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511 – Upon the death of Clovis, King of the Franks, Gaul was divided among his four sons: Theuderic, Chlodomer, Childebert, and Chlothar. refimprove section
1095 – At the Council of Clermont, Pope Urban II called for the First Crusade, declaring holy war against the Muslims who had occupied the Holy Land and were attacking the Eastern Roman Empire. unreferenced section
1868American Indian Wars: George Armstrong Custer's 7th U.S. Cavalry attacked the encampment of Chief Black Kettle and the Cheyenne on the Washita River near present-day Cheyenne, Oklahoma. lead too short
1926 – Restoration of Colonial Williamsburg, a recreation of a Colonial American city in the Historic Triangle on the Virginia Peninsula, began. lots of CN tags
1934 – American gangster Baby Face Nelson was shot dead by FBI agents outside Chicago. refimprove section
1940Second World War: At the Battle of Cape Spartivento, the Royal Navy engaged the Regia Marina near Sicily. unreferenced section
1971 – The Soviet space orbiter Mars 2 became the first man-made object to reach the surface of Mars when it malfunctioned and crashed onto the planet's surface. refimprove
1975 – Members of the Provisional Irish Republican Army assassinated Ross McWhirter, co-founder of the Guinness Book of Records, a few weeks after he offered a £50,000 reward for information leading to a conviction for several recent high-profile bombings that were publicly claimed by the IRA. refimprove
1978 – The Kurdistan Workers' Party, which has been in conflict with Turkey over the formation of an autonomous Kurdish state, was founded. unreliable sources
1978 – San Francisco mayor George Moscone and openly gay supervisor Harvey Milk were assassinated by supervisor Dan White. lots of CN tags
2005 – French oral and maxillofacial surgeon Bernard Devauchelle performed the world's first partial face transplant on a living human, replacing Isabelle Dinoire's face, which had been mutilated by her dog. expansion


November 27

Alfred Nobel
Alfred Nobel

Françoise d'Aubigné, Marquise de Maintenon (b. 1635) · William Bliss Baker (b. 1859) · May Gibbs (d. 1969)

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