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The Future films department of WikiProject Films handles the oversight and maintenance of all articles within the project's scope regarding films which have not yet been released to the general public. Department volunteers assist in verifying for proper referencing of reliable sources. Additionally, the department work includes checking to make certain that articles adhere to the guidelines regarding future film articles.




All film articles pertaining to future films must meet the future film requirements of the film notability guidelines. This may also include related articles which are primarily about the film's content, such as character pages. For these articles, the primary notability guideline is that the article should not exist prior to a verified confirmation of the start of the film shoot.

For articles which do not meet this threshold, the content can be dealt with in several ways:

  • Article content can be merged back to source material, where it exists, or to the articles of the primary filmmakers. If the film reaches production, the redirect can be easily reverted.
  • If the film is part of a series, an article on the whole film series can be created, and the content of the future film can be merged into it.
  • If the film fails to meet basic community-wide standards such as verifiability, notability, and no original research, it may be prodded, AfD'd, or speedy deleted, as appropriate.
  • Editors are also welcome and encouraged to work on developing future film articles in their userspace. The content can be copied or moved later when production commences.

Before doing any of the above, editors should make an attempt to research the film for appropriate sources, as even if an article does not yet contain acceptable sources, some may easily be found. Articles may also exist which do not describe production as underway, even if it has already commenced. If appropriate references can be located which will make the article meet future film notability, then add them.

Tip: A rule of thumb to check if a project is in production is to visit the project's web page at the Internet Movie Database. If "Status" does not indicate "Filming" or "Post-production", it is still in development. The "Note" will say, "...this project is categorized as being in production," which does not refer to actual filming but rather the entire production cycle. Use IMDb with a grain of salt and support the article with details of shooting from other resources instead.


  • Include the category at the bottom; for an article like The International (film), code it as such: [[Category:Upcoming films]] This will categorize a project in production under Category:Upcoming films.
  • On the talk page of the film article, include the {{Film}} template at the top, with a "|class=Future" parameter. If the film's release date is known, see below for tracking parameters.
  • Include Template:Infobox Film in its entirety and fill out its attributes based on verifiable information from reliable sources.
  • In "External links", include the official site (if it exists), a link to Internet Movie Database, and a link to All Movie Guide. Avoid unnecessary linking to Rotten Tomatoes and Box Office Mojo unless they have substance, which will generally emerge around a film's release.
  • To categorize the article appropriately, follow WikiProject Films' style guidelines on the matter. Only include [[Category:[year] films]] when a release year has been officially announced. (IMDb does not count in this regard as they estimate potential release years for all announced projects.)


The IMDb should be regarded as an extremely unreliable source, most especially for future films. Its content is user-submitted and often subject to incorrect speculation and rumor. The use of the IMDb on Wikipedia for referencing has been found unacceptable. Reliable sourcing from established publications cannot be stressed enough. Anonymous or pseudonymous sources from online fansites are generally not acceptable.




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