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A barnstar for you!Edit

  The Special Barnstar
Amazing body of work you do here, even one month!! We're very lucky to have you as an editor! ♦ Dr. Blofeld 11:51, 3 September 2019 (UTC)
  • Thanks very much, Dr. Blofeld. Glad to receive your appreciation. I remember the days when you were just as active yourself. But of course the only reason I do it is because I enjoy it, particularly reviving interest in women who deserve wider recognition.--Ipigott (talk) 11:57, 3 September 2019 (UTC)

Wikipedia:WikiProject Africa/The 10,000 ChallengeEdit

Did you mean to put the Filipina Joan Carling and the Mongolian Bayarjargal Agvaantseren on to this page? On reading the articles neither mentions Africa. Quetzal1964 (talk) 17:38, 3 September 2019 (UTC)

Quetzal1964: Thanks for alerting me. I've now moved them to Asia and added Emna Mizouni.--Ipigott (talk) 06:37, 4 September 2019 (UTC)

18% etcEdit

After the useful "archaeology" on the WiR talk, it occurred to me that it would be good to give a summary of the movement over the years in the famous number on the WiR main page, rather than just the current number. Not difficult, thanks to you regular updating, but it's probably better you do it rather than me. What do you think? Johnbod (talk) 13:24, 15 September 2019 (UTC)

Johnbod: I did include the 2014 figures on the main WiR page. Are you thinking of a month-by-month or year-by-year account of progress? I'm not too good at graphs but that might be the best way to present things.--Ipigott (talk) 18:07, 15 September 2019 (UTC)
Ok, thanks - missed that. I was thinking of maybe just a list of annual or 6 monthly figures, but a graph would be good. No doubt someone on the WiR talk could do it. Johnbod (talk) 21:13, 15 September 2019 (UTC
Johnbod: Maybe Maximilianklein or Envlh or anyone interested in developing new Gender Data Tools. I believe Max has kept records from Wikipedia dumps for quite some time. That may help to trace development. Perhaps Rosie would be interested in illustrating development in one of her future presentations.--Ipigott (talk) 06:49, 16 September 2019 (UTC)
@Envlh, Ipigott, Johnbod, and Maximilianklein:, I think it would be very helpful to see this in graph form, depicting the historic monthly changes, and auto-updating on a monthly basis. I use the graph of monthly statistics located on our Metrics page in my talks, and I would be very happy to also include one denoting percentage changes. It would be ideal if this graph could be developed (maybe on a subpage like Metrics?) before October 8th (when I speak at the Smithsonian for the Ada Lovelace Day event). Camelia.boban and I will be presenting on content gender gap at the Wiki CEE Meeting on October 11th and we could include it in that slidedeck. I would also incorporate when I speak on content gender gap at Wikidatacon at the end of October, and at WikiConference North America in early November. So, you see, this would get a lot of exposure if someone has the time/inclination/ability to create the representation of our percentage changes. And I am just one person; there are others who do talks who would be able to incorporate this into their slidedecks. Adding Victuallers as he also presents on Women in Red, and he created the graphs for our initial slidedeck when we launched Women in Red at Wikimania 2015 so he might have some thoughts on this. --Rosiestep (talk) 15:22, 16 September 2019 (UTC)
Rosiestep: There's likely to be a gap between October 2014 and 24 March 2016 when you first added "16.08%" to the introduction on our main page. I'm not sure where that figure came from. On 27 April Dr. Blofeld updated this to 16.13% and added "217,442 out of 1,347,281 in total". I don't know if WHGI (or anyone else) kept any trace of figures prior to that date. (It looks as if the first WHGI came out in January 2016.) Since 14 June 2016 (16.28%), we have been updating the figures pretty regularly. If no one else can present the figures as graphs, perhaps Tagishsimon can help us out. He seems to be able to cope with any kind of technicality.--Ipigott (talk) 15:56, 16 September 2019 (UTC)
Victuallers and I became aware of WIGI and started meeting with Maximilianklein before the July 2015 Women in Red launch, so I am assuming that the 16.08% came from WIGI. --Rosiestep (talk) 16:02, 16 September 2019 (UTC)
@Envlh, Ipigott, Johnbod, and Rosiestep:, I'm so glad to see such a momentous milestone reached, 18%. That really has moved the needle, WHGI has been keeping track since September 2014 where enwiki showed just 15.5%. I'm hearing 2 different data requests A) put together a celebratory evolutionary graph B) could such a graph be automatically part of our data tools. I think A) is a cool idea I would be glad to support someone to make a visualization (all the data could be downloaded and compiled by via these CSVs (DATE/property_indexes/site-links.csv), although I don't quite have the bandwidth for it at the moment. B) Evolutionary charts are a key feature that Envlh want to develop for the next 'merged' version of our tools, so it's already on the list (but won't be available soon). Again congratulations to everyone at Women in Red for making a real, measurable difference! Maximilianklein (talk) 17:02, 16 September 2019 (UTC)
@Maximilianklein, Ipigott, Johnbod, and Rosiestep: Hi and sorry for the late reply. Congratulations for the milestone, thank you all for your work and your feedback! The comments on T230184 will be very useful. Rosie: I'll be happy to meet you at WikidataCon! Cheers, Envlh (talk) 19:21, 22 September 2019 (UTC)

