Vedomosti (Russian: Ведомости, IPA: [ˈvʲedəməsʲtʲɪ], lit. 'The Record') is a Russian-language business daily newspaper published in Moscow.[2]

Vedomosti logo.svg
TypeDaily newspaper
Owner(s)Ivan Yeremin (via Sapport)
Founder(s)Derk Sauer [nl]
Editor-in-chiefAndrey Shmarov
Founded1999; 21 years ago (1999)
ISSN1814-3881 (print)
1727-7345 (web)


Vedomosti was founded as a joint venture between Dow Jones, who publishes The Wall Street Journal; Pearson, who previously published the Financial Times; and Independent Media, who publishes The Moscow Times.[3][4] Independent Media was acquired by Finnish media company Sanoma in 2005.[5]

Sanoma sold its stake in the paper to Demyan Kudryavtsev [ru], former chief executive of Kommersant, in April 2015.[6] Ahead of a new Russian media ownership law prohibiting foreign enterprises from owning more than 20% of Russian media companies, Dow Jones and Pearson also divested their stakes in 2015 to Kudryavtsev,[7][8] who held the right of first refusal.[9]

In March 2020, Kudryavtsev and his partners, Boris Berezovsky associate Vladimir Voronov and former News Corp executive Martin Pompadour, announced their intention to sell Vedomosti to two buyers: publisher of Nasha Versiya Konstantin Zyatkov and managing director of Arbat Capital Alexei Golubovich.[10] Former editor-in-chief Tatiana Lysova criticized the sale, saying that the buyers were "alien to Vedomosti’s rules and ideals."[10]

The following month, the sale was put on hold amid accusations of censorship under editor-in-chief Andrey Shmarov.[11] Shmarov reportedly deleted articles critical of Rosneft's head, Igor Sechin, and banned articles critical of Putin's proposed constitutional changes.[12] According to an investigation by Meduza, Arkan Investment, Vedomostis parent company, had taken out a loan of €28 million from Rosneft's subsidiary the Russian Regional Development Bank (RRDB) to pay off a previous €25 million loan from the Russian state-owned bank Gazprombank which was used to buy Vedomosti in 2015. The investigation also alleged that Rosneft spokesperson Mikhail Leontyev was involved in both the selection of Shmarov as editor-in-chief and in negotiating the sale of the paper.[9] Kudryavtsev confirmed the loan, but claims the loan was not used to buy Vedomosti.[13]

On 29 May 2020, Vedomosti was sold to businessman Ivan Yeremin via his holding company Sapport.[13][14]

On 15 June 2020, five senior editors resigned from Vedomosti in protest to Shmarov's confirmation to editor-in-chief by the paper's board of directors.[15]


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