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"One person can make a difference, and everyone should try."

-John F. Kennedy

"The very existence of Wikipedia is a massive proof that there are more people in the world wanting to build than to tear down. Were that not true, vandals would have overwhelmed and destroyed us years ago." -Antandrus, "Observations on Wikipedia behavior"

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Current Content Tasks
1. Boring Lava Field ref updates and then to FA 2. Katia and Maurice Krafft to GA 3. ContraPoints/Black Crater to GAN 4. Bob the Drag Queen/Willam Belli/Alex Borstein to GAN 5. Longer term projects: Healy Hall, Lake Nyos, Mount Vesuvius, Mahavira, Roswell UFO incident, and 1964 Alaska earthquake 6. Create 1973 Knoxville earthquake

Hi, welcome to my userpage! I am Ceranthor. I've been an administrator here at the English Wikipedia since April 24, 2010. I also served as an assistant coordinator for WikiProject Solar System for several years and started the Earthquakes WikiProject in 2008, serving as coordinator until 2012. In 2013 the Earthquakes Project was recognized by the Signpost! I hit 30,000 edits in October 2018 and was a finalist for the 2018 WikiCup. More...

For what it's worth, I am male, and use masculine pronouns (he, his, him).

I like writing mainspace content, carrying out administrative tasks from time to time, and serving as a mentor for contributors seeking help with nominations for featured articles and good articles. Please feel free to ask at my talk page if you want feedback on your work.

My work relates to science, film, and literature. Thus far, I have written articles covering volcanology, seismology, plate tectonics, astronomy, history, and mythology. My current focus is working with Volcanoguy to bring all the articles in the Cascade Volcanoes topic to good article status or better. I have a burgeoning interest in true crime, so I am trying to increase my presence in that field as well. I'm also slowly beginning to edit articles about queer people, people of color, and scientific biographies for women, particularly after the Donna Strickland controversy that took place in October 2018.

I usually respond to any queries on my talk page or via email within a week.

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