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Welcome to the Assessments Page of the WikiProject Hong Kong. This department assesses the quality of Wikipedia's Hong Kong articles. The article ratings are also used within the project to aid in recognizing excellent contributions and identifying topics in need of further work.

The ratings are done in a distributed fashion through parameters in the {{WPHK}} project banner; this causes the articles to be placed in the appropriate sub-categories of Category:Hong Kong articles by quality and Category:Hong Kong articles by importance, which serves as the foundation for an automatically generated worklist (Index · Statistics · Log).

Frequently asked questionsEdit

How can I get my article rated?
Please list it in the section for assessment requests below.
Who can assess articles?
Any member of the WikiProject Hong Kong community is free to add or change the rating of an article.
Why didn't the reviewer leave any comments?
Unfortunately, due to the volume of articles that need to be assessed, we are unable to leave detailed comments in most cases. If you have particular questions, you might ask the person who assessed the article; they will usually be happy to provide you with their reasoning.
What if I don't agree with a rating?
You can list it in the section for assessment requests below, and someone will take a look at it. Alternately, you can ask any member of the project to rate the article again.
Aren't the ratings subjective?
Yes, they are, but it's the best system we've been able to devise; if you have a better idea, please don't hesitate to let us know!

If you have any other questions not listed here, please feel free to ask them on the discussion page for this department.


An article's assessment is generated from the class parameter in the {{WPHK}} project banner on its talk page:

|class= FA/A/GA/B/C/Start/Stub/FL/List/Cat/Dab/Image/Portal/Redirect/Template
|importance= Top/High/Mid/Low
|attention= yes/no

Quality scaleEdit

The following values may be used for the class parameter:

Articles for which a valid class is not provided are listed in Category:Unassessed Hong Kong articles. The class should be assigned according to the quality scale below.

Importance scaleEdit

Top importance articles provide an over encompassing view on Hong Kong.
Low importance articles are those that generally meeting local notability guidelines. Any notable articles not described in the table below is considered low importance. A low importance article is not the same as a bad or unnecessary article. But in some cases there is more value to merging it under the umbrella of a larger article, as this will enhance both topics.
Importance is not necessarily related to the popularity of an article and it should not make these articles less of a priority.
Group Top High Mid Low
General References which provide an overview for Hong Kong (e.g. Hong Kong, Outline of Hong Kong) Essential references that covers Hong Kong generally (e.g. Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China) Knowledge of specialized topics that branch off an essential reference. All other notable references related to Hong Kong.
Geography Exceptional topics related to the Hong Kong geography. (e.g. Geography of Hong Kong, Demographics of Hong Kong, Kowloon, Shenzhen) Overview of a sub-area of a main geography topic. Essential locations with high significant value to Hong Kong. Major area surrounding the boundary of Hong Kong. (e.g. Geology of Hong Kong, Yau Tsim Mong District, Tai Mo Shan, South China Sea) Summary on a specialized geography area. (e.g. List of birds of Hong Kong, List of mountains, peaks and hills in Hong Kong) Any other articles on geography.
Politics Overview of government and politics in Hong Kong. (e.g. Government of Hong Kong, Politics of Hong Kong) Significant government policies, constitutional laws, overview of government structure and functions. (e.g. Hong Kong Basic Law, Right of abode in Hong Kong) Specialized political topics such as individual politicians, government project, other policies, and political organization. (e.g. Donald Tsang, Principal Officials Accountability System, Liberal Party (Hong Kong)) Any other political topics.
History Overview of the history focusing Hong Kong. (e.g. History of Hong Kong) Major historical events, highly preserved structures and protected monuments, and summary of different time periods. (e.g. Transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong, Treaty of Nanking, List of Grade I historic buildings in Hong Kong, Declared monuments of Hong Kong, History of Colonial Hong Kong (1800s–1930s)) Notable historical topics that are partially related to Hong Kong. Selectively preserved structures or areas. Past local events that achieved local recognition, but not internationally. (e.g. East India Company, List of Grade II historic buildings in Hong Kong, Site of Special Scientific Interest (Hong Kong), Military history of Hong Kong) Other notable historical topics and events.
Culture Cultural topics with a grand overall representation of Hong Kong. (e.g. Culture of Hong Kong, Religion in Hong Kong) Overview of specialized groups in the culture. (e.g. Christianity in Hong Kong, Sport in Hong Kong) Any notable person related Hong Kong who passes the WP:N guidelines. Summary of a specialized topic from a cultural group. (e.g. Jackie Chan, Football in Hong Kong) All other articles related to culture of Hong Kong.
Economy Overview of major areas related to Economy in Hong Kong. (e.g. Economy of Hong Kong, Agriculture and aquaculture in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Dollar) International corporations headquartered in Hong Kong. Summary of specialized economy related topics. Stock exchange and index. Companies with superior influence in Hong Kong. (e.g. HSBC, Tourism in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Hang Seng Index, MTR) Internationally recognized tourist attractions. Globally recognized commercial buildings and structures. Any other international economic topics related to Hong Kong. (e.g. Ocean Park Hong Kong, Disneyland Resort, International Finance Centre, Banknotes of the Hong Kong dollar) All other economy related articles.
Education Education in Hong Kong Overview of specialized area related to education. (Higher education in Hong Kong) Accredited higher learning institutions. Regional examination. (e.g. University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination) All other educational topics.
Infrastructure Overview of major infrastructures in Hong Kong. (e.g. Communications in Hong Kong, Transportation in Hong Kong) Summary of specialized infrastructure topics. Structures that are classified as megaproject. (e.g. Rail transport in Hong Kong, Hong Kong International Airport) Major railways, harbour crossings, suspension bridges, routes. (East Rail Line, Cross-Harbour Tunnel, Tsing Ma Bridge, Route 1 (Hong Kong)) All other notable infrastructures.
Other None Exceptional topics, to be discussed at WT:HK. Notable phenomenons in Hong Kong and specialized topics. (e.g. Bus Uncle) Everything else not listed, but notable enough to have its own article.

