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; Reformation Day (Protestantism) refimprove
802Irene of Athens, the first empress regnant of the Byzantine Empire, was deposed and exiled to the island of Lesbos. refimprove
1587Leiden University Library in Leiden in the Netherlands opened its doors, becoming one of the significant cultural centres in Europe during the Age of Enlightenment. unreferenced section
1822 – Emperor Agustín de Iturbide of the First Mexican Empire dissolved the Mexican Congress and replaced it with a military junta answerable only to him. refimprove section
1864Nevada was admitted as the 36th U.S. state, in part to help ensure Abraham Lincoln's re-election as President of the United States eight days later. refimprove section
1922Benito Mussolini became Prime Minister of Italy; three years later he set up a legal dictatorship. refimprove section
2000Singapore Airlines Flight 006 collided with construction equipment while attempting to take off from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport during heavy rain, killing 79 passengers and 4 crew members. refimprove sections
2003 – After 22 years in power, Tun Mahathir Mohamad retired as Prime Minister of Malaysia. featured on July 16
2011 – The United Nations declared that the world's population had exceeded seven billion. refimprove
Charles Taze Russell |d|1916 refimprove section


October 31: Halloween

Strikers surrounding a streetcar in Indianapolis
Strikers surrounding a streetcar in Indianapolis
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