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Try {{{1}}}'{{{2}}}'{{{3}}}'{{{4}}}'{{{5}}}'{{{6}}}'{{{7}}}'{{{8}}}'{{{9}}}'{{{10}}}'{{{11}}}'{{{12}}}'{{{13}}}'{{{14}}}'{{{15}}}'

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This template is meant for use in the {{rugbybox}} template when used for rugby matches of any code, to mark a try. It should not be used in article prose, but tables and templates only. It supports up to 15 tries per player.



optional parameter, time the try was scored.

Unlike the {{goal}} template, there is no parameter for notes.

Up to 15 tries can be specified, as follows:



{{try}} → Try
{{try|47}} → Try 47'
{{try|25|56|78}} → Try 25'56'78'

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