Vercors Massacre

Vercors Massacre is a mass murder that occurred on December 15 or 16, 1995, at Vercors Massif near Saint-Pierre-de-Chérennes, France. Two members of the Order of the Solar Temple killed 14 members of the sect and themselves.

Vercors Massacre
LocationVercors Massif near Saint-Pierre-de-Chérennes, France
DateDecember 15 or 16, 1995
WeaponsTwo .22 caliber rifles, two .357 Magnum revolvers, gasoline
Deaths16 (including 2 perpetrators)
PerpetratorsJean-Pierre Lardanchet
André Friedli


On the night of December 15-16, 1995, at Vercors Massif near the village of Saint-Pierre-de-Chérennes, 16 members of the Order of the Solar Temple committed suicide. 14 people, including 3 children, took sedative pills, put plastic bags on their heads and lay in a circle, feet in the middle of the circle. Then Jean-Pierre Lardanchet and André Friedli shot each member in the head one by one with two .22 caliber rifles. Two women who were mothers of children had broken skulls. After that, they put firewood on the bodies, poured gasoline and set it on fire. Then they both shot themselves in the head with two .357 Magnum revolvers and swam into the flames. Their bodies were found on December 23, 1995. Their goal was the soul's journey to the Sirius.[1][2][3][4][5][6]


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