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  • that Alan Golder, an American burglar who specialized in stealing jewelry from mansions, was arrested in Antwerp, Belgium in December 2006?
  • that from 1787 to 1793, American music printer John Aitken (DYK questionmark icon.png) was the only publisher of sheet music in the United States?
  • that English printer John Wolfe's (DYK questionmark icon.png) business practices so incensed his contemporaries, they compared him to Machiavelli?
  • that English printer John Day raided the printing premises of his son, Richard Day (DYK questionmark icon.png), after the latter had pirated his father's works and illicitly published his own versions?
  • that many street cries, the short lyrical calls of merchants hawking their products and services, have been cataloged and incorporated into larger musical works?
  • that in 1599, English bookseller William Barley (DYK questionmark icon.pngLinkFA-star.png) helped publish Anthony Holborne's Pavans, Galliards, Almains, the first work of music for instruments rather than voices to be printed in England?

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