Well done everybody! On to 20% now.♦ Dr. Blofeld 17:47, 16 September 2019 (UTC)

Zdeňka Wiedermannová-MotyčkovaEdit

If ever there was an article which pointed out why we need to look for where sources are likely found, this is it. Google search returns very limited results, but searching university databases returns a wealth of theses written about her from gender studies, history, etc. If you have the time or inclination, can you please give it a copy edit? Thank you. SusunW (talk) 20:25, 16 September 2019 (UTC)

As usual, you've done a very good job on this. I changed "higher education" in the lead to "more extensive education" as I think higher education usually refers to universities. She seems to have worked mainly on high schools and normal schools. If you are aiming for GA, there should be more illustrations. I see there are a few on the Czech article and its links. Maybe you could find something on the Moravian women's movement.--Ipigott (talk) 11:23, 17 September 2019 (UTC)
Cool, I shall look for photos. Hadn't actually done that yet, except for loading the photograph of her father, which I found while writing her article. He doesn't yet have an article (en or cs), but is clearly a notable figure from the bio I found on him. Thank you so much for reviewing it. Your work always improves mine and I appreciate it. SusunW (talk) 13:37, 17 September 2019 (UTC)
Found a fabulous photo [1] but I need help with the who is in it. On the original version, I included the text, but cropped it for Wiedermannová's article. I can see her name, and I think it says she is the second from the left and standing? Can you read the text and tell me what it says and who else is in it? SusunW (talk) 17:25, 17 September 2019 (UTC)
I'm afraid I am not authorized to view that site and therefore cannot read the caption.--Ipigott (talk) 06:19, 20 September 2019 (UTC)
Ooh and a photo of the memorial plaque at the gymnasium dedicated to her! (Okay, it's a little blurry, but you can still make out her name and considering it disappeared in 1939 ...) SusunW (talk) 19:07, 17 September 2019 (UTC)
My husband is dying to know who the man with the stick is, LOL SusunW (talk) 19:15, 17 September 2019 (UTC)
SusunW: The plaque is good. The article looks fine now with the illustrations you have found.--Ipigott (talk) 07:25, 20 September 2019 (UTC)
Ian, just look at the first upload at the bottom of the page labeled "file history" on Commons, I included all the text there. Sorry if I wasn't clear. SusunW (talk) 14:31, 20 September 2019 (UTC)
SusunW: Yes, back row, second from the left. I'll try to see who else is mentioned but you can probably see the names just as well as I can. Czech is not one of my languages. Why not ask your Czech friend?--Ipigott (talk) 15:45, 20 September 2019 (UTC)
I can pick out names, but short of using a character map to type out the rest of the text so I can translate it, I can't read it. Glad to know I was right that the first list is seated and second is standing. I don't think it's necessary to caption who is in it in her article (I just pointed out she was 2nd from the left), but I do think it would be good to have on the photo on Seventh Conference of the International Woman Suffrage Alliance. I'll asked my friend Pavla and see if she can help. SusunW (talk) 15:56, 20 September 2019 (UTC)
I think we got it, though I have no idea who "Vil. Mohr" from Berlin who was an anti-prostitution campaigner is, nor where the last two people are from. But, the rest of them are identified. SusunW (talk) 17:44, 20 September 2019 (UTC)

