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This template displays links to the popular web mapping service Google (and previously Bing) on articles, and when coupled with the content of a KML file produces a route line on those maps. If the "KML file" offer is clicked on, a file index.php will be presented for download containing the KML content; such a file will be ignored by the Google Earth system unless renamed, to index.kml for example.


As KML files cannot currently be uploaded, the text of those files must be copied into a Wikipedia page:

Template:Attached KML/[Article Title]

KML files can also be stored on other wikis which are connected to Wikidata.


{{Attached KML}}

Simply placing the template in an article generates a box, as seen above - but using the article's related KML file (as found through Wikidata, if available). This is best placed in the External links section, or near the end of an article.

Other options

{{Attached KML
  • To use a different article's KML file, specify the id (Q-number) of the other KML file's Wikidata item using:
    • |wikidata=Qnumber
  • To create a new KML file on this Wikipedia, create a page named like Template:Attached KML/Article title with the text of the KML file.
    • Or, to use KML from a local page named like Template:Attached KML/Another title, specify:
      • |from=Another title
      • Using |wikidata= is preferable as page moves won't cause errors
  • The links in the box can also be placed near the top right of an article title, similar to coordinates, by using one of the following options:
    • |display=inline - Only displays the box (you can forego this, as box-only is the default)
    • |display=title - Only displays the title links
    • |display=inline,title - Displays the box as well as title links
    • |display=title,inline - Same as above
  • Optional header:
    • |header= short text to appear at the top of the side box when using display=inline (end with <br /><nowiki /> to force a new line after the header)
    • default is no header in side box
    • Use |title= to show a different title to show next to the top links (when using title display mode), if "Route map" is not suitable

This template is intended for linear features:

  • Rights-of-way
  • Walkways/paths
  • Roads
  • Rivers
  • Subway or train lines
  • Ship courses
  • Flight paths
  • Explorers journeys
  • and more...

and can also be used for polygon features, to highlight an area within a boundary (parks, towns, etc.)

Tracking categories

The following may be added via Module:Attached KML

See also

This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools; see the monthly parameter usage report for this template.

TemplateData for Attached KML

A template to display the KML file attached to a page.

Template parameters

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.

Display modedisplay

Use "title" for display at the top, "inline" for the box (default), or both (separated by a comma: "inline,title") for both.


Header to place on the Attached KML box

Use KML from this pagefrom

The page to use the KML from, if not the page the template is placed on.

Page nameoptional
Use KML from this Wikidata itemwikidata

The Wikidata item id (Q-number) for KML file to be used, if not the KML for this page


Title to show next to links (when using title display mode) if "Route map" is not suitable

Route map
Tornado damage survey map