, in Rome plebeians could become quite wealthy and influential. In fact, Nero, a Roman emperor, was born a "pleb". His success was not uncommon and approximately 30% of Roman emperors were "plebs".[citation needed]

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