DYK for Alicja IwańskaEdit

 On 20 September 2019, Did you know was updated with a fact from the article Alicja Iwańska, which you recently created, substantially expanded, or brought to good article status. The fact was ... that Polish resistance member Alicja Iwańska became an academic and compared political, religious, and racial persecution in Europe to U.S. segregation restrictions? The nomination discussion and review may be seen at Template:Did you know nominations/Alicja Iwańska. You are welcome to check how many page hits the article got while on the front page (here's how, Alicja Iwańska), and it may be added to the statistics page if the total is over 5,000. Finally, if you know of an interesting fact from another recently created article, then please feel free to suggest it on the Did you know talk page.

— Maile (talk) 00:02, 20 September 2019 (UTC)

October Events from Women in RedEdit

<sma ll>October 2019, Volume 5, Issue 10, Numbers 107, 108, 137, 138, 139, 140

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--Megalibrarygirl (talk) 17:35, 23 September 2019 (UTC) via MassMessaging

DYK for Jeni Bojilova-PatevaEdit

 On 26 September 2019, Did you know was updated with a fact from the article Jeni Bojilova-Pateva, which you recently created, substantially expanded, or brought to good article status. The fact was ... that Jeni Bojilova-Pateva became a women's rights activist when she was barred from teaching because she was married? The nomination discussion and review may be seen at Template:Did you know nominations/Jeni Bojilova-Pateva. You are welcome to check how many page hits the article got while on the front page (here's how, Jeni Bojilova-Pateva), and it may be added to the statistics page if the total is over 5,000. Finally, if you know of an interesting fact from another recently created article, then please feel free to suggest it on the Did you know talk page.

valereee (talk) 00:02, 26 September 2019 (UTC)

Dayan KoduaEdit

Hello user:Ipigott, I would be very glad if you could review these articles; Dayan Kodua and Obuobia Darko-Opoku for me. Thank you --Celestinesucess (talk) 07:19, 26 September 2019 (UTC)

Celestinesucess: Good to see you've already created two more. I've tidied up Kodua a bit, adding quite a few wiki links. I see you have drawn heavily on the German article and its sources (or perhaps the IMDb biography which used a translation). For the English version, it would be useful if you could use more sources to justify all the information. In general, we like to have at least one meaningful reference for each paragraph, although you can of course use the same reference as often as you need to. (I see lots more information about her is available from a simple internet search.) Though short, Darko-Opoku is well sourced. Thanks for including defaultsort and more categories in both articles. Hope this helps. Keep up the good work!--Ipigott (talk) 09:46, 26 September 2019 (UTC)
Ipigott, thank you for the corrections and the encouragement. There are so many references online about her but most of them are in German. I know this but I just want to confirm, German references are not allowed on English Wikipedia, is this correct please? Thank you once again for all your hard work.Celestinesucess (talk) 14:04, 26 September 2019 (UTC)
Celestinesucess: No, that is not correct. You can link to sources in any language. I always specify the language in question by adding language=German to the items in the template. For example: <ref>{{cite web|url=|title= Schauspielerin Dayan Kodua "Ich musste mich oft prügeln" |author=Fokken, Silke; Feck, Maria|publisher=Spiegel Online|date=3 November 2016|accessdate=26 September 2019|language=German}}</ref> Of course, if there are good sources in English, it's always useful to include them.--Ipigott (talk) 14:29, 26 September 2019 (UTC)
Ipigottwonderful!, thank you so much for this information.Celestinesucess (talk) 14:39, 26 September 2019 (UTC)
Ipigott I have improved and added more references to Dayan Kodua as you suggested. I have also created a new one, Dzigbordi Dosoo. Kindly review it for me when you have time.Thanks a lot.Celestinesucess (talk) 08:01, 27 September 2019 (UTC)
Celestinesucess: Looks good to me. I've made a few minor edits and added some categories. Why not create the article's talk page on the basis of the ones on your earlier biographies? You could include the template {{WIR-108}} for #1day1woman and list the article under "New or upgraded articles" on Wikipedia:WikiProject Women in Red/Meetup/108.--Ipigott (talk) 10:05, 27 September 2019 (UTC)
Ipigott I have done as suggested. I really appreciate all the corrections and support.Celestinesucess (talk) 19:20, 28 September 2019 (UTC)