Requests for assessmentEdit

If you have made significant changes to an article and would like an outside opinion on a new rating for it, please feel free to add it at the bottom of the list it below. If you are interested in more extensive comments on an article, please list for Peer Review instead.

  or   articles listed for Peer Review will be considered for A-class assessment. Two uninvolved reviewers will need to review the article and agree on its promotion.

New requestsEdit

  1. 2018 Hong Kong bus accident - rated C-class, Low-importance Hkbusfan (talk) 09:36, 19 May 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  1. John Rawling Todd - currently stub-class, though article is no longer a stub --Leonstojka (talk) 12:13, 27 June 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  1. Office for Safeguarding National Security of the CPG in the HKSAR - Recently made by someone else. Ominae (talk) 05:54, 4 July 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  2. Committee for Safeguarding National Security of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region - Recently made. Ominae (talk) 06:05, 4 July 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  3. Priscilla Chan (singer) - Made significant changes recently. --Will629 (talk) 01:59, 10 July 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Completed assessmentsEdit

Completed assessments are listed below. Older assessments can be found in the archive.


By workgroupEdit

Assessment logEdit

The logs in this section are generated automatically (on a daily basis); please don't add entries to them by hand.

June 4, 2023Edit



June 2, 2023Edit



  • Andrew Fung (talk) assessed. Quality assessed as Unassessed-Class. (rev · t) Importance assessed as Unknown-Class. (rev · t)

June 1, 2023Edit


  • Howard Yu (talk) assessed. Quality assessed as Start-Class. (rev · t) Importance assessed as Low-Class. (rev · t)
  • Xin Hai Tong (talk) assessed. Quality assessed as Stub-Class. (rev · t) Importance assessed as Low-Class. (rev · t)
  • Yue Chi-ming (talk) assessed. Quality assessed as Start-Class. (rev · t) Importance assessed as Low-Class. (rev · t)

May 31, 2023Edit



  • Algernon Yau (talk) reassessed. Quality rating changed from Unassessed-Class to Start-Class. (rev · t) Importance rating changed from Unknown-Class to Low-Class. (rev · t)
  • Water caltrop (talk) reassessed. Quality rating changed from Start-Class to C-Class. (rev · t)