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To use this template, copy and paste this text to a baseball player's external links section:

{{Baseballstats |mlb= |espn= |br= |fangraphs= |cube= |brm= |retro=}}

Add the page ID's after the equals sign to properly direct the links that you desire to have. If you do not specify an ID, the site will not be shown.


Example for Chris Young (outfielder):

{{Baseballstats |mlb= 455759 |espn= 6514 |br= y/youngch04 |fangraphs= 3882 |cube= 134 |brm= young-001chr |retro= Y/Pyounc004 }}

results in:

To find a player's ID, find the player's page on a website and locate a string of numbers or letters in the URL similar to the ones above. That is the player's ID.


Parameter Website Wikidata propertydagger URL
|mlb= P3541{{{mlb}}}
|espn= P3571{{{espn}}}
|br= P1825{{{br}}}.shtml
|fangraphs= P3574{{{fangraphs}}}
|cube= P4731{{{cube}}}
|brm= (Minors) P1826{{{brm}}}

dagger This template does not currently use Wikidata properties.

cube website has used three different URL and ID formats. The examples below all link to the same page for Cal Ripken; the first two redirect to the third:


This template has been updated to generate the correct URL for any of these three formats:

1. {{Baseballstats | cube = R/Cal-Ripken }}

2. {{Baseballstats | cube = Cal-Ripken }}

3. {{Baseballstats | cube = 550 }}

The warning message may be removed by updating the |cube= parameter to use the ID number. As per the two associated tracking categories shown below, the conversion to numeric IDs in articles using this template is 88.5% complete (select Purge to update).

Maintenance/tracking categories