Hi, do you have a link to the home page of the contest? I'll advertise it at the top of the Challenge pages. Is there any prizes for it? ♦ Dr. Blofeld 11:52, 26 September 2019 (UTC)

Annie MacDonald LangstaffEdit

Would really appreciate it if you could give this one a copy edit. Also unsure, but probably the grammar police will want it to be in British English? SusunW (talk) 19:05, 26 September 2019 (UTC)

SusunW: Another interesting article, especially for me as I spent five years in Quebec in my twenties. You seem to be producing them more and more frequently. Two of the photographs seem very dark. Perhaps Adam Cuerden could help to improve them. Canadians do not use British English but speak a variety which is in fact very close to American English. I wouldn't be surprised if someone comes along and wants to change all the dates.--Ipigott (talk) 12:05, 27 September 2019 (UTC)
I stumbled across her and so wanted to tell her that her husband was living in New York, as a naturalized American with a wife and other daughter. I have no idea how to make the photos lighter, so if someone can help, that would be great. I was very happy to have found them at all. There is a profile photo of Jacobs that is clearer, but no idea when it was made or who made it and no information on publishing. The judge who denied her request, Saint Pierre, is fascinating as well. He served in the Northern Army of the U.S. Civil War before returning home to Quebec and becoming a judge. Maybe someone will write his article, now that there is a photo of him. SusunW (talk) 13:11, 27 September 2019 (UTC)

Thank you!Edit

Thank you for your helpful technical suggestions regarding the Women in Red project. I will be looking through them and learning more skills. I appreciate your thoughtfulness! Worrypower (talk) 14:35, 27 September 2019 (UTC)

Worrypower: Feel free to contact me if you need further help.--Ipigott (talk) 14:41, 27 September 2019 (UTC)

Women in RedEdit

Hello and thank you for your warm welcome to this group. I am amazed by your experience and background in Wikipedia. (talk) 20:50, 11 October 2019 (UTC)Artful inquiry

Hello user:IpigottThank you for the warm welcome and sugesstion. I would definitely go through the link. Meanwhile, Harriet Bruce-Annan has been tagged to be an orphan. Is it ok to change this by adding her name to the List_of_recipients_of_the_Order_of_Merit_of_the_Federal_Republic_of_Germany under the Other Grand Crosses Special Class section? Thanks.--Mwintirew (talk) 20:57, 27 September 2019 (UTC)

Mwintirew: Yes, you should certainly do that. I've also added her to the List of Ghanaians. All the names of the women from Ghana you cover in biographies should be added to that list.--Ipigott (talk) 06:16, 28 September 2019 (UTC)
(talk page watcher) Good grief, I had no idea there were lists like List of Ghanaians so have never added anyone to any of them! I find List of Canadians and List of English people, though List of Americans redirects to Lists of Americans. There's a listing at Category:Lists of people by nationality, though a lot of those are lists of people who have a further distinguishing property (regional origin, occupation, etc). I'd have thought that categories did the job better in all these cases. No clear definition of who gets listed, but if you look at the "politicians" section of List of English people it's obviously either very selective (by whom, on what criteria?) or very incomplete. I wonder what the page views are of these kind of pages, and what the point of them is. If they are anything useful should we be encouraging all WiR editors to add all their biog creations to the appropriate nationality list? Or are they something a bit like the much-discussed portals, a hierarchy established and not maintained and best left alone? Interesting. PamD 14:38, 28 September 2019 (UTC)
Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/List of Belgians is interesting and relevant (though 13 years old). PamD 14:42, 28 September 2019 (UTC)
And the 2013 Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/List of French people too. PamD 14:45, 28 September 2019 (UTC)
A friendly FYI, I also added her to Harriet (name) and Bruce (surname). --Rosiestep (talk) 15:29, 28 September 2019 (UTC)
PamD: I'm glad to see you have finally discovered these. You'll find them all under Lists of people by nationality. Some of the lists from the larger countries would indeed be better broken down into lists by occupation, etc., but in general I find it useful to have all these basic country-based lists. For smaller countries like Ghana, they are particularly useful as not everyone who consults Wikipedia is familiar with our category system. I see, for example, the List of Danes gets over 1,000 page views a month whereas List of Danish women writers gets only about 80. You'll no doubt be surprised to discover that List of Ghanaians has been viewed over 1,700 times over the past month. So let's keep these and try to maintain them with minimal information on the names listed, such as dates of birth and death and main occupation or area of expertise or involvement. This is what I try to include when I add names to such lists.--Ipigott (talk) 16:14, 28 September 2019 (UTC)
Rosiestep Interesting: I've now made redirects from Bruce-Annan (surname - would have been a list entry or hatnote if not unique), Grace Akosua Dansowaa Ani-Agyei (birth name), and Harriet Dansowaa Bruce-Annan (full name)! PamD 16:49, 28 September 2019 (UTC)

