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This is a TemplateDate used templates list.

Commonly used templatesEdit

List maintenanceEdit

Here is a list of the most commonly used templates. When you've added TemplateData to one, add a {{Done}} mark behind it; we'll update the list with new additions as we go. It's advisable to do a null edit on the main template page to force the system to update the database. You can also look at this list of popular templates with no TemplateData or this list of popular templates from May 2015.

  • For completed items, consult the bot-generated logging page Wikipedia:VisualEditor/TemplateData/List.
  • If you complete an item, add {{Done}} after the entry until the item appears on the logging page.
  • If you partly complete an item, add {{Partly done|<explain what still needs to be done>}} to the entry and do not remove it from this list until it is completed. Partly done items will appear on the logging page as if they were completed.
  • Templates not suitable for TemplateData or with technical problems: add {{Not done|<briefly explain why TemplateData couldn't be added>}} after the entry.

Data sourcesEdit

Previously unfinished template entriesEdit

This list includes all high-usage templates that haven't been "Done" on the previous list, as of May 2015.

Over 100,000 uses in mainspaceEdit

Over 50,000 uses in mainspaceEdit

Over 10,000 uses in mainspaceEdit

Over 5,000 uses in mainspaceEdit

Low-use templatesEdit

Main-space templatesEdit

Following are templates which taking parameters but are used <250 times. There are thousands of templates which contain only content for transclusion and which take no parameters. These are not considered here.


Following have no instances of use: