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...for now at least. I might regain interest at some point later.

Welcome to this clutter that is my user page. (I'll tidy it up sometime) Before making my account, I sometimes edited as an IP for a few months. Typically, I will either be reverting vandalism or fixing typos (particularly correcting "an" to "a"). I am also somewhat active on AfD and AfC. I also made the Signpost one time when I proposed prohibiting new users (I meant non-confirmed) from indexing their user pages. (but the consensus was to restrict it to extended confirmed users)

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SemiHypercube (talk) (6 April 2018 – 8 July 2018)

SemiHypercube (8 July 2018 – 14 December 2018)

SemiHypercube (14 December – present)

SemiHypercube 🎂 (6 April 2019)

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