Hello Ipigott it's good to know all that. Thanks for sharing.

AfroCine: Join the Months of African Cinema this October!Edit


After a successful first iteration of the “Months of African Cinema” last year, we are happy to announce that it will be happening again this year, starting from October 1! In the 2018 edition of the contest, about 600 Wikipedia articles were created in at least 8 languages. There were also contributions to Wikidata and Wikimedia commons, which brought the total number of wikimedia pages created during the contest to over 1,000.

The AfroCine Project welcomes you to October, the first out of the two months which have been dedicated to creating and improving content that centre around the cinema of Africa, the Caribbean, and the diaspora. Join us in this global edit-a-thon, by helping to create or expand articles which are connected to this scope. Also remember to list your name under the participants section.

On English Wikipedia, we would be recognizing participants in the following manner:

  • Overall winner (1st, 2nd, 3rd places)
  • Diversity winner
  • Gender-gap fillers
For further information about the contest, the recognition categories and how to participate, please visit the contest page here. For further inquiries, please leave comments on the contest talkpage or on the main project talkpage. See you around :).--Jamie Tubers (talk) 00:50, 30 September 2019 (UTC)

DYK for Adele ZayEdit

 On 1 October 2019, Did you know was updated with a fact from the article Adele Zay, which you recently created, substantially expanded, or brought to good article status. The fact was ... that Adele Zay successfully led a campaign in 1894 for Transylvanian authorities to recognize kindergarten and handicraft teachers so that they were entitled to pensions? The nomination discussion and review may be seen at Template:Did you know nominations/Adele Zay. You are welcome to check how many page hits the article got while on the front page (here's how, Adele Zay), and it may be added to the statistics page if the total is over 5,000. Finally, if you know of an interesting fact from another recently created article, then please feel free to suggest it on the Did you know talk page.

— Maile (talk) 00:02, 1 October 2019 (UTC)

Nino TkeshelashviliEdit

If you get a chance, can you look this one over? There seems to be a whole group of Georgian feminists in her era that we have little coverage on and she was one of the earliest. As always, appreciate your help. SusunW (talk) 23:53, 1 October 2019 (UTC)

You have really done a great job of unearthing information about this early Georgian feminist. You must be becoming quite an expert in Kartuli. Strange so little has been written about her in English. I see we have short articles on Barbare Jorjadze, Mariam Jambakur-Orbeliani, a stub on Ekaterine Gabashvili, but nothing yet on Kato Mikeladze. Not sure whether Anastasia Tumanishvili-Tsereteli was a feminist but she is characterized as such in the Spanish version. The Georgian version has articles on Babilina Khositashvili and Ekaterine Melikishvili. I see Gabashvili and A. Tumanishvili-Tseretlisa also appear in the photo at [2]. Perhaps some of the others there were also feminists. Marijani seems to be an important Georgian poet and children's writer. There is an article about her in Georgian.--Ipigott (talk) 13:43, 2 October 2019 (UTC) SusunW: Forgot to ping you.--Ipigott (talk) 14:09, 2 October 2019 (UTC)
Actually, Kartuli caused me to find another translator, as I wasn't satisfied with Google. This worked really well and combined with Google made the texts fairly easy to understand. I am not yet at the place where I recognize what any of the characters, much less words, are, but it will come, I am sure. I knew nothing of the history of Georgian feminism, so found this fascinating and am happy to have discovered a whole new area where the study of women's history is thriving. The article is kind of short for GA, but I think I will nominate it anyway to add diversity to our suffrage focus goal on WIG. We are really making headway at reaching 40 nominations. Yesterday, I jumped back and forth between Poland and the Czech Republic as both Joteyko and Wiedermannová-Motyčková got picked up for review and passed. In the process, I found a Czech speaker, which is a big plus for helping with the noun conjugations. As always, thank you so much for reviewing Tkeshelashvili. SusunW (talk) 15:57, 2 October 2019 (UTC)
SusunW: My modest contribution to the cause is "de-stubbing" Ekaterine Gabashvili. I think you should go for GA with Nino Tkeshelashvili. Much shorter (and less interesting) articles have made the grade. This is the first time I have come across Yandex. Wikipedia has a short article on Yandex.Translate. I see it covers 96 languages, almost as many as Google.--Ipigott (talk) 16:24, 2 October 2019 (UTC)
Yay! I am thrilled to have another of these destubbed and glad to have made you aware of another translator program. Always helpful to have another one in your arsenal. Searching for photos now. We'll see what I can come up with. SusunW (talk) 16:37, 2 October 2019 (UTC)
I found some pretty decent photos for the article as well. I added the writers group to 1day1woman page, since we are finished with the writers editathon, but there are lots of redlinks in it that Rosiestep may be interested in. I'm going to work on Olga Guramishvili-Nikoladze who was a biologist and teacher. Fits in with our scientists. Haven't forgotten about the Inter-Allied Women's Conference, but have a friend coming in from Japan tomorrow, so am pretty busy off Wiki today. SusunW (talk) 21:11, 2 October 2019 (UTC)
Great article about Nino. Thanks for that, Susun. And enjoy your time with your friend! BTW, of the redlinks which didn't have a Wikidata item, they do now, so they'll show up on redlists! In the meantime, you'll mostly find me working on the "Women Writers in Review" project for Northeastern University (at Wikidata). --Rosiestep (talk) 22:13, 2 October 2019 (UTC)

Women in RedEdit

Hi Ipigott, I trust you're well! I would be glad if you could review this page, Ama Hemmah.Thank you.

Mwintirew: I've made a few minor edits but it would be good if you could complete the article with explanations of what happened to the suspects. There must be further press reports on this.--Ipigott (talk) 08:17, 3 October 2019 (UTC)

Well noted, Ipigott. I will work on that. Thank you! Mwintirew (talk) 22:44, 3 October 2019 (UTC)


Hello. Help copy edit and proofreading the article Akane Yamaguchi. Thanks you very much. (talk) 07:01, 6 October 2019 (UTC)

I'm no expert on badminton but this article looks as if it has already been carefully copy-edited.--Ipigott (talk) 07:07, 6 October 2019 (UTC)

looking for a Danish speakerEdit

Hello Ipigott, wondering if you would be able to answer a question about Danish language/culture at the Reference Desk: Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Language#‘Apple_bobbing’_in_Danish. Apple bobbing may be useful background. Many thanks, (talk) 20:55, 6 October 2019 (UTC)

I don't know what Apple bobbing is in English.--Ipigott (talk) 22:11, 6 October 2019 (UTC)
Not to worry! The volunteers suspected the custom might not be known in Dannemark. Thank you for repkly, (talk) 14:32, 7 October 2019 (UTC)
  • OK. If anyone is still interested, I've finally found the time to look into it. The Danish translation is "Æbledykning" which literally means apple diving. See [3]. The same term is used for cleaning/rincing apples if there is a danger of infection or pollution.--Ipigott (talk) 14:49, 7 October 2019 (UTC)
Cool! Thank you so much for answering at the ref desk as well as here. MUch appreciate your time. (talk) 14:57, 7 October 2019 (UTC)

Valentine ThomsonEdit

Here's what I have so far on Thomson. All the remaining sources are in French, but I put all the links I have at the top. If you are able to work on her, I will move on and try to put something together for Ruth Atkinson. SusunW (talk) 22:43, 7 October 2019 (UTC)

I see we got our wires crossed and you created a stub on Thomson. I guess the easiest thing is for me to just paste my information into yours, but I am still not sure what to do about the French sources I collected but cannot read. I finished Ruth Atkinson (activist) today. SusunW (talk) 19:54, 8 October 2019 (UTC)
SusunW: I'm really sorry about the confusion. After seeing you had nominated Inter-Allied, I thought it was important to make a start on the red links. With your additions, the article is coming on very well. Now I'll try to incorporate more details from the French sources although it looks to me as if you already have the essentials. There are further details of her publications in French and English here but most seem to be listed under the authority control links. Maybe you could make a start on Graziella. I've haven't been able to find very much about her except that she seems to have been involved in the Milano Lyceum, that she is listed as both secretary and philanthropist in a number of sources (probably in connection with the Unione) and that she resigned from the Unione in 1938 for "family reasons". I haven't been able to find any information on her since 1938 except that as a Jew she went to Switzerland. Let me know if you find any Italian sources on her you would like me to work on.--Ipigott (talk) 08:00, 9 October 2019 (UTC)
Truly, not a problem, as long as we have the article, who creates it is unimportant to me. I have found no sources other than the one I used in the Inter-Allied article on Graziella. I tried searching Sonnino and Carpi and come up with nothing at all. What you told me here is more than I knew, so I probably can't write an article on her. Sorry. SusunW (talk) 13:20, 9 October 2019 (UTC)
As it's my wife's birthday today, I'll leave Graziella until tomorrow. I found about a dozen sources which mention her briefly but they are nearly all "snippets", making it difficult to find the context. After I start the article, you may be able to pick some of them up and investigate further. I see Cassianto is interested in reviewing Inter-Allied. He seems to have worked on quite a few FA and FL articles, including Marie Lloyd and Hattie Jacques. Looks as if he might come up with some interesting suggestions.--Ipigott (talk) 14:18, 9 October 2019 (UTC)
I hope you all have a wonderful celebration. I don't know Cassianto, so I'll be making a new acquaintance. I might be able to make a tiny stub on Eugénie Beeckmans with enough info to make it survive AfD. There are other sources, but not accessible to me. From this[4], [5], and [6] I get her trade union overview and two awards. Though I can find no birth/death information on her. Some sources give her as Eugénie-Jeanne Beeckmans but she is not the medical doctor Jeanne Beeckman (1891-1963). SusunW (talk) 14:55, 9 October 2019 (UTC)
Okay, I've done what I could with Beeckmans. There is quite a bit more information in Chabot, which I listed in further reading, but of course, without French, I have no clue what it says. Perhaps you or Charles01 can glean something to add. SusunW (talk) 17:00, 9 October 2019 (UTC)
  • Hello and thank you for your warm welcome to this group. I am amazed by your experience and background in Wikipedia. (talk) 20:50, 11 October 2019 (UTC) User=Artful inquiry
Thanks Artful inquiry. You were not logged in to Wikipedia when you sent this message.--Ipigott (talk) 06:18, 12 October 2019 (UTC)

Can you please help submitting the article for reviewEdit

Hello! I'm taking part in the three-month stub contest and yesterday finished my first article ever. And now i don't know how to submit it for revision to the contest. Can you please help me? I'm new here and i don't know what to do next. I see the button - submit for review - but how do I know it will be submitted to your project? Thank you in advance. Sorry if i'm writing all over the place, cause i've already written on the contest talk page as well. ;) really excited to hear you feedback. Less Unless (talk) 08:25, 12 October 2019 (UTC)

You've done a good job on your first article with lots of good sources, Less Unless. If you want to submit it to the stub contest, you'll have to add it yourself, following the instructions. The next time you create an article in your user space, call it user:Less Unless/name of article. It will then be easier to move and you can create more than one article at the same time, Just drop me a line if you run into difficulties or need further assistance.--Ipigott (talk) 09:35, 12 October 2019 (UTC)
Thank you so much! I enjoy the research part) I will add it to the contest. Thank you for your help! --Less Unless (talk) 09:43, 12 October 2019 (UTC)
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